Female Alpha

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Chapter 2

Jason(red moon pack)

I am Jason an omega in my pack. Everyone including my parents hate me. You may wonder why I am an omega. Well I got my wolf late. It is very rare occurence but i am one of that. I am 22 years old. Every one thinks I am weak. My Alpha doesn't allow me train. I find it injustice because They shouldn't consider me weak just because I got my wolf late. I observe my packs warriors training everyday and practice it at nights when everyone is sleeping. When I find my mate I will shift from my pack and may be my future alpha will make me a warrior. "Hey we will definitely become warrior one day and by the way I love you,so don't say everyone hates you" my wolf atticus disturbed my train of thoughts.

"Hey Jason beta john is calling you" a warrior said coming to my home. "Oh ok i will go. Do you know the reason why he called me?" I asked him while closing my door. "I don't know maybe something regarding tonight's party just go and meet him before he gets angry" he said.

John is beta of my pack. He bullies me whenever he gets a chance. I complained about it to my former Alpha but he punished me saying that i am telling lies about a beta. I just reached the packhouse and went straight to his office and knock the door. "get in" he shouted from the other side of the door. "Beta john you called me" I asked standing before his desk. "Yeah tonight you are on luggage duty. You take our guests luggage and put them in their allotted rooms. If i see you failed, you know about me and i will make your life a living hell. Do you think i do not know about your self training huh ?? After this party i will see about it. Let's see if you can beat me" he told me while signing some papers. " yes beta i will take my leave" i said and came out of his office. May be I will find my mate today. Nobody likes omegas so if i ask for relocating my alpha will definitely give me permission.
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