FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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LUCIEN - Bless Damn Bast

LandingTown, Igonox


Lucien and Meralee had returned to LandingTown. To Lucien’s city mansion.

Lucien was standing with her at the side of the house. Helping her string a bow and let fly arrows into a target.

“I don’t like this.” She grumbled. “I’m better with a sword.”

“You’ll get better.” He chuckled. “If you have a hint of patience.”

Which you don’t.

“Which I don’t.” She said.

He laughed outright at how close their thoughts were.

“What are you doing?” A voice boomed across the lawn.

Mera flinched and dropped the bow. “Drake?”

Lucien rotated on his heels to see the wrath written over her brother’s face. Mimicked by her slightly shorter brother at his side. Noran.

Just behind them, crept a man who was vaguely familiar.

“Who’s with them?” Lucien asked from next to her.

“I’ve no idea.”

“What are you doing with our sister?” Noran demanded.

Lucien glimpsed the sword at Drake’s hip. He’s intent on calling me out.

“Did you take her out of our house?”


Mera stepped next to him and slapped a hand over his mouth.


“No. I snuck away with him.” She told her brothers. Chin jutting defiantly.


“The Hell you did!” Noran expostulated. “You wouldn’t have worried us like that.”

“I knew there was no other way you’d have let me have my intended then to elope.”

Lucien’s eyes flicked to her in alarm. She may be doing more damage then help.

But to Lucien’s surprise, Drake’s stance eased a bit and Noran shifted in confusion.

“You eloped?” Drake asked.

“You didn’t want us there when you wed?” Noran sounded hurt.

“I did. And I did. But you two are always so busy trying to control everything, I knew you’d make it difficult.”

“Make it difficult?” Drake floundered. “We’ve been telling you, we wanted you to find a man to wed and settle down. Why would we make it difficult?”

Oh, I see this game…She knew they’d be relieved. She’s feigning that they’d be upset.

Clever girl.

“We wanted you to be taken care of!” Noran objected. “Just look at this house!”

“He has a bigger one on the Isle.” Mera boasted.

“Well then we will soon be invited to visit, since we are her older brothers. And should’ve been invited to the wedding.” Drake’s eyes narrowed. Brooking no argument.

Unintimidated by me, while in defense of his sister. Lucien was impressed with the man’s boldness. Certainly fond of her.

“How’d you know where we were?” Lucien was eying the short, dark haired man standing just behind them suspiciously.

He wore nice garb now, but Lucien was very sure he was the peasant from the alley in LandingTown.

What in Ardae is he doing here?

“He told us.” Noran nodded toward the short man.

As I thought.

“Who is he?” Mera reared back.

“Matthew Murdoch.” The man identified himself proudly. Posturing in his fine clothes.

Probably the only fine clothes he’s ever earned.

“You dressed him in finery?” Lucien’s brow furrowed.

“What? No!” Noran shook his head. “He showed up in that. Why would we do that?”

Then who did? The answer came quickly. Radix.

“Are you serving Radix?” Lucien stalked toward him.

The Carter brothers parted in confusion.

“What?” Drake asked.

Mera was on Lucien’s heels.

Matthew Murdoch stepped back fearfully.

“He protects me. Don’t touch me!” Murdoch put a hand to ward Lucien off.

Lucien slapped it away and descended on him.

“Clearly, not well enough.” Lucien grabbed him by the throat and hoisted him up off his feet.

Drake and Noran were shouting objections.

Murdoch kicked his legs and clawed at Lucien’s hand. His eyes flashing orange.

“What the Devil?” Drake drew back a step.

“Exactly.” Lucien snarled. “Best start talking before I rip your face off your pretty little head. What is your mission?”

Murdoch lifted a quaking finger to point at Mera.

Lucien dropped him to his feet.

Murdoch stumbled back clinging to his throat and gasping to recover the air he’d been deprived.

“To do what to her.”

“Kill her!” He gasped.

Before anyone could react, Murdoch drew a tiny blade and with incredible strength, jumped over all of them to land before Mera who stared in shock.

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