Imperium: Volume 3

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Chapter 9.

Sarah's P.O.V

"What in the fuck.....are you three doing here?"

Your damn right I'm pissed Oaken! You all are in way over your heads.

Rowen and I were heading to Jaxynville as soon as we got word that there was going to be a parade with General Elias set to make an appearance. Of course this was all a ruse. We were within the 100 km radius, when my senses picked these guys up.

"What were you guys thinking?" I turned to Bowdie. Bowdie! "I assume your brother had no clue that you left, am I right?"

"Sarah." Rowen tried to get my attention, to calm me down, but these kids were playing with their lives.

"We....we couldn't sit back and watch as June got caught, or even worst killed!" Yelled Oaken.

"Sit down Oaken, I should have known this was your idea! Now these two were dragged into it aswell." I scolded them, but they weren't heeding my words like they would have at home base. Oaken remained on her feet and eyed me down. Was she pissed?

•~Sarah, you need to calm down a bit. They are all fine and well, just try and understand why they did it•~ Said Rowen.

I looked at him so fast I almost gave myself whiplash. He looked at me in a way, that told me I was over reacting a tad bit, but at the time I was like a mother worrying about the safety of her children. I pinched the bridge of my nose to get rid of the headache and took a deep breath as I took a seat on the side of the bed. Oaken approached me and sat next to me.

"I'm sorry Sarah, but we aren't going back." She said.

I sighed. "I know." I couldn't help but see the images that played through all their minds. Seeing the dead bodies on the burn pile was certainly horrific to witness, and couldn't help but feel bad for my outburst. What these kids needed now was someone to understand them and guide them. I took Oaken's hand and looked to Bowdie.

"I'm sorry you guys had to see that. Do you want to talk about it?" I asked. Bowdie sat on the bed opposite of Oaken and I.

"I'm sure you are already aware, but aside from the Dom Squad, and Red Stars, there's another group in play. And they have an Imperium with them. He's the one that........burned them alive. There's a parade in two days time, and we think its a ploy to get June out in the open, but we aren't sure."

"Well....your not wrong." I said. I looked to Gunner than to Rowen. "What were you guys planning on doing?"

"We were going to check things out in the hopes that she doesn't show up, and if she did we would be back up." Oaken advised.

•~What do you think Rowen?•~

•~Perhaps if these guys stay here we can take a look at the parade. If anything you would be able to pick June up the moment she enters your range•~ He said.

•~ You really think these three will stay put in one place•~ I stated. Of course the answer was no.

"Okay, here's what we are going to do. Rowen and I need to get a room for the night elsewhere as this place is fully booked. From what I understand the parade will be taking place along the main drag of road which leads back to the centre square. If General Elias is really going to give a speech it will be from there. As of right now I can't sense June so lets hope to god she know's what he's up to. I know for a fact you three won't stay put, even if I tied you down so, you guys will stay in the crowd and keep an eye on things, and that's it! You understand me?"

They all nodded. "So please, stay out of trouble till we meet up again." They all nodded. "Okay, I'll call your room if anything changes so get some sleep."
I turned to Rowen and got up from the bed. We made our way towards the door and I turned back to the group one last time. "We need to play this smart. We are far outnumbered being here in there territory, so please don't let them know your Imperium. They will shoot you on sight." And with those final words we slipped out. Rowen walked beside me as we headed down the hallway to the elevator.

"That was a little........harsh?" He said.

"It had to be.....we know all to well, they wont hesitate to put a bullet in their heads. Safer to be sorry than dead." I told him.

"Should we notify Raeve about Bowdie?" He asked.

"They left shortly after we did, so he already knows. I'll let him know as soon as they are out of the woods. If everything works out fine, we will accompany them back to home base. Sound like a plan?" I suggested.

"Your the boss." He said with a smile. "Where to now?"

"Well.....this place is booked solid. Luckily for the kids they were able to get one of the last remaining rooms, so we might have to drive around a bit till we can find one."

"I saw a motel just a ways down. It's not as glamorous as this one but it will do for a night." He suggested.

As we got off the elevator, we walked into the lobby which was full of Red Stars, and civilians. It was like his body automatically moved, and Rowen moved closer to me and grabbed my hand in his. The sudden gesture always made me feel more relaxed when facing my demons head on. I kept my eyes to the ground as he guided me out, and soon found ourselves on the busy side walks. There were so many people walking each side of the street, it was impossible not to bump into people.

