Stubborn Mates

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11. Aspen

I stormed down the stairs and straight to the bar. I can’t believe the shit that happened. Sleeping with her before you met me is one thing. But he slept with that snooty bitch after he knew I was his mate. I felt betrayed. I felt disappointed in myself. Every time I put in my head that maybe we can be something he does something to show me that this whole mate bond is a joke.

How can he kiss me like he loves me after he slept with her? A shiver came down my spine as I thought about the spark I felt when our lips touched. I felt out hearts beating as one. I felt my soul reaching to connect with his. I wanted him so bad. I was willing to fight for him. Until the truth came out.

“What you drinking on tonight miss?” The bartender asked as I walked up to it. “Scotch.” I said as he poured me a glass. I gulped it all quickly,ignoring the burning sensation going down my throat. “More.” I told him. He looked at me shocked and refilled my glass. I did the same with that one quickly. “Again.” I said and the bartender looked at me scared. “Umm miss I think you should..”

I didn’t even let him finish his sentence before I ripped the bottle out of his hand. I took the bottle to my lips and drunk straight out of it. I put the bottle down as my head and my stomach ached and churned from drinking too fast. I put my hands on the bar and leaned on it trying to keep my head from spinning. Normally Rebel’s resilience would stop me from getting drunk so fast. But since she was still missing, I had the tolerance of a human.

It’s been two weeks and she’s still not back yet. This is the longest she’s ever been gone. And that wasn’t even the worst argument we’ve had. I must of really hurt her feelings. I missed her. Apart of my soul was missing without her. I’ve tried many times to reach out and apologize but she’s a stubborn wolf.

I decided to drown the loneliness from missing my wolf and my mate with more alcohol. I picked up the bottle, only to have it snatched away from me. I looked over, irritated. It was Nile with Jace beside him. They wore a look of concern and worry on their face. “Is everything alright Aspen?” Nile asked. “It will be as soon as you give me my bottle back.” I said as I tried to grab for it.

Nile pulled the bottle out of my reach. “ I don’t think that’s a good idea Aspen.” Jace spoke. I scrunched up my face as I turned towards him. “Why do you care? Shouldn’t you be worried about your Alpha.?” I said to him. Jace flexed his brows. “He’s your Alpha too now.”

“He’s no Alpha of mine. I'm here to do my year and then I’m off back to my life.” I said. “Besides he already has company.” I whispered as I snatched a reachable bottle from behind the bar. Nile snatched it from me and pulled me away from the bar. “Okay. Lets get you some air.” He said as I allowed him to walk me out. Some air might do me good.

I stumbled next to Nile as he tried to help me. “Okay okay. Get off me.” I spat at him as I grew tired of his touch. He held his hands up in defense and just put his hands in his pocket. We walked in a random direction in quiet. I finally took a deep breath as I tried hard to get my emotions together. “I’m sorry Nile. I can be a mean drunk. That still doesn’t excuse it.” I said as we walked down a dirt path.

“It’s okay. Everyone loses control every once in a while.” He says. I nod my head as I took another breath. “So do you want to talk about it?” He asked. I shook my head. “No. Not really.” I said. Nile just nodded his head. “Well do you want to go for a run?” He asked. “I can’t.” I half whispered. “She’s gone.” I said as I stumbled a bit almost falling. Nile helped me up and I just shrugged his touch off. I didn’t want his touch. I wanted Ryker’s.

“Yeah I’ve gotten into a few times with my wolf. Kind of explain why you became drunk so fast.” He said as we continued our slow walk. I let out a simple hum as I mainly focused on trying not to fall. Fuck! Why did I drink that so fast? My stomach started turning again as the liquor started to hit me all at once.

“Why did you and your wolf get into it?” He asked which irritated me. “Why are you asking me so many questions Nile?” I snapped. I stopped walking and turned to face him. He had on a pair of light denim jeans, a plain white v-neck shirt and some white sneakers. His mid back length dreadlocks were braided to the back and had a sandy brown color the paired well with his chocolate skin and auburn eyes.

“I just thought you can use a friend. Your here in a new area and don’t know anyone. I know that can be lonely.” He said as he shrugged his shoulders. I sucked my teeth and started back walking. “I’m use to being alone. “ I said.

