Imperium: Volume 3

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Chapter 20.

Shay's P.O.V.

I was finally able to take a look at the group of individuals, that I had learned so much about that last few months. There was Sarah, another telepath just like myself, however her ability to control it was far from what it could be. But from getting a read on her, I knew she was intelligent and one for strategy. I could see why her and June worked well together in the passed. Then there was her lover Rowen. A doctor and Imperium aswell. His ability allowed him to come back to life, but not without the scars to prove each death. I could tell right away when I sensed him he was a healer. Born to protect and care for others but not afraid to take ones life if necessary.

Next was Gunner. He seemed like a cocky 20 year old, but he certainly came in handy when he flipped our vehicle over in Jaxyn. It certainly took Dalton our leader by surprise. Thankfully I could sense what was about to happen, and strapped in before I got seriously injured. Next was Bowdie. Raeve's younger sister and as close to a sibling as June would get. Both their past's haunted them and have made her and her brother strong willed but endearing to others. I then looked over to Anja and her little girl. She was a spitting image of her mother, whom shared the same red hair and complexion. She is the one responsible for June's fathers death, yet June insisted we help her daughter when she found out.

And lastly there was Oaken...with the eyes. June told me about her along time ago, when we met months ago. I don't know why she stuck out to me the most. Perhaps because she was just like June. A strong willed independant woman. I remember seeing her eyes for the first time it almost took my breath away. They looked like the backside of an old c.d. Each angle gave off a different colour, but it was the emotion behind the eyes that struck me.

I stood there as Wolfgang welcomed each and everyone of them to our team. They just learned that June teleported us to the other side of the world, a place that was once called Europe a long time ago before The Dominion took jurisdiction. Now it was called U.J.T.D. It literally stood for Under Jurisdiction of the Dominion. Here was a whole other playing field, much like on their continent, but this was the big leagues.

I stood back and leaned up against one of the desks with my arms crossed as I watched the new recruites find their bearings. It's been a long 7 months, and know doubt they would be catching up for the next few days.

~ You gonna take that mask off your face, or are you worried your going to scare them away~ June said.

~Ahahah I think I'll leave you to it and get this gear off. You guys have alot to catch up on~ I told her. I started heading off.

~ Hold it~ A voice jumped in my head. I stopped in place, but didn't bother turning around. The other telepath had removed the mental blocks and allowed herself to communicate with me.

I glanced over my shoulder so she knew I was listening.

~Thank you.....for your help back there. I won't forget it~ She said.

I just nodded before heading off again. I left the room with a set of eyes on me. I couldn't read her as she put up a mental block which was irritating at best since Sarah took them down, but the emotion behind it told me who it was...............Oaken.

I walked through the accentric hallways to our hideout. It was an old castle located in what was once known as Baveria, Germany. This was where Wolfgang was born and raised. He found us, and brought us here. We were a team of three that had this whole place to ourselves. Sure the place stood out like a sore thumb but that's where my ability came in. Anyone with prying eyes would look upon a steep mountain ridge cascaded with trees and waterfalls, however take out the image that I placed in your head and you would see it for what it truly was. It was a massive castle that was built in the 1800's purely for its esthetic and architecture. Half of it was bombed during the beginning of the war but the other half was practically unscathed. This was where we resided and did our work.

I entered my room and removed my mask, vest, and side arm throwing them on the bed. I went to the bathroom and removed my shirt exposing the ink tattooed all over my body. Years of memories permanently etched into my skin. My arms, chest, back and torso were covered with images of my past, present and what I hoped to be my future. I ran my hand over my jawline, and let the 2 month old beard brush against my fingers. 2 months I was sent to weazle my way in with the mercinary team. Too long for my liking, but that was my mission. My mission was to get close to Ryerson, but our plans headed south fast once he hired a group of mercinaries to track down June and Anja.

I thought it best to set off with them, to ensure they stay as far away from our where abouts as possible. Little did they know June was under their noses the whole time. I opened the cabinet and reached in for my razor and got to work manscaping my beard. I liked to keep some of it, as it made me look a little more older than what I was. I ran my hands through my dirty blonde hair and ran some water through it. I smelled of smoke and some of the purple powder from the smoke bombs tinted my hair a light violet.

