Imperium: Volume 3

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Chapter 15.

Bowdie's P.O.V.

It was morning, and we had stopped and made camp near an abandoned rail yard at about 4 in the morning. We made the rash decision to bypass the check point and take the long way around to cross the border. Saving us the interaction between Dom soldiers and any other potential threats that were waiting for us. I was able to get up and out the trailor with Oaken who was in the process of building a fire.

She had found an old pile of skids, and brought them out for seating, so there was some sense of comfort. The only other one up at the moment was Anja, who happened to have an ear to a small short wave radio that she found in the camper. She kept wandering around the area, looking for better reception up top of the old cargo carts that filled the abandoned yeard. She was looking for word about the past days events, or better yet word on her daughter.

Oaken did the liberty of filling me in last night, after she helped me back to bed. To think that she gave up Home base for the safety and security of her daughter. I also learned that it was my brother that tracked her down and let her go. He never once told me, but deep down I understood why. Our mother was the first thing that came to mind, and if Raeve was ever in the same predicament there would be no hesitation on my part to do what I could, to ensure his safety.

Oaken had took the cushions from the bench seat, and laid them down on the skids so I had somewhere to get on and off of easy. My body was stiff, and everytime I moved, I had to breathe just to move a few inches. The pain in my side was barely tolerable, but the tension wrap helped alleviate the pain tremendously. My arm was still in a sling, and the intense pressure that I felt instantly eased once Rowen put my shoulder back in place. I laid my head back and watched the clouds in the sky move with the wind. It was another gorgeous day out, and the sun was warming up my face, as I sat there with my eyes closed.

"God dammit." I heard Oaken say under her breath.

I looked to her and she seemed to be having a hard time lighting the flame. Then I heard voices on the radio. I quickly looked over and she was still on top of one of the carts and took a seat, placing the radio down infront of her. I watched as a mother desperatley clung on to every word that was being broadcasted.

I slowly got myself out of the seat, and saw a small flame form in the middle of her set up. She had a smile on her face, as if she just won the lottery. I grinned and stood myself up making sure I breathed as calmly as possible, as to not intensify the pain.

"Where are ya going?" She said without taking her eyes off of the flames.

"I gotta get movin, I'm so stiff it's driving me nuts." I told her.

"Do you want company?" She asked.

"Nah, I won't get to far." I told her.

I slowly made my way towards the centre of some tracks that were just to the side of us. This place hadn't looked like a soul touched it in years, as everything was overgrown with vines. They were brown and dead looking which gave the place an eerie feeling to it. I watched my feet walk one track at a time, making sure not to touch in between the boards. It brought up a memory of Raeve and myself doing this years ago. Don't touch the lava, or the monster will get you! Was what he always said.

I came to a stop, when I reached one of the cargo carts towards the end of the line. It had a bunch of graffiti spray painted on the side of it, and the one letter jumped out to me.


I hadn't noticed I had brought my hand to my side, for as I breathed in the weight of my hand brought a small jab of pain. I looked down and lifted my shirt to see the colouration of the bruising. It was still dark blue and purple, and would probably last like that for about a week before changing colour. The not so severe ones on my legs were already turning a pale green. I hadn't even seen what my face looks like, but from the look that Gunner has given me, it's probably not good.

Recalling, the days events I'm surprised we made it out alive. Sure I'm banged up quite a bit, but other then Sarah and myself, we came out fortunate. I took back to the lettering on the cart, when I heard yelling back at the camper. I almost doubled over in pain, when I took my step to fast. Already forgetting my physical state, I wanted to run so badly, but my body only allowed me to move slowly.

I cleared the corner, and saw Anja pacing back and forth. She seemed panicked and I couldn't understand her as she was talking in her native tongue. I looked over to the camper, where Oaken and the others were watching her. Gunner looked to me and I gestured over to him.

"What's going on?" I mouthed.

He looked to Anja before making his way over to me. He held out his hand and I took it, as he walked me back to the others.
We watched as Sarah climbed her way up to the top to ease her on down.

"Anja...........She ignored her.....Anja! What's happening, please explain to us what's going on?" Sarah pleaded.

Anja walked up to her with the radio, still spewing out a language none of us could understand.

"Anja, english!" Sarah yelled.

It might have seemed harsh, but it got her attention.

" was Ryerson." She said as she threw her hands behind her head. She continued to pace.

Sarah looked back to us confused. "Your going to have to explain Anja."

Anja's eyes began to water. "He was on the radio. He was there at the parade!" She said as she began to break down. "He knew I was there. The team told him I was there, and he confronted the freedom fighters that shot at them. the end of the broadcast he said something only I would understand."

She was in full meltown at this point, and took to her hands and knees. Sarah went to her and tried to comfort her as much as she could.

"Tell me.....what did he say?" Sarah asked her.

Anja looked up and uttered the words that he spoke over the radio then translated it so we could understand.

