Imperium: Volume 3

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Chapter 17.

Bowdie's P.O.V

It's been two days since Raeve arrived, and the rest of us stayed put at the railyard. The whole purpose of bringing him here was so he could teleport to the nearest cities and see if he could scout out the mercinary team that were holding Ana. If anyone could get the job done, it was Raeve. That was his main role in the organization. To scope out the enemy, and find their weaknesses. However, if everything was correct as Anja and Sarah put it, these guys were skilled.

Before Raeve took off Sarah gave him as much intel as she could, when she got a read of the fire wielder in Jaxyn. They are a team of six ranging different ages. Some with experience over the years, and some with less. She got a look at their faces through his mind and figured the youngest one was roughly Raeve's age. The only thing she couldn't do was get a read from them unless she saw them face to face. She advised him that they all sported the same insignia tattoo so hopefully that should make them stand out.

It is their calling card after all. Anja also gave him as many details as possible. She unfortunatley crossed their paths a few times, nearly getting caught on some occasions, but she was able to outsmart them every turn she had. Unfortunatley for her, this time she couldn't hide. Not when they had her daughter. Time was of the essense and after that night at the camp fire Raeve set off at first light.

I was currently taking a stroll down a small trail just aways from camper. My arm was now out of the sling, and Rowen showed me some excerises to get some strength back in my muscles. It had been a few days since it first went in the sling, so having no use of it made it pretty weak. The tightness in my shoulder was annoying to say the least, but the fact that I was able to move it was promising. My ribs weren't bothering me as much, perhaps I was getting used to the umcomfortableness of it.

The trail I was walking on was no longer covered in snow, but the ground was still frozen solid which made it easy to walk on. It was sunny out and whatever snow that rested on the branches were now melting, making it almost look like rain. The path in front of me was long and narrow, and basically made for one person to walk down it. Yesterday I took to it, and made it about half way before I got fatigued and had to turn around, but today I passed that and continued to make my way down. As much as my side hurt, I welcomed the pain and if I could walk through it, the easier it would be for me to work passed it. I heard a twig snap to my left and I looked over. I stayed in place as I dare not move, so I wouldn't spook it.

It was a doe and her offspring. I watched as they had their noses to the ground looking for something to eat. I hadn't see one since I was a child, and the fact that this place was untouched made it even more majestic. I didn't move an inch and stayed like that as I watched them make their way deeper into the woods. If only life was as peaceful as this, I think I could stay here for the rest of my life. I sighed and started making my way back, to the others. I took my time, making sure I got my daily dose of silence and excersise and by the time I peered around the corner, the others were keeping busy. Sarah was mustering something together for us to eat, and oaken was stoking the fire. Rowen was looking over the map laying out our next route and Gunner was just sitting back and soaking up the sun.

I looked around for Anja, and she looked to be in the camper with Sarah. I walked up to Oaken and Gunner and took a seat on a log that was positioned around the fire. I barely got comfortable, before Raeve blipped in beside me scaring the shit out of me. I smacked his arm as I usually do.

"Stop doing that!" I snapped at him as I clenched my side.

"Sorry. "He said as he quickly checked me over.

"I'm fine, I'm fine." I said swatting his hand away.

Anja and Sarah came running out the camper.

"Anything?" Asked Sarah.

Raeve got up and stood back a bit so he had all our attention. "I found them."

I looked over to see Anja with her hands covering her mouth. "My Ana?" She asked with a shaky voice.

"She's okay, but we are going to have to get ready." He said with furrowed brows. "They will be here in 2 days time, maybe less."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Gunner said getting up from his seat.

"Let's just say I left a calling card of my own with a map to our location." He said.

Oh god, is this really happening? "Raeve?"

"Bowdie, you will take no part in this fight." He said to me then looked to Anja. "You too Anja. Your no use to us without an ability."

She said something in her native tongue but by the sounds of it, she told him to fuck off. She was in no matter what.

He had a grin on his face. "We have less than two days to make this our playing let's get to work."
Raeve's P.O.V.

Earlier in the day.

I was out for the better part of a day before I picked up their trail. I had already travelled to the surrounding areas just outside of Jaxynville yesterday. I made contact with some of the freedom fighters that set up the attack on the officials the other day, and asked if they had any word or sightings of the group. They didn't count themselves as part of the resistance, but were a smaller organization working towards the same results. When it came to it, we worked together as much as possible.

They heard that a group of merc's were making their way around towns and cities looking for an Imperium. It turns out some of their fighters had a run in with them not to long ago, and barely made it out alive. They kept someone in on the inside keeping an eye on them, and that's who I was going to meet. She had a code name, and I was to meet her at one of the cafe's in Jaxynville. They hadn't left the city, which made my search......easy to say the least, so my only assumption was they wanted to be found.

