Female Alpha

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Chapter 3


Today we are going to the redmoon pack for Alpha ceremony. We will be staying for the night and tomorrow we will have a meeting with alpha deccan about the rogues that are lingering around our borders. I really hope alpha deccan is a decent person. His father was a very cruel person. He used to kill for fun. He didn't give away his position as alpha even after his son turned 18 years ago. Some people say that deccan rejected his mate for being a omega and some people say that he haven't found his mate yet. "Alpha everything is ready to go to redmoon pack" my delta harley said coming into my office. "Ok i am coming. Ensure that pack is safe in my absence. Tell patrolling team to keep an eye on the rogues lingering around our border. We will return by tomorrow afternoon after finishing my meeting with alpha deccan. Also I will arrange a tour for you to go to remoon pack next month to search for your mate. Bye harley" I said coming out of mý office without hearing his reply.

It took us 2hours to reach redmoon pack. As soon as we enter the pack gates a person came to us to lead the way to pack house. When we reached the packhouse alpha deccan is waiting for us outside with his beta. " Alpha Aurora welcome to redmoon pack" deccan said while giving me a handshake. " thank you alpha deccan for inviting us and this is my beta philip those are my warriors accompanying me" i said while gesturing to phillip and warriors. "welcome beta phillip and warriors. This is my beta john. Come in, we allocated rooms to you and your acquaintances. Take some rest and get ready for ceremony in the evening. My omega will take your bags to your rooms." Alpha deccan said while giving is way to get inside. Once inside our allocated rooms I called my delta and he updated what's happening in the pack. After about 5mins someone knocked my door. I think i got my luggage. As soon as I opened my door I am met with mesmerizing eyes and smell before me. "Mate" my wolf kinnera said doing happy dances. "Hi! come in" i said giving him the way. He is 6feet tall, blue eyes and his hair is black with shoulder length waves. He has muscular body. His heart is beating fast. He has a frown on his face. He is disappointed, I don't know why but i feel sad. " well go on reject me, moon goddess is playing games with me pairing me to an alpha. She doesn't like me to be happy. Just get on with it and reject me. Happiness is not written in my fate" he said standing before me and waiting for my reply. " why do you think I will reject you? Or Do you not like me? I may be an alpha but my mate is always equal to me." I said inching closer to him. " i think you will reject me because i am an omega. Also people will make fun of you that you got me as a mate. Please i cannot tolerate that. Reject me please" he said while trying to stop tears in his eyes. "I don't care what others think. You are my mate and moon goddess paired me with you for a reason. I can guess you are not weak. And most definitely i will not reject you " i said while closing the distance and hugging him. 5% of me says that i should reject him because he is an omega but other 95% says he is worthy of my mate and i will love him no matter what.
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