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Stubborn Mates

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Werewolves, witches , fairies and all alike grew tired of hiding in the shadows hiding from humans. They declared war on the human race and after losing millions of lives, the President sighed an treaty with werewolf Alpha Tristan; to migrate all living humans south and leave the mystics the north. Five years after the treaty, Alpha Tristan closed the borders to prevent travel between realms after humans killed his mate. He then picked a chosen mate and bared a son. Twenty five year old Aspen White, has been living in The Bereft Lands with nothing but her wits. Orphaned by the war, she has been on her own since she was thirteen years old and developed quite a reputation. But how will she deal once a crime she didn't commit is pinned on her by someone she trust and is punished by her own mate? Twenty Nine year old, Ryker Pierce became Alpha after the mysterious murder of his father. He has not stopped looking for answers even five years later. He has been ruling with an iron fist, not showing any sympathy. Which causes everyone to question why he took pity of one girl facing a serious crime. Can he bring himself to punish his own mate? Aspen and Ryker are fated to be mates by Luna herself,but neither are willing to accept the other has their mate. Nor are they willing to reject each other. But will they learn to accept each other when Aspen is forced to work under the Alpha.

Fantasy / Romance
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1. Aspen

I hummed a soft melody as I stared out the window on the top bunk. I had one leg propped up with the other dangling off the bed. The thick, silver lined shackles cuffed around my wrist laid on my lap as I stared at the view past the silver bars of my cell.

I saw the big city of Atlanta, which is now the new capital of the human race part of the country. The sun was shining bright and I heard all the traffic of the people and hover cars outside.

Human jail wasn’t so bad. I knew they couldn’t do nothing but deport me back north. So I enjoyed my quiet and peace. I was happy I had the cell to myself. I didn’t really want to be bothered with the whole “what are you in for?” talk. I let out a small laugh as I thought back to how I ended up here.

I had just gotten off the hover train that went from The Mystic Land to The SSU,The Southern States United. I was at the gate passing through when the pig of a guard grabbed my ass. So I did what’s expected. I broke his nose.

The States Police were all over me; tasing me and putting silver shackles on my neck and wrist so I couldn’t shift into my wolf. It seems to scare humans that werewolves exist. I don’t understand why they are scared of us. Just because we’re stronger, doesn’t mean we’re all bad. We have bad wolves just they’re are bad humans.

I shrugged my shoulders and thought about home. I came here to do a favor for an associate of mine. I don’t know why I let him talk me into coming here. I don’t hate humans but I don’t necessarily like them much either.

“White,Aspen.” The officer called to me. I turned my head towards him and heard him take a breath. I smelled his arousal as he nervously flipped through the keys. He was a different guy then the one who brought me in here. He was younger and cuter too. I smirked at him as I hopped off the bed and walked over to him. I was use to human men becoming aroused by me.

I have soft golden skin that made men want to caress me. My mid back length hair is naturally a loose curly texture and grows in a natural dark auburn color, and bright forest green eyes. I stand about 5”7 and have a slim but curvy body shape. I get compliments and insults about how drop dead gorgeous I am. I often use it to my advantage.

“Hi there handsome.” I spoke softly to the guard. He nervously chuckled and stuck the key in the hole.

“I-I-I.. um .. your being processed to be released. The ch-cha charges against you were dropped.” He nervously spoke as I made straight eye contact with him. “So.. so beautiful” he whispered.

I smiled at him and was about to work my magic on getting these cuffs off until the door opened. In came walking in the fat jerk that brought me in here a few days ago. “Hey newbie, don’t fall for the pretty face. She’s an animal.” The jerk said. All I did was look at him and blew him a kiss. The fat jerk scrunched up his face and opened the gate. “Come on puppy. Time to put your leash on.”

I let out a growl as he took a pure silver chain and attached it to my cuffs. “Yeah yeah. Come on. Your lawyer is waiting for you.” He said as he pulled me out my cell. I walked past the younger guard who stared at me in awe. I sent him a wink and blew him a kiss. His face turned red as he ducked his head down and turned around to walk away the opposite direction. I let out a little chuckle as I followed this fat fuck down to the consultation rooms.

Once I got there, my public defender,Wilson, was sitting there with an middle aged lady. She kept her brown eyes fixated on me as I sat down. “Cuffs stay on until you’re processed.” The fat jerk said. “Whatever.” I said not even looking up at him as he took the silver chain off. Once he left, I turned my attention towards Wilson.

“What’s up with the chargers being dropped?” I asked Wilson as I leaned back in my chair. “That is why we are here Ms. White. This is Mrs. Ryner, the wife of the officer you assaulted. She is the reason why the charges are dropped.” I shot my head up and made eye contact with the woman. Her porcelain tone skin was starting to lose its firmness and she looked absolutely exhausted.

I raised an eyebrow at her still trying to put together why I’m being let go. She cleared her throat and spoke. “I’ll admit I was a bit pleased that you were here for injuring my husband. But after I found out the whole story, I knew he deserved it. So I forced him to drop the charges.” She spoke. I sent her a small smile thinking she was one of the okay humans. Until she started back talking.

“And honestly now that I’m seeing you myself , I can see how everyone could be attracted to you. You are a very beautiful creature.” She said. “Creature?” My wolf,Rebel, poked up in my vision. “She’s lucky these cuffs are on.” She huffed as she sat down on her hind legs. “Calm down Reb. We have to play nice if we want out of here.” I said to her as she let out a harsh huff and laid down. Though I was highly offended, I smiled at the woman. “If I wasn’t shackled ,I would shake your hand ma’am.” I said to her and we continued to have small conversation.