I was currently on my way to the Grind Cafe, and was told to take a table towards the storefront window and that it would be on reserve for me. I arrived around 4 pm in the afternoon, and took a seat as planned. I watched as many people made their way in, getting their daily dose of coffee and pastries. They all looked well dressed, and clean which was a different sight to behold. I guess that's what you get living under a regime. No dirty hands, just an easier life over all. I waited about 45 minutes before a big burly man walked in. He looked completley out of place with his long beard and tatted body, but once he ordered his frilly frappucinno everything intimidating about it went out the door. I continued to sit there for a few more minutes and the bell to the door rang again. In walked an older woman. I watched as she scanned the room and looked towards me. I looked at her and nodded and she made her way over to my table and took a seat.

"Can I help you?" I asked. The woman had to be in her 60's.

"Long time no see, grandson." She said.

I looked at her confused, but than I remembered the code name given to me. Nana.

"Hello nana, how are you doing?" I said.

She leaned over the table and grabbed my hand in hers. She was playing the part, and man.....she was good. She had a smile on her face, and if you didn't know it you would have really thought we were family.

"So, what have you been up to nana?" I asked.

"Oh you know, taking in the sights." She answered. She looked at me and slighlty nodded her head towards one of the tables near the back. I glanced over and the man sitting over at the table was none other than Mrs. Frappuccino.

"How's the weather been?" I asked.

"Well, don't let the current state fool you, this weather is sometimes a killer....... You know on the old hips." She said.

"Ah yes, you do have to be careful. How's the rest of the family?" I asked.

"There good, they came well prepared....for the weather. They are currently staying at the Caledonia Inn...all 6 of them." She said.

"I heard they brought their little girl with that true?" So far she had given me more than enough information. She was old school, and she was fucking good at it.

"No, I haven't seen her yet, but you know how it is. Not everyone likes this cold weather and tend to stay in their room. I particularly like to stick to a daily routine. I come here around the same time for this place's coffee." She looked at her watch. "Oh dear, would you look at the time. Will you be okay here son?" I looked at her.

"I'll be fine. I think its time you take a vacation nana, some warmth will do you good." I told her.

"Perhaps your right. I guess I'll take my leave then. Just be careful grandson, this weather can be unpredictable." She warned me before taking her leave.

I watched her leave before giving me one final glance, and I finished my coffee. I saw in my parifural as the burly man got up from the table and made his way into the bathroom. I made my move and walked past the counter, where I slipped a butcher's knife from table top and followed him to the restroom. Once I got in, I noticed he was nowhere in sight, which meant he was in a stall. I walked past the stalls and looked for the one that had feet. I found him towards the end and took to the stall beside him.

I made it look like I was using the bathroom, but what I needed from his was total lack of awareness.

"Oh man.........of course I pick the shitter with no toilet paper!...." I knocked on the wall seperating us. "Hey bro, do you think you could hand me some t.p. and help a fellow out?"

He laughed. "Ya man, no problem."

I waited till his hand reached under the stall before I blipped into his stall. He looked utterly confused when I appeared infront of him. Caught with his trousers down I looked to him.

"Thanks bro." I said before driving the knife into his chest.

I stayed there holding it in place as he tried to push me off of him, but the light quickly faded from his eyes, and his body went limp. I stood there and looked at the man sitting with his pants down, with a knife now sticking out from his chest. This was probably one kill I wouldn't tell anybody. I searched his jacket pockets and found a cellphone. I went through the call history and only one number was registered in the phone. I called it.

It rang a few times before someone picked up on the other end.

"Yanko, where the fuck are you, you were supposed to watch the kid an hour ago." He said.

"Sorry, Yanko can't come to the phone right now.....he's kind of got himself in a....shitty situation."

He went silent for a moment before I could hear the anger in his voice. "Where the fuck is he?"

"Let's just skip the foreplay shall we. As much as I like to fool around I'm here for one thing. The girl." I told him. "You can find your friend at the Grind Cafe, but you'll want to hurry. I hear the longer you leave the dead, they tend to give off a smell." I grinned at the notion.

"You'll pay." He said.

"I'm looking forward to it." I then hung up before he could say anything else. I took the map from my pocket and pulled the knife out of his chest. I placed the map on his leg and plunged the knife on our location into his leg. I then blipped out and threw the phone in the garbage and went to the sink to wash my hands. Just as I was drying my hands another patron walked in. As I walked passed him I told him that the last stall was in use. He thanked me and with his back turned to me I teleported back to the others.

After informing them we got to work.

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