Imperium: Volume 3

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Chapter 11.

Gunner's P.O.V

I grinned as she laid out her analysis. "It wasn't her I was following." I told her.

She had a look of confusion on her face and it shocked me to know that she was totally oblivious.

"Hu? How do you me-"

Suddenly I felt the room shake as a loud explosion came from the door. I threw myself over Bowdie so that she wouldn't be affected by any debris. The ringing in my ear hit me for a few seconds as I tried to gather myself and the surrounding area. I looked over to Bowdie was was already scanning the room for Oaken. Then our gazes were turned to the Dom Soldiers, making there way through the thin layer of dust that filled the room.

"Targets located." The one said. "Well, well well. Look what we have here."

Fuck you. How the fuck did they find us? I looked over to Bowdie and gathered myself, thinking of our next move. I counted six assailants thus far and had a pretty good view of the entirety of the room. They had us on our knees as they handcuffed us. They used zip ties as opposed to regular cuffs, which didn't matter to me in the least sense, as I could just phase through them, but Bowdie...

I kept my head down, and lifted my eyes only through my lashes and spotted Oaken uptop a rafter behind the soldiers. Good they didn't spot her. The ringing still vaguely in both my ears. The soldier who called the shot's was talking, but what I heard was muffled. He stood there with a hand gun, and was holding it to his side. Rather an informal way to hold a gun, especially when your enemy is infront of you. Which told me he was either cocky or ill trained. He took a step towards Bowdie. I looked to her and she mouthed something to him but I couldn't quite make it out. I'm assuming she said something that pissed him off becuase the next thing I saw was him slapping her in the face. He hit her so hard she got knocked down to her side, before they picked her back up again.

She had tears in her eyes. I felt the anger building. I looked to her again as he wiped the blood from her mouth and she quickly turned her head away from him. I looked back up to the rafters, and Oaken was no longer there. I scanned the room, and could see she made her way down behind the machinery. She held up her finger to motion silence and then pointed to the lights on the cieling. I looked down, as I understood what she was planning to do. I looked over to Bowdie who was still crying but her breathing was steady. That's when I saw it. I tried not to make it obvious but I couldn't help but smirk.

She purposely got hit, to make herself look vulnerable. But what she was really doing was grabbing the concealed blade from the back of her belt to cut the zip ties. So it was decided. They weren't cocky, they were ill fucking trained and didn't even do a thorough search. I went ahead and phased my hands out of the restraints and waited for Oaken.

The soldier in charge went back to his walkie. "What do you want us to do with them?"

There was a pause before a voice from the other end spoke. "Get rid of them."

He smiled, and just as he held the gun up to me the lights went off. The room fell silent for a split second till we heard one of the soldiers gun go off. Some of the soldiers quickly turned on their head light, and that's when we were able to make our move. The soldier in front of me shined his light on me, and I showed him my hands with a big fucking smile on my face. He shot at me while I charged him, and picked him up off the ground, slamming his body into one of the generators. The bullets, went through me and into the wall behind me.

I took care of him swiftly, as I looked to the other soldiers. Bowdie was fighting one off while Oaken slit the throat of another, grabbing his side weapon and shooting another one in the legs, then head. There was one left, and I called over to him as his attention was fixed on Bowdie. He held up his gun, and I quickly kicked his leg from under him as he took the shot. I saw Bowdie go down, and Oaken yelled her name. I grabbed the gun from his hand and pushed him against the wall. I aimed the gun to his chest, and before I could fire, a blade came hurdling from behind me. I watched as the soldier slid down the wall, as the knife burrowed its way into his eye socket.

I looked back, and saw Bowdie walked into one of the lights paths. She used her arm to wipe away the sweat from her brow, and as she did so I saw that her ear bleeding.

"I thought......"

"Just a ricochet." She said.

We looked around at the damage we caused in the room.

"Who taught you that?" Oaken asked Bowdie as she pulled the blade from her victim.

"Grayson." She replied. "Are we all okay." She asked.

"Yes." I replied. So did Oaken.

"Okay, lets quickly get into there uniforms and get the hell out of here before more decide to finish the job." She said.

"Hey Oaken!" I called to her.


"That was fucking bad ass, what you did. Thank you."

It was always a question of whether our survival instincts would ever kick in during the time of need. It was weird. I always thought panic or fear might stop us in our tracks, but what we accomplished was something far more than I could have ever imagined. We were made for this.

