Imperium: Volume 3

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Chapter 2.

Sarah's P.O.V

After sending Oaken to retrieve some more provisions with Gunner, I went over my stack of papers with the latest sightings. Possible sightings of June that is.

Since her departure, it's been real quite here. The resistance hasn't made any big moves since the first snow fall which started a month ago, and still no sign of Juniper. I keep tapping into my senses and can't feel her anywhere within a 100 km radius, so where ever she is, she's making sure to stay far away from me.

We get some leads here and there but nothing promising comes out of it. We're either days past her sightings or it's just someone who fits the bill.

Raeve has been non stop on the look out for her. We understand why she left, but timing couldnt have been any worst. She has no clue that we aren't the only ones looking for her. With the intel provided courtesy of Anja, The Dom Squad and their Red Star's are searching for the Imperium that omits energy. And I feel the plans they have for her are not good. Either A. They want till kill her and make her a martar or B. Use her abilities, and with General Elias pulling the strings I'd say anything goes.

Our eyes and ears are open constantly, on the off chance someone spots her. Let's just hope The Dominion doesn't know what she looks like.

As of right now Ive been tasked with taking care of our younger members. There was just too much traffic at Lingham and needed to relocate some people. However we decided to keep as close as possible so we set up camp on the football field, which was about a 10 to 15 minute walk to Lingham.

I was here with a few other adults that we called mentors, that kept all the youngins in line. Grayson joined me here at the stadium as well as a few other parents who watched over the daily chores and duties. We all had a role to play, even if it was as little as keeping the coffee pot full.

Oaken was my most valued person here. She is always quick to make herself available, which I'm not going to lie about. I've taken full advantage of it, but I think she keeps herself busy so her mind doesn't wander. I know how she felt about June, and felt and instant connection with her when she started training under her. She looked up to her, and I hope one day June will show up again to atleast put her mind at ease. She worries about her all the time, and grows restless each day June is out there on her own.

The overall atmosphere has changed since she left, but we are trying to move on. A majority of us have, but the few who grew close to her cling on to hope that one day we will see her again.

We have to.

I haven't seen Rowen in the last few weeks. We keep open communication everyday but nothing had really progressed between us since everyone was transported over from home base. He's been swamped in the infirmary, with patients and he's also been training a class of field medics. Even though things have simmered down for the time being, we were always preparing for the future.

Cam is still here. Although his room is a 10 by 10 cell, we built just for him he hasn't put up much of a fight. He takes to his 3 meals a day and doesn't even bother blocking me out anymore. He's given up mentally at this point, and I'm assuming being in a cell for the last 5 months might do that to you.

It's been 20 minutes looking at these papers, trying to piece something together. Over the months, we have been receiving intel trying to pinpoint her next location, but that just led us nowhere. Raeve was even gone for days at a time to see if he would intercept her, but one step forward always seemed to draw us a few steps back once she never showed. He was determined to say the least.

I sighed. "It's useless if I can't sense her." I said to myself.

I stood up from my desk and made my way outside as everyone started to get ready for the daily grind. The sun was up early in the day but set early aswell making these days feel extra long. I walked down the isle of hot tents and headed towards the food tent. I saw Bowdie waking up some of the kids her age. She was in charge in getting them ready for training, which she assisted with aswell. Grayson was in charge of leading the marksman class as he was a perfect shot, and Bowdie was his number one student. Even though she skipped out on small duties, she was excelling in every other aspect. In hand to hand combat, she reminded me alot of June. Her and Oaken both did, and if there looks didn't kill, there hands would do the job. I just hoped it would kick in when then time came.

•~ Morning Sare •~

Rowens voice popped in my head as if right on cue.

•~ Morning Rowen •~ I said. I made my way into the food tent and poured myself a cup of coffee.

•~ I just saw Oaken leaving and should be on her way there in the next half hour •~ He said.

•~ Okay thanks for the heads up •~

It's only been a few weeks since I had seen his face but I was longing to see it.

•~ Hey Rowen? Would you be able to spare half an hour today? •~ I asked.

•~ I think I could, this evening. Is everything alright? •~ He replied.