“I was too. I’m originally from the West Lunar Pack.” He said and I stopped walking. I turned to look at him with my eyes squinted. He rolled up his short sleeve and turned to the side so I can see his tribal mark on the back of his shoulder. “How did you?” I asked lost.

The West Lunar Pack was the first pack the humans attacked to start the war. It use to be in California. They nuked the whole pack grounds. Not one survivor was found. I remember how enraged my father was. His little sister, my aunt, was mated to the packs beta there. He found no trace of her.

“I was away on a basketball tournament with my human team. I was stranded in North Carolina for months. I finally was able to find a way back to my pack. Tell me Aspen, have you ever went back to your pack lands after the war?” He asked as a dark expression came over his face. He started walking, this time with a faster pace. “No. I didn’t think I was strong enough.” I answered him.

I struggled to keep up with him as the dark memories started to take over his mind. He noticed my struggle and started to walk slower. “Consider yourself lucky. Its a different type of pain when you realize all your family and friends were turned to ashes. Not even a body to bury.” He said as he took deep breaths.

I started to ask how did he end up here, but a bunch of saliva came rushing in my mouth. My stomach started churning and I felt the bile coming up. “Oh shit.” Was all I could say before I stumbled to some trees and puked my stomach up. The scotch burned worse than it did going down.

Nile came up behind me and pulled my hair out the way. He rubbed calming circles on my back and it actually made me feel better. I took deep breaths as I stood back up. “You okay?” Nile asked as he gave me some space. “Yeah. I just need to sit down.” I said as i wiped my mouth and the sweat on my forehead.

Nile reached out his hand for me. “Come on. It’s a river not far from here.” I looked at his hand skeptical, but reluctantly took it. He helped me stay stable as he walked me towards the river.

When we got there, i slid off my sandals and walked to the edge; trying not to fall down the hill. After I successfully made it down, I put my feet in the river and laid in the grass. The warm, itchy feeling from the grass mixed with the cool sensation of the water gave me some sort comfort. I put my arms behind my head and closed my eyes.

I heard Nile come lay down beside me but still giving me space. I opened my eyes and looked over at him. He took off his socks and sneakers and placed his feet in the water too. He gave me a small smile and I gave him one back. “Thank you for this.” I said to him.

“No problem. Everyone needs a time out every once in a while.” He said as he put one arm behind his head and laid the other on his chest. “How old are you Nile?” I asked randomly. I could tell he wanted to be friends and I wouldn’t mind a friend. And honestly, this is probably the only time I’ll be able to talk to him without Ryker flipping out.

“Just turned 28.” He said as he stared up in the sky. I looked up with him and stared at the half moon. “Have you found your mate Aspen?” Nile asked me. The thought of Ryker got my blood boiling again. I gritted my teeth as I looked at the moon. “I don’t have one.” I said out of anger.

“Yeah me either. I think what makes it worse is I thought I found her. But it was her twin that was already mated. Her sister told me she died in the war.” I heard him whimper a little. “I’m sorry Nile.” I sent my condolences. “Don’t be. I think Selene has a plan for me. I just have to be patient.” He said as he turned his gaze towards me.

I turned to match his. His eyes burning intensely into mine. I watched as his breathing hitched a little bit. He licked his lips and turned his attention back up. But for some reason , I kept my eyes on him. “What pack are you originally from?” He asked me.

I debated on telling him. I don’t see no harm in telling him my pack. I don’t think he’ll know I’m the Alpha’s daughter. “The Northern Pack.” I replied as I turned my attention back to the sky. Nile let out a chuckle. “That makes sense.”

“What’s the supposed to mean?” I asked him as I sat up and looked at him. He turned his gaze towards me and lifted himself on his elbows. “Your like a mountain Aspen. Your solid, strong. You have a presence that is hard to ignore. You stand tall and almost unmoved by anything. But most of all, you’re as stubborn as a rock. Of course you’re from The Northern Pack.”

I let a little laugh escape out of me. “And it make sense your from the West.” I said as I laid back. “Alright,I’ll bite. Let’s hear it.” He said as he sat up and placed his arms on his knees. “Your like the ocean. Cool, calm, easy going. But you can be very intimidating and unpredictable. Which is why you probably earned the Gamma title. Something about you brings me peace. That’s probably because I was born in California.” I let out.

“Really? Never pegged you as a beach girl. You seem like the wilderness type.” He spoke to me. I sat up and drew my feet out the water. I was still drunk but a little more stable. “No. I hate the cold. I was 7 when my father moved our family up north. I always said when I turned 18, I was going to move back to California. No matter what nobody said.“ i said.