"They have my daughter............the mercinary team.......they have her." She said as she continued to sob.

Sarah looked over to Rowen, who just nodded and he immediatley started packing up everything. It was no question of whether we would help her or not. The decision was made, once she spoke those words.

"Where the hell are we going to find these guys?" Gunner asked.

Sarah looked to him. "Leave that up to me."

I was back in the camper laying back down in the bed. I was exhausted from my short walk on the tracks, and Sarah was trying her best at locating the fire weilder. She had been at it for the last couple hours, and she needed complete silence to try and sense them, but with her 100 km range, it seemed hopeless. We all knew we would have to head back towards the city, in the hopes that they were still in the vicinity.

But one thing weighed heavy on my mind. What the hell was I?

I just laid there looking at the stains on the ceiling, when the door to the camper jolted open. It was Sarah and she looked more then fustrated while planting herself on the bench and holding her head in her hands. I heald my breath as I got up and sat up towards her.

"You okay?" I asked softly.

She looked up in surprise. "Ugh, I'm sorry Bowdie, I didn't wake you did I?"

"No, I was just laying down." I got up and made my way over and joined her at the table. "No luck hu."

"No, it's useless...She sighed....I can't get myself to reach further, and right now I'm just feeling useless."

"Hey.....we'll get there, dont worry. Just give yourself a little break." She looked at me with a smile.

"You sound like June." She said. She turned herself so she could better face me. "Okay, give me your hands."

"Sorry?" I asked perplexed.

"Well, back at Jaxyn I saw what you did..on one than more occasion at that. So give me your hands so I can figure out what ability is swarming in that body of yours." She said.

I hesitantly gave her my hands, but I wasn't going to deny that type of information. I just learned that I was an Imperium, and anything right now may help benefit us in our search for June.

I gave her the one hand, as the other was still slinged. She closed her eyes and took hold of it. Within a second she gasped and let go of it.

"What?......What is it?" I asked nervously.

"Your's.....cold." She said with a smile.

I rolled my eyes. "So your being funny now." Which was a side I hadn't see from her yet.

"I was just playin. I already know everything I need to know. In fact I already knew the moment it happened." She said. "You have a very special ability, one that will help you......cheat death."

My eyes widened. She was looking at me seriously and her tone changed.

"I saw what you saw, and felt what you felt. When coming face to face with a lethal threat, it's like your senses highten and your body jumps into hyperdrive. To you it looks like your stopping time, but in fact your body is speeding up your reaction time therefore everything around you slows down. So when you were shot at, your body quickened your reflexes."

I looked at her confused. "So what does that mean?"

"It mean's depending on the scenario, when you are face to face with death who knows what your ability will conjure up to face it. We know someone shooting directly at you, you will be able to move faster than the bullet." She finished.

I was definitely thinking of the scenarios. "So what your saying is, if someone was trying to drown me......I might grow gills or something?"

"Maybe." She said.

Even the thought of it. "Ew."

She burst out laughing. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves. What you pocess is something I've never seen before Bowdie. If I were you I would only let the closest people to you know about this."

I just kept quite. The possibilities were endless. Clearly I could still get injured but to what extent? Would I have to be nearing death for it to activate? I watched as she stood up.

"I'll be back....I have to go talk to Anja." And with that she left.

I leaned back, and let out a long sigh. "So I can cheat death. Granted it's a little dark, but I guess those are the cards that have been dealt."

"What is?" I shot my gaze to the door and saw Gunner made his way in.

"Oh, just someting Sarah just told me." I said.

"So your not freaking out?" He asked.

Did she already tell him or does he know?

"Um, I'll just have to deal with it I guess?" I looked at him confused. Did I know what he was talking about?

"You know he is going to kill us once he gets here right?" He said as he leaned against the cupboards.

Okay, now I'm really confused. "Okay, I'm lost, what are you talking about?"

"Sarah.....He pointed calling your brother."

"What!?" I shot up out of my seat and ignored the pain, as I jumped to the side window. I looked out to see Sarah hanging up a satellite phone which I could only presume was provided by Anja. She was just standing there waiting, then all of a sudden Raeve blipped infront of her.

"Jesus!" I looked to Gunner. "Fucking hide!"

He looked at my with a raised brow. "And where in this boat, do you supposed we do that?"

I quickly looked around, thinking of all the tiny spaces I could cram myself into. It would hurt for sure, but do I hide or do I face possible death. Will my cheat code prevent death from a brotherly stare. I looked out the window and he was still talking to Sarah, then all of a sudden he turned to face the trailor.

"Oh god!" I turned again to Gunner. "We're dead."

"Ya.....I think we already established that." He said confidently.

I quickly dashed to the bathroom and checked myself over. My eye was still blood shot and bruised on one side of my face. My lip was all bruised, and not to mention the wrap to my ribs was exposed and my arm was in a sling.

"Is he coming here yet?" I asked panicked.


I froze in place. It was Raeve.
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