•~ Ya........I just need to see your face•~ I couldn't help but smile, when I could sense his a kilometer away.

•~ Y...yes I would love that •~

•~ Cool beans.....whats a good time•~ Cool beans??? Jeez Sarah that's the best you could come up with?

•~ how bout 6ish? He said.

•~ Sounds like a date•~

•~ A date eh? Well..I'll bring the candles•~ he said in an exaggerated tone.

•~ Ahah shut up•~ I said laughing outloud aswell.

As I was making my way out the tent Bowdie was near by giving me a weird look. I tapped to the side of my head to remind her I wasn't crazy and talking to myself. She smiled and carried on with waking up the last remaining kids.

I walked around the field taking in the sight of all the people getting to work. It felt absolutley surreal that we have gotten this far. Especially since our home base was destroyed.

It wasn't too long after it happened that we heard the chatter on the radio of General Elias commemorating his fellow soldiers in taking down one of the biggest organizations. Little did he know, only one victim came out of it.

Perhaps.......if it was someone else things would have been different, but that was selfish of me to even think.

"Sarah!" I looked over to little Hudson making his way over to me holding his hand.

"Oh no, what happened?" I looked to his hand and saw that it was bleeding. I took it and saw a small gash on the inside of his palm.

"My tent peg came loose and I tried to stick it back in but, I ended up stabbing myself with it instead." He said.

He didn't shed a single tear, which was the result of all his training. This looked like it hurt but he didn't show it. He was certainly strong for his age.

"Why didn't you just put it in telekinetically?" I asked.

He just looked at me confused. "I'll be honest. I didn't think of that." He smiled.

"Well hold your hand up and keep pressure on it. It looks like you'll need a few stitches, so we're going to have to go for a bit of a walk." I said rubbing his back. He didn't seem to mind the idea at all.

He liked to see all the machinery anyway as he was into that type of stuff.

"Go get some proper shoes and I'll take you myself." He smiled and took off to his tent.

I went back to mine and got dressed appropriately, for the small treck.

•~ Oaken, how ya making out? •~ I reached out to her.

•~ Good, we're just down the road •~ She replied.

•~ Okay perfect, I just have to run Hudson up to see Rowen, so could you help keep an eye on things? •~ I asked.

•~ Ya sure, no worries. We are just making our way in now. •~

In the distance I saw Gunner pulling the wagon behind him, and Oaken was just ahead of him walking towards me. She seemed off.

She........she heard something. That much was evident. Her whole presence told me so. I went into her mind, and her thoughts were swirling in her head.


I guess my trip to Lingham was going to take me to mission control aswell. I approached her but didn't mention anything of it. I already was well aware she knew that I knew. I turned and could see Hudson running towards us and stopped to wait for him.

"We shouldn't be too long." I said to her.

She sniffled, and nodded. "I'll take care of this, so don't worry about that." She told me.

"Alright buddy." I turned to Hudson. "Let's go."

We arrived to Lingham as fast as his little legs could take him, and he headed straight to the infirmary. I wanted to go see Rowen, but he had to wait till later. My main concern was Jay in mission control, and I needed to know what he knew.

Did they find June?

I took my time and made sure not to work myself up. Every other time we had a lead it turned into nothing. I entered through the plastic curtain and saw the room buzzing. I looked around to see if Raeve was in attendance aswell but he was nowhere to be found.

"Jay." I called to him as I grabbed his attention.

He looked surprised to see me, as I hadn't been around the last few weeks.

"Sarah." He said. He sighed and was rubbing the back of his head. "I didn't want to tell you until we found something, but I take it your here because we got word of a sighting."

"Yes." I replied.

After June left we informed Jay and the others of whom the Red Star's were after. Since then, it's just added more stress to Jay's plate.

"Raeve?" I asked.

"He's already gone to check things out. He had a go-bag so he might not be back for a few days." He informed me.

I walked over to a map that sat on the wall. It had pins sticking out in various spots, and notes with dates on it of June's sightings. There were to many to count, and just thinking to myself, there is no way she has been around to all these places. Some spanning far across the continent. Some of these had to be false, unless she somehow gotten the ability to teleport, it just didn't make sense.

