Female Alpha

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Chapter 4


Today is the morning after I found my mate. My wolf is feeling restless because our mate is not near us. Last night is the worst. I didn't sleep even for one hour. I wanted to go to my mate but I forgot to ask his number and address. Now I am getting ready for the meeting with alpha deccan and others. Someone knock my door and I instantly knew it's my mate. I hurried to the door and opened it. Standing before me is my handsome mate. He wore a t shirt which shows his abs perfectly. While I am ongling my mate he clears his throat and said " like what you see love". My cheeks instantly got pink tint saying that i am blushing. " I like you calling me that. Come in" i said giving him the way. I closed the door after him.

" I want to kiss you. Last night i didn't get any sleep thinking about you. You are on my mind every minute." He said and instantly his lips contacted mine. He kept his hands on my hips and gently pressing them. He is trying for a entrance and I am not giving him. He gently lifted my shirt and touched my skin. I gasped and he used that to gain entrance. We kissed for almost 10mins and seperated for air. His eyes are black and I knew his wolf is wanting out. I am no better. My wolf is itching to get out.
" well love I think you will be late for meeting if we keep this up"
" oh my god i completely forgot and oh you will be attending with me. I want to intoduce my mate to everyone if you don't mind me doing it"
"About that i don't know, i feel like they will make fun of you. I am not strong enough to defend you against other alphas"
" I don't care what they say. I can defend myself. You will become an Alpha of my pack. Ofcourse i am also à alpha."i said
" what !!!!!!! I think i am not capable of becoming a alpha. Maybe a warrior but not an alpha."
"Hey don't think less of you. We will talk about that later after we went to my pack. But now i want you to be my side at the meeting"
"Ok love if that's what you want. I will be your side always.come let's go" he said a d took my hand. With holding hands we went downstairs to the meeting hall and opened the doors. Instantly everyone's eyes turned towards us.
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