Imperium: Volume 3

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Chapter 19.

Bowdie's P.O.V.

I took off running after Sarah put the mental block up. We were going in blind and they needed every person available. There was only 5 of them and 7 of us. I knew Sarah and Anja were at the camper, so that's where I was headed. I surprisingly made it alot faster than I thought I would, but I blocked out the pain. I could hear gun fire in the distance and the air surrounding the rail yard was covered in a blanket of purple smoke. I couldn't see shit, so I worked my way through the perimeter of the yard. It took a couple attempts to climb the hitch of the carts to get through to the camper, but I made it. I banged on the side and called for Sarah to let her know I was coming in.

Anja opened the door and let me in before quickly shutting it.

"Sarah!" I yelled.

"Bowdie!? What the hell are you doing here?" She said barging out of the bathroom.

"I'm here to help! Now give me a gun!" She looked at me pissed but didn't hesitate to throw me a pistol. I pushed back the hammer and took to the other window.

I could hear more guns shot's going of on the distance. Oaken, please be alright. Suddenly our attention was brought to the side of the camper as Gunner phased through the side.

"Bowdie! What the fuck are you doing!" He yelled.

I went to answer him, when all of a sudden we were getting shot at. We all ducked for cover as the windows were being shot out. We couldn't move as a barrage of bullets where making their way into the camper. I looked over to see Anja and Sarah were covering there heads from the debris. Gunner was still standing up and looking at the mercerinary shooting at us. I watched as the bullets were phasing through him. His brows were furrowed.

"We need to get out of here, this thing will blow!" Sarah yelled.

"Grab a hold of me!" Yelled Gunner. He picked me up, and Sarah and Anja grabbed a hold of him as he ran us through the back of the camper. We had about a 2 foot drop, and I ended up falling under the weight of myself. I stumbled trying to get up and he had to turn around and grab me as I looked back to the camper. I saw it ignite from underneath and I quickly looked at him. The other two had already gave themself distance, but there was no time left. I pushed him away into a tree and watched him phase through it just before the camper exploded. I felt the heat on my body as I hurdled over expecting the implosion to kill me.

I looked up as the heat no longer scorched me. Instead I just felt warm. I looked around as everything around me was on fire and debris scattered everywhere, leaving only remnants of the camper in place behind me. I looked down to my hands. I was covered in a hard shiny material. My cheat code..........was activated.

I looked over to the area where I threw Gunner. I ran over. The pain in my side was barely noticable as I made my way over to the tree he phased himself through. I saw him lying on the other side unconcious.

"Gunner!" I ran over and looked him over. His head was bleeding. I rolled him over and saw the rock that was embedded into the frozen ground beneath him.

"Shit!." He must have landed on his head when he phased through. I brought my hand to check his pulse and I noticed the outer shell of my armour starting to fade. It fell off of me as it was melting off. I picked up the rock and quickly looked over it. Diamonds?

"Bowdie!" Sarah and Anja came running up to me. "Thank god!"

I quickly took back to his pulse, and it was strong. "Help me drag him back a bit." They helped me drag him behind some trees and we rolled him on his side.

"Bowdie, you stay here with Gunner. We will be back okay!" Sarah told me as she nodded over to Anja and they took off.

I looked back towards the camper, and the whole rail yard was on fire. I got up and walked towards the edge of the perimeter. I heard a struggle to the left of me, and I saw Sarah and Anja come out with their hands up, followed by a soldier. I crouched down, and could feel my jaw clench. Shortly after, I saw Oaken come out with her hands up followed by another soldier, who was holding a gun to her back. She was bleeding from her head and looked like she scrapped it out with someone. I couldn't really hear anything as the fire crackling deafened my ears. Then someone came from the right. Another soldier dragging a body. Rowen?

I glanced around the yard looking for Raeve. I saw him dump Rowen's body infront of the girls. He was laying still, much like Gunner. I looked around to see if there was any other soldiers. Only three?

I watched as the one soldier was laughing, and was heckling them. That's when I saw Anja lunge towards him and with a quick back hand to the face she was knocked down. I stood up as panic was starting to set it. The pain in my ribs returned, and brought me to my knees. Then I heard screams coming from her. I looked up and saw him grab a hold of her arm as he scorched her skin. I grunted as I pulled my self up. Then the screaming stopped. I couldn't hear what she was saying but Oaken was laughing in his face.

"Fuck Oaken, always got to be a goddamn hero!" I started making my way around the fire. Maybe if I got his attention, they could fight there way out of it. I kept walking. He had dragged Oaken out towards Anja, toying with her. Just a few more steps. Oaken just wait.