"Shower it is then." I said to myself.

I hopped in and got washed up before getting dressed in my regular attire, then made my way to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee. I could hear Wolfgang giving them the tour of the place, by the echoes of his voice travelling through the halls, but on my way back to the planning room I could see Raeve and June talking outside. I couldn't hear what they were saying but he didn't look to happy with her. I mean she did leave them for the better part of a year without word or even a letter.

I was passing down one of the lengthy halls, when I saw the group following the old geazer to other parts of the castle. However one wondered off on her own. I was told she did this alot in the past, and it came to no surprise when I found her in our training room. It was pitch black inside and even though I couldn't see her I could sense her. I walked in and turned on the lights. She quickly turned to me and I saw her eyes change from a black that engulfed the full circumfrance of her eyes to a rich brown. Her eyes furrowed, and I just looked at her as I sipped my cup of coffee.

She walked up to me, and I just continued to look at her. She was intimidating to say the least which I didn't know why. Did she always look pissed? Still I couldn't get a read on her, so she was still placing the mental block.

"So your Shay." She stated. It wasn't a question, but she was more acknowledging the face that went with the name. I just nodded and sipped my coffee again.

Suddenly the iris of her eyes moved like an occular lense to a camera and she reached up to my shoulder. I looked to see what she was reaching for and she swiped off some purple residue that must have fallen from my hair to my shirt.

"You know, if you had told me that June had sent you, things might have gone easier back there." She said.

"Where would be the fun in that?" I said cocky as I took another sip.

Her face contorted in a way that reminded me of my mother when she was about to yell at me.

"You think this is a game?" She asked. She sighed. "So your one of those." She said as she slowly walked past me.

"Which is what?" I yelled out to her.

"A fucking idiot!" She yelled back as she continued to walk to the others.

This was not at all how June explained her to me. She was an attention seeking girl before she left, but the seriousness in her eyes and attitude told me this was not the same woman that June remembers. And from what I was able to sense how she took down that one merc, and was willing to give her life to save the others told me differently. I couldn't help but smile knowing that I might have just met my match. I pushed myself off the doorway I was leaning on and followed behind her. I wasn't sure if she knew where she was going, but it seemed she really didn't care for the others or the tour. She was on her own mission. What that was, was beyond me. She stopped in the middle of the hallway and turned her head to the right and was looking into another darkened room. She never went in but from the look of her reaction it wasn't good. She continued to walk and I too stopped at the room she was gazing into.

I was curious to what she was thinking and made my way in and turned on the light. It was nothing but our weapons rooms. What was she thinking about? I very rarely came into contact with people who knew how to place a mental block and it was certainly annoying. I could reach the other side of the world with my telepathy yet I couldn't reach what was 20 feet infront of me.

I continued walking aways behind her till I saw her join the others. She was talking to Sarah, and from the look of her expression aswell, it had me baffled. Sarah looked at me and the look they gave me was as if I was the enemy.

I looked away towards the window.

~ June you better get in here, somethings up and I can't place it~

~You can't tell me you can't figure it out~ She said surprised.

~ Your gang, put up mental blocks again, so no...I can't~ I looked back and they started walking towards me with conviction.

~I'm on my way~ She said.

I stood there as Sarah and the others walked past me. It looked as if they were making their way back to the weapons room. I stayed in the hall and saw Raeve and June making their way back in when I nodded her over to their direction. She shrugged her shoulders as if to ask me what was going on and I just nodded shrugging mine. Raeve gave me an odd look as he made his way past me awell.

Jeez these people seem like a fun bunch.

I waited till everyone had now found themselves in the weapons room and I watched as Sarah grabbed one of the hundreds of batons that lined up the walls, and slammed it on the table.

"You guys want to explain why in the hell you have so many of these weapons that can kill Juniper?" She asked sternly.

I looked at her with a raised brow. Kill June? She's a telepath, why didn't she know the answer to this question as soon as she got here?..........oh shit.....I still have our mental blocks up.

I saw June with a smirk on her face as she looked at Wolfgang.

"My dear, this is not a weapon used to hurt June by any means." Wolfgang said to them. "In fact, it's quite the opposite, I assure you."

"And how do you know that?" Asked Bowdie.

"Because....Wolfgang said..........I made them."

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