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Rachael goes on an adventure to discover her family's past .She finds out a lot of dark secrets about them and ends up becoming part of a revenge scheme .

Fantasy / Mystery
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Inside the walls

Hamilton is a town of haunted secrets and buried in these secrets lived Isobel with her two daughters. Isobel had always stayed in this small town, her life had been busy and she never got the chance to travel the world .Her daughters had always been her first priority and that was never gone to change but this year was going to be beyond amazing .Isobel had given both her daughters a luxurious life nurtured with love and care. Rose, the elder daughter had a very calm childhood but Rachael lived under different circumstances. Isobel always worried for her cause it was difficult for a six year old with a disability to handle the demise of a father. Rose was a successful lawyer at the age of 22. Her excellent case solving skills had given her success faster than others but there were ill effects of the success. Rose was also a party animal and that had started hindering her work. As for Rachael, she was faced by many problems out of which being disabled was the worst. This required special care and attention but that was overwhelming at times. Being a 6 year old child she never forgot the sudden death of her father. What she missed the most about her dad were the trips they went on every week. She would often sit at the window thinking about the outside world which she barely visited cause both her mom and sister were too busy . She usually spent her day with a babysitter and this disheartened her. Rose on the other hand was ready to make this year the most memorable. She planned to get off work for 3 months and attend parties, travel the world with her friends. It was all gonna be epic but this was the first time that she was going to have a blast since her father’s death. She was hiding a secret about her dad and every day she felt guilty about not telling her mom. Rachael had no clue of her families past yet she was the bait for revenge. She was the only one that wasn’t part of a scheme that could destroy the world. This secret had been hiding in the walls of the house for years and waiting for the right time. It kept a close eye to everyone in the house, it knew everything but nobody knew it. Their biggest secret was that their father had never died and it wanted to know where he was. This was the perfect time to attack and It was ready. Rachael was a lonely soul and she would be perfect was the first attack on this peaceful house .One day , when Rachael was playing video games in her room when the light went out .She was bummed about it and decided to go to the rooftop but even after calling out for the babysitter several times there was no reply . There was utter silence in the house , so Rachael decided to go downstairs and see what the sitter was doing .She was completely terrified and didn’t know what to do until she saw a couple of people on the other side of the corridor . They called her and she went but only when she got closer she realized that they were not real people and just a bunch of ghost .For a couple minutes she believed she was sleep waking until someone tried attacking her face .There was a big scratch down her throat, she shouted and shouted but no one answered her call for help .She was paralyzed and couldn’t move but she didn’t stop trying until the Ghosts were too close and she could see their faces . She was just a kid , what could they possibly want from her ?The ghosts didn’t attack her but instead told her that they were lonely and wanted a friend to talk to .Rachael thought about it for some time and decided to give them company cause she herself was lonely and desperate for friends .They sat on her bed and listened to her every word for hours until she heard her Mom call out her name .She was glad that her mom was home but she didn’t want to part from her friends .She moved towards the voice but her mom was nowhere to be found, she tried calling out for her mom but there was no reply. She had no option left but to climb down the stairs. She tried climbing down but in vain until she tripped and fell down. She didn’t know when the fall was going to be over but when she opened her eyes she wasn’t in her house anymore. She looked around only to see darkness, she looked down at herself and realized she was standing. She tried moving around and her legs felt perfectly well, she was happy as well as excited but then horror struck her from behind. It was the most ugliest thing she had ever seen yet in the darkness it felt friendly. He told her to walk 10 feet and then climb the stairs, she will find her families past waiting .After saying so he vanished just the way he came, Rachael followed the instructions and reached the inside of her house. For a minute it felt like her original house but the surroundings had changed and the house smelled of death, She soon realized it wasn’t home but it resembled completely. After about an hour of silence ,guests poured into the house, People she didn’t recognize shook her hands and thanked her. This all was just too strange until the ghosts she had met previously walked in .They said past is waiting in the living room , come along now ? She walked along with them and found herself sitting in the middle of the room .What the heck was going on?

She felt a chill in her bones and the air told her she was nowhere near home until she heard her mom and sister calling out her name. she answered back but it seemed like they couldn’t hear her. She ran frantically around the house until she sat down to cry and put her head against the wall. She heard her mom again, she then put her ear against the wall and she heard it again .A thought came to her mind and seeing it as the last ray of hope, she decided to try it out. This time instead of putting her ears on the wall , she tried looking through the wall and it worked she could see everything on the other side .She shouted and then said “I’m inside the walls ”.What am I going to do , all those people downstairs might be able to help me out .Maybe I should go down and hear what My past is , that seems to be the reason I’m here . she entered the living room again and the first word she heard was “NICK”, that was the name of her dad .Why were they talking about him , It had been years since he died and he was a good man .She walked to the center of the room and then the girl who looked like her touched her shoulder .Images flashed through her eyes , everything she saw was not believed or maybe she didn’t want to believe it .Her dad could not be the villain and yet here she was looking at her past only to see that he was the bad guy but he was dead .So what did they want from him now , she didn’t get the entire story cause there was obviously something this girl was hiding .This girl had no connection whatsoever to the story Rachael had seen or heard but then why was she plotting revenge .Rachael tried to find out her connection but was unable to succeed .

She was inside the walls with a group of 100 people, plotting a revenge on her family .

What was going to happen to her ?

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