Imperium: Volume 3

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Chapter 21.

I looked over the faces of the room. They were all confused except Sarah who seemed to be taking in the information with ease and no questions.

"Can someone explain what the fuck is going on?" Interrupted Gunner.

I just stood there leaned back against the wall with my legs and arms crossed. I figured I would get comfortable for this was a long awaited discussion.

"Okay, I'll start near the beginning." June said.
June's P.O.V.

4 Month's Earlier

I was walking down the lines of bodies in the city of Demoy. It was Dominion Territory and this place was buzzing with people eager to join their cause. I showed up in regular civilian clothing and was sporting a new hairstyle. One that no longer resembled my old self. My long dark brown hair was now replaced with a blonde bob that rested above my shoulders. I no longer carried my back pack and the style of clothing I wore was what you would typically find on a city dweller. If I wanted to get close to my enemy, I need to become one.

With fake documents to help me register, a massive group of us were flown across the other side of the world for basic training and that was where we would be stationed. My plan was to get as close to the intelligence sector as much as possible. Anything that would get me close to Elias was my sole mission.

Present......... Shay's P.O.V.

"So you did join." Raeve said.

June looked at him confused. "You knew?"

"Yes....Said Sarah.....Bowdie and Oaken figured that part out. That's partly why Rowen and I were on the road. Unfortunatley we found these three in Jaxynville looking for the same thing we were."

So it was them that figured it out? I thought.

"And that was?" June asked.

"You." She simply said.

I watched as June glanced to the side. I knew how she felt about putting others in danger, and yet after several months they were still looking for her.

"Okay, so you joined The Dominion...then what?" Asked Bowdie.

I looked at her and she was slightly hunched over. I had forgotten that she was injured yet she was still up and fighting through the pain. I looked back to June who continued on.

3 Months Earlier........... June's P.O.V.

I didn't get into the intelligence sector like I wanted to, but after basic training they stuck me on security detail of all things. They stuck me in a facility in Germany to watch over an engineer who was the up and coming scientist who was assigned to make a vast amount of weapons against the Imperiums. His name.....Wolfgang Hoffter.

I was assigned to him personally since I displayed my hand to hand combat and weapons training. Perhaps I showed off a little to much because that's how they utilised me. I was making my way out of the barracks, when a convoy of top officials started making there way to the base I was stationed at. I did my daily check in and headed towards the building that I was assigned to.

"Kepner!" My officer yelled to me.

"Yes sir!" I said while standing at attention.

"You will be stationed within the lab with Dr. Hoffter. He has some visitors so make sure nothing out of the ordinary happens."

"Yes Sir!" I said as I saluted and waited for him to walk out of view. I rolled my eyes, as I continued to make my way. I've been under the ploy of these idiots for a month now, and I hadn't yet come close to finding anything on Elias.

Present..............Shay's P.O.V.

"Hold on a minute!" Interjected Gunner. "Your telling me he was working for The Dominion aswell!?" While pointing to Wolfgang. He then looked to me. "And this guy......let me guess, you were in The Dominion I right?" He said.

Wolfgang turned to me and said something in German. It was along the lines of "Inquisitive little bugger" I just smiled. I didn't speak the language but again that's where my telepathy came in handy. I understood a vast amount of languages which came in handy when I travelled to different areas.

" want to tell us how the hell you were able to teleport us the way you did?" Asked Raeve.

"Ah, I can explain this part." Wolfgang said.

"One day when I was running an experiment on a new generator, we were trying to infuse an new energy to power up the facility and June was present during one of our demonstrations. She was assigned to my detail, and that was the first time she teleported." He said.

"That................ explains nothing." Said Gunner.

"Gunner." Sarah said. Just a look from her shut him up.

"Well, it wasn't the generator that allowed me to do it. It just helped." Said June. She looked over to Raeve. "You know that place you took me to, with the lights in the sky?" She asked.

"Yes." He replied.

"When he started the generator the colours reminded me of that place, and just thinking of how much I wanted to go there and be with you suddenly awoken something in me, and I blipped over there." She confirmed.

"So your saying, you are able to teleport on your own now?" Bowdie asked,

"I'm getting better at it yes, but depending on how far I go or how many people I take with me depends on the output of energy I expell. The first time teleporting it took me 3 hours to get back, and a day to build up my energy again. It's getting better though." She explained.

"But how are you able too?" Bowdie asked again.

"We believe, when June used her energy to super charge Raeve several months ago, she was not only transferring her energy to him but he was transferring some of his ability to her. And her body was able to store it and harness it." Wolfgang answered.