I'd say we walked about an hour before we reached the small motel that Rowen spotted earlier. It was a hell of alot smaller, but was on a quite street and had a sign on the door that specified they had available rooms. We went in and were greeted by an older woman who ran the desk. She was kind and approachable which was necessary in this line of work. However under that warm and welcoming exterior, I could feel her hate from within. She had a poster sitting on the wall behind her, promoting General Elias's words of oppression. The poster actually read Death to Imperiums. It made me sick to my stomach to be judged so harshly, but then again we were born into two different worlds. Unfortunatley, all these people were taught to hate.

The only rooms available were single beds with a couch pull out, so we took what we could get. Of course Rowen was gentleman enough to allow me the bed and he would take to the couch. The motel was about 20 blocks from where Oaken, Bowdie and Gunner were staying, so they were well within my range incase something came up.

We got freshened up and stayed up talking about the next upcoming events.

"Tell me what your thinking about." Rowen asked as I looked out the window towards the streets. I turned to him.

I sighed. The images of the bodies burned were running through my mind. A sight I wouldn't wish on anyone, and yet it was their first real taste of the brutality in this world.

"They saw something that will forever scar them. I just hope it doesn't do any damage." Of course the memories of the middle man resurfaced. I didn't realise my hand was running along the incision on my torso when Rowen's touch pulled me out of my daze.

"With your help, they will be able to face it head on." He reassured. I looked into his eyes, and today's tiresome drive could be seen from the bags under his eyes. "You should get some sleep, you look tired."

He chuckled and took a seat on the couch. "I think I got a couple more hours in me."

I turned back out towards the window and looked outside. I closed my eyes and opened up my channels to let the voices fill my head. I bounced from thought to thought trying to isolate each and everyone. I couldn't sense June, which I took as a good sign, but a questioned lingered in my head. Did she still have a block on me? I turned to Rowen, who had passed out where he sit. Hmm, a couple more hours hu? I grinned and quitley made my way out the room to let him sleep. I was wide awake and decided to take to the busy streets, to listen in.

I made my way down the stairs and took the exit that led to an alley way. It was still brisk out, but the amount of busy bodies walking the streets warmed you up instantly. I let myself wander for a couple hours taking in the sights. The place was being prepared by many city employees, to get the street lit up and ready for the parade. My channels picking up hundreds of converstations along the way. I turned the block to head back towards the motel and my senses picked up something.

Something familiar. It was nothing I personally had come into contact with, but something Oaken and the others had. I placed myself infront of a store shop so I could watch as they passed me through the reflection. He was about 20 feet away and closing. I kept my head down, and waited till the figure passed me. My head shot up when I saw his reflection........he's.....Imperium. I looked back to where he walked from and it didn't look like he was with anyone. It may have been a stupid decision on my part, but I followed.

I knew right away what he was. He was a mercinary. One who didn't care for morality or cause. It was just another job, another pay day. His ability allowed him to control fire. I let my mind creep into his, and I saw the overwhelming display of kills he managed to rack up over the years. Woman, children, imperiums. He was a bringer of death and he lived for it. I continued to walk as I tailed him down several blocks. I watched as he adjusted his jacket, and upon doing so I saw the hand gun resting in the waist of his pants. I stopped abruptly, and decided that was enough. I got what I needed.

~ Please June, if you can hear me. There's an army here waiting for you, please heed my warning ~ I laid it out there, in the hopes that she could pick something up. Even though I couldn't sense her in the area, this place was well over 100 km's and thought my message would fall on deaf ears. I was holding on to hope.

I headed back to the motel and let my self sneek into the room so as not to wake him. He was still sitting there asleep and a warm feeling fell over me, as I took the sights in. His hair was all tussled and his head was resting up against the back of the couch. His arm's were still crossed over his chest as it moved up and down slowly with each breath. His t-shurt clung to every muscle on his body and looking down to his feet he still had his boots on. I walked over and saw the time on the clock. It was 1 in the morning. I hadn't realised that I had been out for almost 4 hours. I bent down and unlaced his boots, slipping them off one by one. A little noise slipped from his mouth, and I quickly stopped moving. I waited a minute before I placed his boots by the coffee table and shut the curtains to block the street lights from shining in.

Something about watching him sleep, made him more mysterious and vulnerable for some reason. I could see the silhouette of his face, and the thought of how much I wanted to run my finger across his lips jumped into mind. I felt my heart race through my chest and the warmth heat up my cheeks.

I stepped forward to him and slowly positioned myself on his lap, so I was straddling each side of him. He didn't wake, so I looked at him as I watched his chest move up and down, and ran my finger across his bottom lip. He flinched to the sudden touch and his eyes popped open. He didn't say anything. He just grabbed my hand in his and looked into my eyes. A small crack of light that peaked through the curtains allowed me to see them wondering from my eyes to my lips. I felt as his hands wrapped around my waist and he propped himself up towards me so that his lips went to mine.