“Yeah. Despite the haunting memory, I do want to go back. Even if California is full of witches and warlocks.” He said as he sat back up. “You up for a trip sometime?” He asked me. “Definitely.” I answered with a smile.

Nile and I talked for a while by the river. Just relaxing and actually having fun. It was nice to have someone to actually talk to. It felt good to actually be myself around someone. Eventually we got up and walked back to the pack house. We started talking about dessert and I wanted some ice cream bad.

The party was still going when we got back. Nile and I managed to sneak in the kitchen undetected. “What flavor you fancy?” Nile asked me. “I got options?” I asked surprise. “No. Its only cookies and cream. I just wanted to know what was your favorite.” He smiled as he took the ice cream out. I let out a giggle.

“Believe it or not, my favorite is just plain old simple vanilla. That was a smooth move by the way.” I said as I took the spoon he was handing to me. “That’s me baby. I’m a smooth gentleman.” He said as he pulled his t shirt and stood with a little pride. I let out a laugh as I ate a spoon of ice cream. “Okay Romeo. I’m going to have to watch out for you.” I said.

As I scooped another scoop of ice cream, Ryker’s scent filled my nose. It made me go crazy and that pissed me off. I was finally feeling relaxed and he fucked it up. Nile and I both looked at him as he stood in the door way. He looked stressed with a mix of anger. I wonder if that has anything to with me?

“Alpha.” Nile spoke as he nodded. I chose not to say anything and just went back to eating my ice cream. “Aspen, I need to speak with you.” Ryker said as he voice caused chills to go down my spin. “No. I’m off work right now.” I said as I put the spoon in my mouth. I had nothing to say to him.

I heard him let out a growl and in the blink of an eye, he had a grip on my arm. He pulled me out of the kitchen and up the stairs. “Let me fucking go!” I kept saying as I tried to get loose from his grasp. He kept a tight grip as he lead me to my room and pushed me in. He closed the door behind him and walked up to me.

Fury was all over his face. "Listen to me. You are my mate and you work for me for the next eleven months. You will do what I say, when I say and I never want to see you around Nile again. Is that understood?" He said with a finger pointed to my face. I stood there biting my lip. Anger flew through me at the nerve of him.

"Is that understood?" He asked again in his Alpha tone. A tone that no matter how angry I was, I wouldn’t dare challenge. I mumbled a yes and he told me I was done for the night. I turned and crawled into my bed.

Steam was rolling off me as I heard the door open. "I hate Selene for mating me with you." I said as I turned to face the window. "That's probably the only thing we have in common." He said before he slammed the door closed.

Tears poured out of my eyes as his words stung. I quickly sucked them up as I felt a presence come to me. “He’s an asshole.” Rebel’s voice came to my head. “Reb! I’ve missed you.” I said as I clutched my pillow under my head. “I’ve missed you too Aspen.” She said as she came into my sight. “I’m so sorry I snapped at you like that.” I said to her.

“It’s okay. Even though I was away, I was still watching. And you were right. He slept with that she wolf even though he knew we were mates. He’s not who I thought he was.” Rebel said as she laid down on her paws. I felt bad for Rebel. For as long as I can remember, she’s always wanted her equal match. And now Ryker is just ruining it for us.

“It’s okay Reb. We should just reject him and move on with our lives.” I said to her as I sat up. Her ears perked up as she left her head. She let out a soft growl. “You maybe ready to reject your mate, but I’m not ready to reject mine.” She let out a huff before she stood up and walked out of my vision.

I let out a harsh breath as I realized I just upset her again.”I’m sorry Reb. I thought you were on the same page as me.” I reached out. “I agreed that your mate is an asshole. I’ve only seen mine once and I haven’t learned a thing about him. I can’t just reject mine.” Rebel spoke back.

In order for a rejection to happen, both the human and wolf parts need to agree and accept the rejection. If only one of us are on board with it, it won’t work. “I wish you could be with your mate Rebel. “ I linked her.

“I know Aspen. Just get some rest. I’ll still be here when you wake.” She said as she reappeared in my vision. We both laid back down and snuggled up for a well needed slumber. “Good night Reb.” I linked her. “Good night Ash.” She linked back and we both feel asleep.
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