I walked out to the centre infront of the camper. He hadn't noticed me yet, but thankfully he had the other guy drag Oaken back.

"Hey Fuck Face!" I yelled.

I stood there watching all the eyes focus on me. That's right asshole. Just like that. My hand was on my side to put pressure on the pain, and my breathing was sporadic. I still couldn't hear him, but he turned his attention to Oaken then back to me. He held his hands up towards me, and I watched as his hands turned a bright red. I took a deep breath.

This better fucking work.

I watched as the flame took off towards me. I couldn't help but scream as it barreled towards me. Then everything slowed down.

I was activated.

I stood there as I felt the diamond like armour cover my body. I moved my gaze over and could see Oaken had started running towards the flame thrower. Then I saw something I didn't expect. The one soldier behind Sarah was mid fall, and the other soldier had his gun aimed to him. I could see the fireball still at the barrel of his gun. I looked back to the flames as they were inching closer and speeding up. I braced for the impact. I held my arm up, to cover my face when all of a sudden I felt nothing. I looked up and the fire stopped inches away from my body. It was as if it was hitting an invisible wall. The flames worked there way around me, and as fast as it started it stopped.

I looked to the flame thrower who looked startled. I looked at him with a smile. He looked at me with a raised brow before turning around.

A lone figure standing a few carts down from him. With bright orange swirls of energy swirling around her and her eyes a glow.

"Your dead." I said with a grin.

Her body suddenly turned to a bright white glow as she released a beam of energy directly down our paths. I stayed there as the beam worked it's way around me as her field protected us from the damage.

It took less the 5 seconds for the light to dissipate, and I watched as nothing but ashes filled the air. I fell to my knees as the pain in my side kicked in overdrive. Oaken ran over to me.

"Bowdie you alright!?" She asked as she slid over to me.

"I am now!" I said smiling. "Here help me up."

She did so, and helped me walk back to Sarah and Anja. We stood there as the last soldier holstered his weapon and stood back with his hands in his pockets. He was looking over at June who was walking over. Before she said anything to us, she turned to him calmly.

"I thought I told you, not to let it get to this Shay." She said to him.

"Sorry about that. One of them made things a little.......difficult." He looked to Oaken, who was eyeing him down.

"June?" I said grabbing her attention. I walked over. She looked at me as I stopped infront of her. I slapped her across the face.

"That's for leaving you ass!" Then I hugged her. I felt her arms wrap around me.

"Sorry, I couldn't get here sooner." She said.

I stepped back and let the others embrace her. First Sarah then Oaken. We all stayed silent until Gunner came up from behind holding the back of his head.

"What I miss?" We looked over to him and our attention was brought back to Rowen on the ground.

He shot up gasping for air. "Sarah!"

He turned around, and quickly saw us standing around him. "Did we win?" Then he finally saw her. "June!?"

She smiled and he quickly got up and hugged her. "I see you got yourself killed again."

"Only for a short while." He said smiling.

I watched as her attention fell to Anja. Anja had a hold of her arm and backed up.

"Anja." June said as her eyes brought back to a glow. She didn't say anything but she looked slightly behind her shoulder. "Just in time."

June moved to the side and all of a sudden Raeve blipped on in beside her. His eyes were a glow, and standing hand in hand with him was a little girl.

"Ana!" Anja shouted as she threw herself down to her daughter and pulled her into her arms. The little girl just stood there unsure of what was going on, and didn't seem to recognise her mother.

I wondered how long she had been away from her mother to no longer recognise her.

"Now that everyone's here, we best get going." June said.

"And where would that be?" Gunner asked annoyingly.

June just smiled and took Raeve and Shay's hand. Shay then held his hand out to Sarah, who then took it aswell until we all joined in a circle.

"Just don't let go." She said.

We looked at eachother confused, and watched as the glow in her eyes intensified and the orange colour swirled all around us. I watched as our surroundings blurred and shook violently until we were now standing in what looked like an old century mansion.

"Raeve, where did you take us?" I asked.

I looked over to him who looked in complete shock. "That wasn't me."

Our attention was brought to a man clapping and making his way into the room. We all let go of eachothers hand's and the older man welcomed us to his home. He was tall and slender, and had shoulder length white hair and a salt and pepper beard. I couldn't quite place his accent, but it was thick and barely understandable.

"Welcome, welcome. Juniper has told me so much about you. We've been waiting quite some time to get you here." He said as he made his way to each of us shaking our hands.

"And where the fuck would that be old man?" Gunner said.

"Ah, you must be Gunner. Yes that attitude still prevails...He said. the other side of the world."

What the..........

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