Once in a blue moon

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Vampire child

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

“ Amber , Amber ,″ my mother called from downstairs,” Time for your first day!’’

I groan as I get out of bed. I spot a pink dress with roses and red bows and sigh. I should have known. I hang it on a hanger and hang it in my dark oak closet. I scan my dark oak drawer for some black jeans and a sweater shirt. I put it on. I brush my teeth and wash my face. I go down for Eggos waffles and turkey bacon. When I came downstairs though, my mom kept on ranting that I should have worn the pink dress.

“You have to make a good impression. You want friends right “, my mother asked. I shrug. As luck may have it she stops talking. I quickly finished my breakfast. As I walk outside, the wind flutters my dark black hair and tickles my pale skin. I run to my bus stop and look back at my street. The sign reads 46 cherry street. The leaves crackle and float to the ground. The trees look like pure gold reaching for the sun. A chill filled the air. It was finally autumn. As bus 64 rolls by I stare out into the open. Five minutes later the bus reaches Pintville middle school. As I step out onto the sidewalk, I go directly to the main office. When I walk inside, there is a lady in the front seat. She has her gray hair tied in a tight bun and a scowl on her face as gruesome as it can be. On her desk reads,” Mrs. H, the secretary for 26 years”.

I clear my throat, and ask, “ Mrs.H, I’m here to see Mrs. Smith, the principle “. She points to an oak door on her right. I turn the silver-like door knob and walk inside. Inside of Mrs. smith’s office is a tall lady with a flow of red hair. She has sky- blue eyes and skin like milk and honey. She wears a red necklace around her neck with a black jewel charm. She also is wearing a black pair of jeans and a black shirt.

“ Hello ember, welcome to SanFrancisco. How May I help you”, Mrs. Smith says with a British accent.

“I would like to know where my classroom is and my locker number, please,″ I say politely while fidgeting with my black bead bracelet.

‘’Room 26, and locker 24’’, Mrs.Smith answered. I walked outside of her office and started the long journey to my classroom. When I finally got to my classroom, writing was already starting. Inside was a young woman named Mrs.dot. Mrs. dot had black hair and luminous skin. She told me to talk to the others and try to make some friends. Why was everyone trying to get me to have friends! I sat down and looked outside of the reflecting cold window. Outside I spotted something strange. A bat like creature swept over the gold twinkling trees. Many stopped to stare at the mysterious creature. All though many stared at it, Mrs Dot was not Amused .

“Attention Class!, Mrs Dot demanded, “flip to page 64 in your writing books!”.

Everyone groaned. They took out a hard black cover labeled called Vampire Myths. 3 hours later we wrapped it up. The bell rang. Everyone else departed except me and a 12 year old girl. This 12 year old girl had raven black hair and luminous white skin just like mrs. dot.

“Excuse me, mrs dot, I said, “I don’t know where to go from here.

Mrs dot said, “ the Art room is on your left”.

So I excused myself from the room and went to the art room. The art room was filled with clay and pottery. On the walls where vampire paintings and pretty much anything about vampires. I wonder what the vampire stuff is about, I thought to myself. The whole class was there, chatting, when suddenly, a tall young lady about 24 walked in. And unlike the rest of the teachers, she had cocoa colored skin and milk chocolate truffle colored eyes. But like every teacher she had a black beaded Bracelet. “ Attention class, it is time to make your blood stone necklace”, The

The art teacher passed out chain Necklaces with a red stone with a hole in it. Everyone got to work. I strung on the red stone to the chain necklace. Then the art teacher told us, “ now to see if all of you are true Vampires, put the Necklaces on”. Wait! What does she mean true Vampires?!?! Then I remembered what a blood stone Necklace was! A blood stone is a vampire’s necklace. It will kill any mortal instantly The art teacher saw I was having a hard time. She came over and reached for the clasp! No! No!,I cried in my head. In 3 seconds I would die. 3, 2,1! Was this the end of me!

“ Stop! ” I scream.

Suddenly I felt a tingle down my spine. I felt myself go smaller and smaller. Suddenly, poof! I was a bat! This can’t be happening! I’m human! I had so many questions running through my mind. I looked over the side and saw a few kids Transform too!

“ Ah! It’s their time. Come with me.”, the art teacher said scooping us up. She brought us to a gymnasium. The oak wood shone under the sun’s glow. On the stage something made me gasp and question everything I knew. On Top of a throne sat my mom!

Chapter Two: The Truth.

“We need to talk”, I demanded while having my hands on my hips.

“Honey-”, my mom said sweetly, while trying to hug me. But I quickly pulled away.

“You lied to me all my life”, I screamed, “that’s why we keep moving, isn’t it?!”. My mom nodded in reply.

“ I couldn’t risk them finding you,″ she said with tears in her eyes. I knew not to make her cry, so I asked a different question.

“Did my dad know this”, I asked sadly. My mother shook her head.

“ when he found out, he left us,″ my mom said between sobs. I shook my head sadly. So after that we went home. As I finished my homework on vampire myths, my mother walked into my room.

“ hey kiddo, I ordered sausage and salami pizza”, my mom said. I nodded. I could smell it for all the way upstairs. I quickly washed my hands and went to eat the pizza. The next morning, I woke up with my mom slamming a brown suitcase against the oak wood floor.

“ Pack up. Quickly. They are are here”, my mom said putting multiple clothes in my brown suitcase.

“ Wait! Who’s after us “, I ask urgently. My mom doesn’t respond. She just kept shoving clothes into the suitcase. While I was still confused, I still helped my mom pack up stuff into the suitcase. When we’re finished she ushers me to the back door.

“ But what about you, I ask urgently. She waves me through the back door. Suddenly I heard the front door crashed down. I quickly took the suitcase and run for the car. I looked for my mother, but she wasn’t there. Suddenly a man appeared from the shadows.

“ looking for your mother? She is no longer here, `` The man cackled. His voice sounded like nails scraping against the black board. In anger and rage, I charge. He quickly backs away my punches and pins me to the ground. I kick his stomach so hard, he fell over. In pain he blew a red ruby whistle. I quickly ran. I reached the vampire boarding school. The vampire council was all had left. My mother was gone.

To be continued…..

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