I looked over to Oaken, who was taking it all in and looking to the ground. Her eyes suddenly glanced up to mine.

"And where do you come in?" She asked me.

"I showed up not to long after that." I answered. "I joined for another reason, but I found June and Wolfgang at the facility that I was assigned to. I sensed what June was once I landed here, and Wolfgang was never on the side of The Dominion."

"And your reason being?" Asked Gunner with a raised brow.

"You have your reasons.....I have mine." I said.

He just threw up his arms in annoyance and shook his head. The whole thing was mind boggling. What they didn't know yet was how I came to work with June, but I was going to leave that part up to her.

Wolfgang was forced under the mandate and was assigned to come up with new weapons against us Imperiums. What they didn't know was that his daughter was also Imperium. He was taken by force and had no choice to join as his family was threatened by the Dom Squad, and would have been executed infront of him if he didn't follow through. Thanks to June, she was able to get him out of there once she could better teleport, and she up rooted his family aswell far away from here.

"So why the weapons?" Asked Sarah.

"That's what I was tasked." Wolfgang answered. "The only thing I left out was that it wasn't harmful to June."

"So they think these things will do what?" She asked again.

"They gave me the specs months ago about an Imperium who weilds extraordinary powers beyond their scope. An energy weilder. And one who conjures up forcefields and can send beams of light into the sky. They tasked me in finding a way to break that barrier." He answered. "These weapons I've made after we left The Dominion. I set up a fake manufactoring company and had them distribute these batons globally after we came here."

"So how do they work?" Bowdie asked.

I watched as June picked the one off the table and turned it on. It looked like a cattle prod, and the sound they made were intimidating. She held it towards her forarm and hit the button. I watched as Raeve quickly stepped forward to her as she jolted back, and then her eyes went a glow. She stood back up straight and placed it back on the table.

"You see, it's not meant to hurt her at all. Sure there is a little sting, but we made it in a way that it can super charge her." Wolfgang advised.

I looked back over to Oaken who had a small grin on her face as she looked to Bowdie who looked over the baton.

"So they don't even know that you've equipped them with an ineffective piece of equipment, that could potentially bring an end to their demise?" Said Bowdie.

"Wunderbar!" Wolfgang clapped and smiled.

"The voltage on's roughly the same as a I right?" Rowen asked.

"Yes." Said June. "Without that knowledge, this might have never happened."

"Okay, so we were partly right then." Said Gunner. "The place's that we thought you were flying to via plane, was you actually teleporting."

She looked to him. "Yes. We took out their weapons depot with the sole purpose that we would be the ones providing them the equiptment, and I also took out the base that held a majority of their vehicles. Anything really to give us the gain."

"So, how did you get word of us then? Shay?" Asked Bowdie.

"Yes, his telepathy allows him to sense and hear across the globe. When he was in Jaxyn with the mercenary team on a mission, he detected another team in the city looking for me. Then Anja came into the picture and that's when he got me involved." She explained.

She left out the detail where I found Raeve in the one cart and told him June sent me. Of course he didn't believe me and it wasn't until I showed him Junes necklace that he then teleported to the hotel. June would have teleported there aswell, which I'm sure was a shock to say the least and juiced him up before teleporting to the rail yard. Something he obviously missed the first time.

I looked over to Raeve who sighed. "Jesus June, you've been quite busy."

"I'm sorry I left without saying anything....but after dad died.......I couldn't risk your lives. I didn't think you guys would be running towards it." She grinned.

Sarah pushed herself up and with a look of determination turned to June. "So what's your next move Juniper? Did you find General Elias?"

June was silent for a brief moment before answering. "General Elias is no longer our concern. Ryerson is."

"What?......Am I hearing this right? What do you mean Elias is no longer our concern?" Bowdie yelled. "How can you say that?"

"Bowdie....please." June said calmly.

I looked over to Sarah who was now looking at me trying to get a read on me. I just looked back to Bowdie who was still ripping a new one into June.

"Bowdie!" June yelled. "I just need you to hear us out. Ryerson is who we need to go after. The game is different here, and he's our next target."

"But Elias...."

"Elias is dead." I interrupted.

They all turned to me in silence with furrowed brows.

"What do you mean? Like gone for good?" Asked Bowdie.

"Yes." I answered.

She turned to Oaken and Gunner who looked confused. "But it was announced that he was going to be at the parade......are you sure?"

"Yes." Replied June.

"How do we know for sure?" Asked Gunner.

"Because...She said. I'm the one that killed him."

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