My hands found themselves running through his hair and towards the nape of his neck. The hot feeling his skin gave off only had me wanting more. I lifted off his shirt and pulled it over his head before crashing back into him. His hands squeezing my hips as I pressed against him. I took off my shirt and he unclasped my bra with one swift movement before his hands made their way up my back. I threw my head back as he kissed my neck and chest. The heat was staggering and my wanting of him turned into a need.

He picked himself up from the couch while he carried me to the bed, all the while our lips never parting. He laid me down with his body on top of mine and let his hands run down the sides of my body. The gentleness of his touch left goosbumps on my skin. He lifted his chest off of mine to look at me. His eyes wondering from my face down to my naval. Immediatley my hands went to cover the scar that lined the entirety of my torso.

"Don't hide yourself from me Sare." He said softly. He took my hands and placed them on the scars that laced his stomach. I took in each and everyone of them. The long horizontal scar that stretched from each side of his waist from June, the stab marks from Cam, the gun shot from Raeve and whoever else.

He leaned back down and ran his hands in my hair as I felt a single tear roll down into the crevice of my ear. "I think you are the most beautiful think I ever damn seen." He said, before I pulled him back down to me. He pulled my arms above my head and ran his fingers down my arms as he slowly moved his mouth down from mine. I watched as he took my one breast in his hand and ran his thumb over the nipple before continue his way down. My hands fell back down to his hair and started running along his biceps as he planted a kiss right above the top of my jeans. My breathing was getting more eratic as he inched closer to my sweet spot. He came back up and kissed me while his one hand unclasped the button to my jeans. He then propped himself up to his knees and pulled me down to him by my ankles and lifted up my legs against his chest so he could remove my pants, then slowly slipped off my panties.

I let my legs fall to his sides and propped myself up on my elbows as he continued to kiss me. I held myself up while I unzipped his pants and slowly moved them down his back side, making sure I got a good hold of them. He put his arm under my back and moved us up more towards the middle of the bed before I felt all of his warmth on my skin. He brought my one leg up and squeezed my cheek within his grasp, making sure he closed the gap between us. His manlihood now against my sweet spot. I could tell he was holding off, but I was more than ready to have all of him. I pushed him off of me and rolled him to his back, where I positioned myself on top of him. I took his hands and placed them above his head, holding them there with one hand, while the other made its way down to his hard member.

I took a hold of it and placed it inside of me. We both moaned as I moved myself back and forth and felt his breath on my chest as I leaned down and continued with the motion. His one hand resting on the back of my leg and another on my waist, he moved with me. I put my lips to his and I could feel our hearts beating through our chests. I placed my hand on his chest as I propped my self up and moved faster. His hands squeezing my waist allowed me to take him in deeper. Another moan fell from my lips, before he suddenly rolled me over onto my back and moved harder and faster.

The sensations coursing through my body were unbearable. It felt so good, the build up reaching a tipping point, yet not releasing.

"Oh god......" I could barely get the words out. He then picked up my one leg and lifted it up to his chest, which changed the overall angle of the motion, and I was undone within seconds. I felt the intense explosion surge through my body, and my hands grasped at the sheets while the pleasure ran it's course.

He then put my leg down, and leaned over me while I tried to catch my breath. He smiled as he ran kisses along my cheek and neck and looked at me. I looked down and he was still in between my legs and still inside of me. I looked at him and grabbed a hold of his wrist that was holding the back of my head. He started moving in and out of me slowly this time, and the warmth of his breath on my neck had my body feeling heavy. He started to quicken up the pace again, and this time it was his turn. My hands reached to his hips, as I moved with him, and to my surprise I could feel another climax building. Our breathing sporadic. He grunted as he breathed into my neck and the moans that left my lips grew louder.

I was about to release again, and lifted my one leg up to his hip and we both let off at the same time. We were both sweaty and breathing hard onto eachother as we felt the climax reach its highest peak, and then waited till the sensation diminished. He kissed me softly again before rolling us both to our sides, where we could face eachother. Our breathing still heavy, we looked in eachother's eyes and couldn't help but smile and giggle.

"Well.....that was quite the wake up call." He said.

"Ahah sorry." I said sarcastically.

"No, no don' was....."

Oh god...he was silent....."Oh my god! was it bad?" I rolled over to my back and covered my face with embarrassement.

He was quick to remove my hands from my face and take my cheek in his hand. "Sarah, it was everything but me." He said with a smile. He kissed me again and pulled me into him. We laid there until our heart rates were back to normal.

I slowly rolled onto my back. His one arm still under me as he leaned up slightly. He looked at me again with those lustfull eyes as he ran his finger underneath my one breast.

"Round 2?" I asked with a smile.

He smiled as he leaned in for a kiss. "Hell ya."

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