FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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CHAVIAS - Knights Scattering


“You must forgive me, Brother.” Alazareth returned that evening. “All this speaking of my queen has me worrying for her. I must return to Nightway.”

Chavias nodded and they shook hands before Alazar rushed off.

There was a group of knights sitting a distance away. Eying Chavias anxiously.

Sabine had been watching their movements all afternoon. She rose to head for them.

Chavias caught her wrist.

Giving her a steady look he shook his head. “Let it be, Sweet Sabine. Somethings are not to be forgiven.”

“But you’re worthy of it!”

His face softened. “Because you think so doesn’t mean every man will agree with you. Give it time. Give them time.”

She slumped back to her seat on the log next to him where he turned some small animals on a spit.

Sebastian materialized and dropped to sit next to Chavias. Ripping free a piece of still ripened meat and sinking in even teeth. “She’s right, you know?”

“Don’t.” Chavias shook his head.

“Speak the truth?” Bast blinked. “I know no other way. She’s protective of you. An admirable trait.”

“Are you ever not eavesdropping?”

“Never.” Bast grinned unabashedly. A bit of meat still peering from his teeth.

Chavias groaned and shook his head as he turned the spit again.

“You deserve forgiveness. As your mate said.”

Chavias gave Sabine a quick sideways glance to ensure she wasn’t offended but she was smiling blindly up at Bast.

Of course, she is. Chavias rolled his eyes.

Bast gave his shoulders a quick pat. “I’m have to get back to WaterRose. There’s someone there I must go see.”

“Your Valkyrie?”

“Not any longer.” Bast shook his head before turning on his heel and striding toward the trees.

Chavias gave Sabine a look. Who?

Lucien was next.

“I must get my woman back to my Igonox city home. She’s already been looking around as though intending to escape me. Perhaps my promise to teach her archery will keep her there a bit longer.”

“Yes,” Chavias glanced at the brunette huddled as far from the crowd as possible. “She does look highly contemplative.”

“Farewell and good wishes.”

“Good luck.” Chavias smiled and nodded toward the woman.

“I may need it.” Lucien echoed the grin.

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