We were made to fight back!

Bowdie's P.O.V.

I looked over to Gunner, who kept his head down, than looked back to the asshole that stood in front of me. One thing for sure was these moron's didn't even bother checking us for weapons, so I knew my blade was still tucked in my belt holster. Unfortunatley my jacket was to long and I couldn't adjust it without giving it away.

"You thought you measly people could get away. You practically walked into your own death sentence." The one soldier

"I thought I smelled talk alot of shit!" I told him.

He looked at me and stepped forward, taking his back hand to my face. It freakin hurt, that's for sure and split my lip, but it did exactly what I needed it to. By falling over I was able to get my one hand on my belt. They pulled me back up to my knees by my jacket and I got to work taking the blade out and working on the zip ties. He ran his gloved finger over my lip, and I felt the sting as he pressed into it. I gave them a little show of water works, just to show a sign of weakness. And it worked as he became more cocky. I glanced over to Gunner and he shared a look with me. I saw his hands behind him holding the zip ties.

Good he phased out.

"What do you want us to do with them?" He asked on his walkie.

I looked behind the men and spotted Oaken making her way to the light switch. I repositioned my self so I was now only kneeling on one knee, and had my foot in position to push me off the floor. Then we heard the man on the other end.

"Get rid of them."

Here we go. I took a deep breath, and watched as the lights went off. It was silent for a matters of seconds before we heard the gun fire from one of the soldiers. The other's quickly turned on their helmet lights, and that's when we took off. I went to the one nearest me and I kicked his feet from under him and jumped on top of him with the intention of driving my knife into him. He grabbed a hold of my arm, and ended up kicking me off and I went flying into one of the generators that filled the room. I got up and braced myself as he charged with his dukes up.

Oaken was working her way with two more soldiers and Gunner finished off the cocky one. I looked back to the one I was working on and he threw a punch which I was able to dodge, and I took my fist and rammed it into his throat. I then took my knife and I slit the side of his throat, before I heard Gunner yell to get the attention of the last soldier who had a gun aimed at me. I looked down the barrel of the gun as he pulled the trigger.

I wouldn't make it out in time. It was a perfect shot that was lined up to my head. Then something happened, that I couldn't explain.

The bullet slowed down inches before my face. In fact, everything slowed down. I saw as Gunner had a hold of the soldiers gun, and quickly looked over to Oaken. I could clearly see the gun blast from her gun as two of her bullets were suspended in mid air towards her last victims chest. Then I noticed the bullet picked up speed. I quickly moved my head to the side, but it clipped my ear and hit the generator behind me. The impact sent me back on my ass.

"Bowdie!" I heard Oaken yell.

I was alive, that much I knew. Gunner was able to free the gun from his soldier and pushed him up against the wall. That fucker I thought. I flipped my blade in my hand and flung it from across the room into his eye socket. It was a quick death, and I watched as he slid down the wall.

"I thought...."

"Just a ricochet." I told them.

What the hell happened? There's no way that just happened. perhaps it was just the adrenaline that messed with me, but if it did. that's means I'm an..

I looked back to Oaken and Gunner.

"Who taught you that?" Oaken asked as I removed my knife from the soldier.

"Grayson." I replied. "Are we all okay?"

They both answered yes.

"Okay, let's quickly get into their uniforms and get the hell out if there before more decide to come and finish the job." I advised them.

We got to stripping them of their gear.

"Hey Oaken!" Gunner yelled.


"That was fuckin bad ass. Thank you." He said.

I smiled when he said those words. That was probably the nicest thing he has ever said to her. But I couldn't agree more. Without her, I dont think we would have gotten out with the same results. We all looked at eachother after we put all the gear on.

"We look ridiculous." Gunner said so monotone.

"Know one will tell, comon let's go." I took the lead and swept the the first floor as we made our way out. We just needed to get back to the hotel which stood a few blocks from us. I looked back and the parade had long passed and were nearing the centre podium. I took to one of the screens that had a close up of the main caravan that carried some of The Dominions top officials, however I didn't see Elias. It was just as we suspected. Then that's when we heard the shots go off.

Someone jumped the baracade from the sidelines and rushed towards the officials setting of a catastophic chain reaction. And that's when all hell broke loose.

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