Broken Bonds

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A bloody mess.

When Rey opened her eyes again, her limbs were still attached to her body. The wolf stood in front of her, fresh blood dripping from his mouth and his lover clutched the hand, she used to grab Rey’s shoulder, to her body.

“That’s not possible,” Rey breathed out. “It’s not ....”

“Elaine?” The guy, Rey still only thought was called Mac, ran towards them. His eyes widened in surprise. “What happened here?” He asked.

Rey managed only another: “That’s not possible.”

But Elaine composed herself quicker. She looked at her bleeding hand, then back at her mate and yelled: “You bit me! You actually bit me?”

While there was something obviously very wrong with his wolf side, the wolf was still able to recognise it did something very bad. His ears sank down, and he whined.

“What do you mean, he bit you?” Probably Mac started asking. Then his gaze fell on Rey’s shoulder. The fabric of her shirt was torn, and her skin already started showing the imprints of Elaine’s stronghold. “Wait a minute,” he said as the realisation hit him, “the marks... I will be damned. How is that possible?”

Rey was asking the exact same question. No alpha would ever turn on his lover. His instincts wouldn’t allow him to do so.

“Was it just an accident? Should I take him somewhere to check his eyesight?” Probably Mac muttered to himself.

He decided to get answers in a quite untraditional way that caused another wave of sharp pain spread through Rey’s body. She yelped out as it were his fingers this time that sank into her skin.

The fact that it wasn’t a full-blown scream was enough for Rey to know he didn’t mean to seriously injure her. But then why hurt her at all?

The answer came in the form of a loud growl from the wolf. Gone was the guilty expression and back was the murderous face of the beast.

Before the wolf had a chance to jump him too, he raised his hands in surrender and said: “Okay. Calm down. I was just testing out a theory.”

“What is there to test?” Elaine asked, her eyes filling with tears. “He chose her over me.”

She looked utterly devasted and Rey cursed herself at that moment.

What was she thinking when she decided to come here? She should have run the opposite way right when the guy came to find them.

To hell with it! To hell with all of it!

Probably Mac reached out to gently take Elaine’s hand in his and dragged it closer to his face to examine the damage.

Two sets of teeth were printed on Elaine’s forearm. Blood was flowing out of the wound, but her healing gene already kicked in and worked on closing the wound back up.

She was young and strong. It wouldn’t take long for her to heal. At least, physically.

The fact it was her own alpha, who bit her, would cause the process to take a bit longer, but a little bit of Brynn’s magic would speed the process.

If she would even let any of them near her.

Satisfied with what he saw, Mac released Elaine’s hand and turned his attention back to the culprit: “So far, you have hurt only one person, but that number will grow if you will not control your wolf.”

The view of his lover’s wounded hand seemed to sober the wolf up a bit again. His eyes no longer resembled those of a blood-thirsty monster, but those of a human.

Upon hearing Mac’s words, the wolf growled and nudged his snout towards Rey.

“Nothing will happen to her. You have my word,” probably Mac assured him.

The guy had to be high up the pack’s hierarchy because the alpha put his trust in him. The wolf’s massive body turned around and he disappeared in a blink of an eye.

“One down, two more to go,” He muttered to himself and asked Rey afterwards: “Could one of your friends take a look at Elaine’s hand? It is not very bad, I believe, but better safe than sorry.”

Before Rey had a chance to answer, Elaine spat out: “I don’t want anything to do with any of them.” Her voice was filled with venom.

Probably Mac also didn’t have the time to protest because Elaine walked away right after she finished talking.

“Guess we will be sorry then. What about you?” He pointed at Rey’s shoulder. “Do you want me to take a look at that?”

“No. Thanks. I think I got this,” Rey shook her head and followed Elaine’s example.

“So, you are all just going to leave me here, huh?”

The properly raised part of Rey would stop, but the part that didn’t give a damn about anything anymore won and Rey walked away from him.

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