My guess is she was looking for General Elias, but it was next to impossible to trace him. It's as if he went underground aswell, since he was blown up. But why still hide, if he boasted about bombing the resistance's hide out?

Perhaps he knew and what he said was bullshit. Did he not want us to think, he knew the game was still a foot and Juniper was still alive?

So many questions unanswered, and the more time was passing I seemed to doubt our ability to find her.

"How are things at the stadium?" Jay asked.

I turned to him. "Things are alright. Nothing new to report other than a few small injuries here and there."

"Have you........felt anything yet?" He asked nervously.

I knew what he was asking me. He was asking if I felt June anywhere close by.

"No.....I haven't."

He grinned sympathetically. "Don't worry Sarah. We'll find her before they do."

I just stood there and nodded. Nothing came to mind as I let the words sink in. I turned towards the plastic curtain, and sensed Hudson was all ready to go. His hand was all stitched up and I could tell he was making his way to the garage outlet. I took the time to excuse myself and would be makimg my way over to Rowen.

"I'll keep in touch more often." I told Jay. "Don't hesitate to call me back here if you hear anything else."

"Will do." He replied.

I left the room knowing that I had more questions than answers, and not even telepathy was going to help me.

It was still early in the morning, so I grabbed a couple coffee's and headed towards the infirmary. I could see Rowen talking away with a patient so I stood at the entrance of the outlet just watching him.

Damn...has he been working out? I was definitely checking him out, to say the least. I got caught wandering my eyes all over him as my eyes gazed up to his. He was looking at me and my reaction wasn't even the least bit suttle. He knew I was gaukin, and flashed a half grinning chuckle my way.

Dammit. Pull your shit together Sarah!

He finished up with his patient and excused himself from the other nurses before making his way to me.

"You're here quite early." He said smiling while taking the coffee.

"Do you have time to go on a little walk?" I asked.

"Sure, I think I've got 20 minutes to spare." He replied. "So did you bring Hudson then?"

"Ya, I couldn't wait to come see you, but I also heard that Jay and Raeve got another dispatch saying they might have had a sighting of June, so I had to check it out for myself." I told him.

"Any luck on that end?" He asked.

"No. She's making it impossible for us to find her, but that's how she wants it. I just hope she's making it harder for them aswell." I took a sip of my coffee while we continued to walk the 1st floor of the mall.

"And how are you holding up?" He stopped and grabbed my arm to stop me from going any further. "How are you really doing?"

I just looked at him. How could he read me so well. Did he have telepathy?

"You really want to know?" I asked. He nodded. "Well.........I'm pissed if I'm truley being honest. I feel like we havn't made any gains in the cause and June leaving without saying a god damn word has put me on edge. I...........I sighed....I worry about her Rowen. I can feel something is about to happen, but I don't know what and that infuriates......the shit outta me."

"Consider ourselves lucky nothing bad has happened yet." He told me.

He tried to reassure me with his eyes, but time would tell. If it sounds to good, then it's to good to be true.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to lay all that on you." I said.

"Maybe you should." He said. "Perhaps it will get rid of some of that stress you've been bottling up inside that head of yours."

"You sure you didn't attend school to be a therapist?" I said jokingly.

"Ahaha no, but I should have. Perhaps it might get me closer to what you hear everyday."

"Trust don't want too." I said as a warning.

He glanced at his watch, and I knew our chat came to an end. I held out my hand and took his empty cup of coffee.

"Gotta go. But will I still see you later? Or is this all I'm going to get from you today?" He asked.

"Well so far nothing's come up, so a dates a date." I smiled and he bent down and kissed my cheek before we parted ways.

It's been awhile but the flutters in my stomach took off again. Keep it together Sarah, keep it together.

•~ Hudson buddy, where are you. It's time to head back •~

•~ Aww, please can I just have a few more minutes? •~ He begged.

He must have found something real interesting.

•~ You got 15, then we have to head back ok? •~ I told him.

•~ Thank you! •~

I looked at the clock that hung on the wall every few outlets. 8 am.

"Today's gonna be a long one."

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