A few hours later, I was slipping on my leather jacket as I walked out the jail. I waved good bye to the cutie and the fat fuck and headed straight for the hover train. I put on my black shades as I walked up the steps to the train platform. I took the train downtown and tried my best to be incognito. That all went to hell when a group of three teenage boys got on the train. Though I tried to just stay in my own world, one of the boys stood in front of me trying to show off for his friends.

“Whew! There has to be a god because you are an angle.” He said proudly. I finally looked up to get a good look at him. “Thanks honey but I think your a little too young for me.” I said hoping he would get the hint. “I’m nineteen sweetheart. Plenty old enough to take care of your sexy self.” He said trying to be flirtatious.

He looked over at his friends and nodded his head to them wearing a proud smile as if he was getting anywhere with me. “Look honey, I promise you don’t have anything to offer me. Have a good day.” I said causing his smile to disappear.

“Oh you must be one of those stuck up bitches huh?” he asked feeling insulted. I started growing impatient and pulled my shades down showing my eyes. I felt them shift into Rebels bright glowing green eyes and she let out a deep growl.

The boy immediately jump back out of fear. “She’s one of them.” He said as he ran for the door as it docked in the downtown train station. Him and his friends ran off and I slid my glasses back up as I walked off the train.

“No fair. I wanted to play.” Rebel spoke. I let out a chuckle as I walked to the gate that lead to the Mystic realm. As I waited in line, I noticed the same guard who’s nose I broke is working. He didn’t look up when I approached the counter. “Identification and ticket please.” he spoke like a robot.

I gave him my things and his head shot up the moment he saw my ID. I gave him a wave and blew him a kiss. “UH.. p-p-purpose of travel?” he asked. “To go home.” i said giving him a big smile. He checked my ticket and hurriedly gave me my things back. “Gate M19.” he said and put his head down. “Thank you. Make sure to tell your wife thank you for me.” I said as I walked past him.

I went towards the gate to the train that will take me home. I gave the guy my ticket and walked onto the train. I sat down taking my glasses off. I didn’t have to hid my eyes anymore so I put the glasses on top of my head and waited till the conductor announced take off. “This is the M19 train to The Bereft. Travel time is a little over three hours and we will arrive around 4:35.” The conductor sounded. I laid back as far as I could and closed my eyes. Home here I come.

A few hours later, I walking down the street to my home. The Bereft Lands is a place in what use to be southern Iowa. It housed all the mystics that had no home or pack. The Bereft was divided into sections like suburbs. You had fairies, witches , wolves and all alike living in their own territory. Creating there own homes.

Buildings were still mostly intact. Its kind of like a rough ghetto.The thing about the Berefts is there is no leadership. No police or laws. It can be a very dangerous place. Everyone is really only out for themselves. In the Wolf’s Den, where I stay, its full of rouge , pack less and orphaned wolves. Years before the war, pack less and orphaned wolves were really rare. But the war took so much away from so many, including myself. I was twelve when the war started and by time it ended, I was thirteen and orphaned.

I was walking up the steps of my building when I felt a hand on my arm. I turned around swiftly only to be met with the eyes of Eric. “For moon sake Eric, don’t do that. I almost killed you.” I said as I turned back around and walked into my building. “Yeah right.” He spoke back as he followed me upstairs.

We stepped around the fallen derbies until we got to my floor. “So did you get it?” he asked me curious. “Nope.” I answered simply as I walked into my apartment. It was still mostly intact and I kept it as clean as I could. “What the hell do you mean no? You were gone for three days.” He said sounding a little off. “I got arrested. Went to jail. Got out and came back home.” I said as I threw my jacket on the tattered couch.

“Arrested? For what?” he asked me. “Its not important.” I spoke as I started to strip out of my clothes. I desperately needed a shower. Wolves around here aren’t shy about nudity. So I didn’t care about being naked in front of Eric. Plus we’ve slept together a few drunken times. He’s not my boyfriend or anything. I wouldn’t even really call him my friend. I trust him about as far as I could throw him but he’s always been fun to hang around with. And since we’re both mate less why not? Eric is an attractive wolf. He was tone, tall, had shoulder length dirty blonde hair and grey eyes.

“Aspen I needed that.” he said sounding lost. “Needed what? You ask me to go pick something up for you because you can’t cross the border and I don’t even know what I was suppose to be picking up.” I said as he followed me to the bathroom. I turned the shower on.

There was no hot water in the Fret. I haven’t had a hot shower since before the war. But I’m use to the cold water now. I took a brisk shower as Eric rambled on and on. I got out the shower and used a ratted towel to dry myself. “Oh shut up Eric. I’m sure you can find another whatever.” I said as I tired my wet hair in a bun. I put on some clothes and sat on my bed.

“Aspen you don’t understand the deep shit I’m in now. I needed that for a job tonight.” He huffed as he sat down on my couch. He sometimes did odd jobs to get goods to trade for whatever he wanted. I felt bad. “Look I’ll tell you what. I’ll come along and help you with the job. Free of charge.” He looked at me and pondered.

“Alright. Meet me at Lennox at 9.” He said as he got up to leave. He walked up to me and gave me a kiss on my forehead. “Don’t be late Penny.” I rolled my eyes and sucked my teeth. I hate that nickname. After he left, I let out a yawn and decided to take a nap until it was time to meet Eric.

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