FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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Close To Calisto

“Didn’t you?” Savage Jack’s voice broke in as he pushed through the knights to join Chavias and Sabine at Chavias’ side. Turning to ask the darker man.

“How many times did I ask you if you’d be free?” Savage Jack asked.

Chavias’ forced his face unreadable. Lifting his head.

“Why did you stay?” Deragan asked.

“Because I knew I could do more from in his lair then I could outside of it. And that he’d go after the others with dogged determination in vengeance for my escape. And later,” He looked over his shoulder. “to protect Calisto.”

“So, you remained as a spy?” Deragan eyed all of them as he asked slowly.

“I-I-” It seemed Chavias was speechless.

I’d never thought of it that way.

“He was, My Lord.” Sabine asserted.

“Quite protective of you, aren’t they?” Deragan asked of Sabine and Savage Jack.

I guess so.

The Captain studied them all a moment. Before saying softly. “Then welcome back, My Friend.”

Without warning, he embraced Chavias as a father would’ve. A smile broke his features. Changing his face into warmth and humor. Making his eyes crinkle and bright blue eyes dance. He winked at Sabine next to Chavias.

There was great cheering then.

The knights approached Chavias in welcome. Their former reserve, pending Deragan’s decision, now melted away and they greeted him as a brother.

Chavias knew his expression was befuddled. He stood frozen in shock as his brothers embraced him. Suddenly feeling his composure fracture and emotion wash through him as he hugged them back. Nearly squeezing the life from them.

“It appears this lady has greatly changed your life.” Bast thumbed over his shoulder at Sabine.

Chavias’ dark eyes landed on her. “That she has.”

He took her hands and placed a tender kiss to the back of each.

“Look at all you’ve done.” She tossed his hands away to fling herself around his neck.

Chavias hesitantly wrapped his arms around her. Meeting Calisto’s blue-purple eyes.

Despite her weakness, she had a vibrant smile on her face. Happy to see his joy.

Bast watched them. When he approached, the crowd made way for him.

“I have something for you.” Bast said. Lifting his closed fist and turned it and let the gold chain unfold with the dangling dragon pendant displayed.

“My chain.” Chavias’ hand shot out, recognizing it instantly.

The Dragon’s Eye pendant. Chavias had tossed it to Deragan when Radix had taken him. So Radix wouldn’t have the power.

“Safe until your return.” Bast murmured.

Chavias shot him a look but he was already walking away.

Bast’s voice was robust as he declared. “It is good to have you back among us!” He smiled widely at Chavias.

Two women stepped forward to flank Sabine. The Fallen and a dark-haired beauty who’d just arrived.

“Nora Bishop.” The Fallen introduced.

“Why not Nora Black?” Sabine whispered.

“I’m not certain how that works, truly. From what I gather we’re already married…Or were?”

Sabine eyed the blue-eyed, dark haired woman. His eyes kept returning to Nora. “Well, if you’re not now, you will be soon.”

Nora smiled kindly. Gesturing to the woman next to her. “This is Miss Meralee Carter.”

“I’ve seen you. You control wind and snow. I remember you and another girl that looked much like you.”

“Riaura?” Sabine stared at her stunned.

“Meralee, what are you talking about?” Nora asked baffled.

“Before Drake and Noran found me, I was in a hut with a bunch of other girls…Sabine was one of them.”

“Why do I not know this?”

“It wasn’t a lovely time.” Meralee confided in a hushed voice. “And I was very small. I don’t remember much.”

“You have visions…” Sabine recalled. “I remember.”

“Remarkable.” Nora commented. Looking at Meralee in wonder.

“Chavias told me a tale about six sisters.” Sabine choked. “It was us…”

The women exchanged a prolonged look.

“I suppose there is much we don’t remember about that time because much of it was so horrible, we don’t want to remember.”

“I know…”

“What happened, Mera?” Nora caught her arm.

“It was horrible.” Sabine told her.

“Radix had them.” Deragan supplied as he walked up. His imposing figure towering over the three women.

Nora grimaced in pain. “I’m sorry.”

Meralee was staring at the ground.

Sabine shaking her head against the horrific memories.

A tall blonde male joined them. “Did I hear one of you mention My Queen’s name?”

“Alazareth.” Deragan introduced. “Sebastian’s twin.”

“Who’s your queen?” Sabine asked.

“Riaura of Nightway.” He announced proudly.

“Riaura! You must take me to her!” Sabine grabbed his arm.

Chavias smiled tenderly as he witnessed her eagerness.

“You do know her?” Alazar lifted a haughty brown brow.

“She was as much like me as anyone could be.”

“Care to go for a jaunt?” Alazar looked to Chavias.

He smiled. Dark head nodding. “But first I must talk to this man.” He strode over and hooked an arm around Savage Jack’s shoulders. Feinting punching him in the gut. “How have you been, My Lad?”

Savage Jack flinched away and laughed. “I’m glad to see you free.”

“You see before you a different man.” Chavias splayed his arms and turned a slow circle. Dark leather creaking with every step. “A great stallion of a man.”

“Is that so?” Savage Jack crossed his arms over his chest and gave Chavias an amused look. “When you are done taking your woman to Nightway I’d be pleased to have your company in the Blue Lark.”

“Do you hear this, Sabine?” Chavias called. “These boys are nearly fighting over me company!”

“Little do they know…” She said in good humor.

“It’s true. I’ll be so much trouble free of my binds.”

“Not that much.” She lowered her head in a glower.

“No, ma’am. Thinking on it, perhaps it’d do me better to stay well clear of trouble, really…”

“Clearly.” She said dryly.

He approached Sabine, his gaze absorbed the vision of her standing in the sunlight. Looking like an angel.

“I’d very much love to take you to see your Dear Sister but first there is something I must do. I need to make amends with one of my brothers.”

Bast who’d been shamelessly eavesdropping from a distance away approached. “Dread Hideout?”

“Yes.” Chavias nodded, pained.

Acharius. I must apologize for everything I’ve done.

For Dearburn…

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