Stubborn Mates

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12 Ryker

I never went to sleep last night. I honestly just felt like shit with this whole Aspen situation. No matter what, I always just end up fucking it up. Maybe it’s just best to reject her. “You will not. I won’t reject my mate because you can’t fix it with yours.” Aries came into my hazy sight. “What the hell can I do Aries? Every time I take one step with her, I end up getting pushed back five.” I said as I sat up in bed for the thousandth time.

“How about you try being her friend instead of her warden?” Aries spoke as he sat on his hind legs. “I smell her. She’s up. Call her.” He said. “And say what Aries? Apologize? What is that going to do?” I snapped as I snatched the covers off me.

“It’s a start. What you have to realize is she is our mate. Selene paired us together because she is the only one who understands us. She’s the only one we can be vulnerable with. Our mate is the only one who we can absolutely trust. Get your shit together kid.” Aries said as he walked out of my vision.

I let out a breath of frustration. I got up and got in the shower. I stood under the shower head letting the hot water redden my skin. After the hit water started feeling cold to me, I got out and got dressed. It was 6:15 am. Way earlier then I’m normally up. I needed coffee bad.

I slid on some slippers and walked down stairs to the kitchen. I walked around the kitchen trying to find coffee. I’m never in here so I don’t know where anything is around here. I finally found the coffee grounds. Now I just have to find the coffee maker.

“It’s next to the stove.” Her sweet voice and smell filled me. I turned to look at Aspen. She had her hair in her usual ponytail. She had on a lavender button up shirt with the top three buttons open. You could just barely see the curve of her breast. She had her shirt tucked into a black pencil skirt that hugged all her curves.

“Do you want me to?” She asked me as she pointed to the coffee grounds in my hand. I broke my trance off her and cleared my throat. “Uh yeah. Believe it or not, I’m not in here much.” I said with a soft chuckle. To my surprise she gave me a soft smile and took the coffee from me.

I stepped back and leaned up against the counter. “How are you feeling?” I asked trying to make small talk. “A little hungover but nothing some coffee won’t fix.” She said actually making small talk back with me. She walked to the cupboard and got two mugs down. “If you don’t mind me asking, how much did you get that drunk?” I asked her.

She took a small paused as she thought. The coffee got done brewing and she poured it into our mugs. She turned towards the fridge and got out the creamer. “Rebel and I got into and she left for two weeks. But she came back right before I passed out last night.” She said as she poured one cream and one sugar in each cup.

I see why she always makes my coffee so perfect now. We drink it the same way. “About what?” I asked as she put the creamer back in the fridge. She stirred the cups and turned to give me one. She leaned against the stove and took a sip of her drink. “You.” She said simply.

Guilt consumed me. I can’t for the life of me figure out why I can’t make things work. “Yeah. I want to talk about that.” I said as I sat my cup down. She raised her eyebrow at me as she took another sip of her coffee; looking at me over the rim. I rubbed my knuckles as I turned my attention to floor. It was harder to make eye contact with her. I chewed on my lip and forced myself to look back at her.

“I’m not use to apologizing multiple times. Or apologizing period. And I know every time I do it, I end up making things worse between us. But I do need to apologize for my actions last night. I shouldn’t have grabbed you like that. Or said those hurtful words towards you.” I said as I made eye contact with her.

She nodded her head and took another sip. “We both said some hurtful things. And to be honest with you Alpha...” she started but I interrupted her. “Ryker. Just call me Ryker when its just us.” I said as I pick my cup up. She sat her cup down as I took a sip of my coffee. “To be honest with you Ryker, if it wasn’t for Rebel, I would of rejected you. This whole situation is just not what I pictured when I thought about meeting my mate. “ she said as she looked at me. “But I guess a war can change things.” She added.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say her truth hurt. But it’s not like I haven’t thought the same thing. “Yeah. The thought has crossed my mind too but Aries wasn’t having it.” I said as I took another sip. She let out a small chuckle. “Seems like our wolves are on the same page but we can’t get it together.” She said sarcastically.

I let out a chuckle. “Your right.” I said and a silence fell on us. “Can I ask you something Ryker?” She asked softly. I looked at her nodding my head, already knowing what she was going to ask me. “Why did you do it? I mean I’m not stupid. I know she’s probably who you were doing before I came here. But why after?” She said as her beautiful green eyes stared into my soul.

I took a deep breath and headed Aries words. She’s my mate. She’s the only one I can vulnerable with. “I never thought I would have a mate. I gave up on finding you. After I lost my mom and dad a year apart, I turned cold. And then I find you. And all of a sudden, I have feelings again.” I said before I paused.

I looked at her and noticed I had her full attention. I rubbed the back of my neck and broke eye contact. “It scared me. I lost everyone I loved. I didn’t want to love again just to lose it again. So I thought if I could just, you know, fuck some one else, the feelings would go away. But they didn’t and I couldn’t even finish. I felt disgusted with the sight and smell of Rose. But most of all, I was disgusted with myself. For doing that to you.” I said.

“I get it. I was use to being on my own. I was orphaned in the Fret Lands since I was 13. I trusted no one. So coming here, and everyone being so friendly and polite, it’s new for me. I get how fear of the unknown can make you want to run away. I lived with it everyday. ” she said simply as she looked into her coffee mug. She seemed to be lost in her thoughts. “You want to share whats on your mind?” I asked her.

“I was just thinking of my life.” She said simply. I could tell she didn’t want me to pry so I decided to let it be. “How about we start off as friends? Then maybe we can build up to the mate bond.” I said as I stood directly in front of her. I grabbed one of her hand as I softly wiped my thumb back and forth on her skin. I felt an instant calm from her touch.

It was enough to over power the coffee and finally make me feel sleepy. “That might make things easier. “ she said as she gave me a small smile. I gave her one back an stepped back. I didn’t want this moment to pass us but I need to rest. “Well , I’ve been up all night and I think I should get some sleep. So you can reschedule all my meetings for the day, take care of the urgent things and then you can have the rest if the day off okay?”

She nodded her head. “And maybe later we can have a drink and talk?” I asked pushing my luck. “Sure.” She agreed. I just gave her a small smile but in the inside I was grinning like a goofy kid. I wished her a good morning and started walking away.

“Oh Aspen, quick question I wanted to ask you.” I said as I turned around. She peeped up at me and hummed. “When I ran your background check, the only thing I saw was a assault charge in the SSU. What did you get arrested for?” I asked.

She gave me a wild wicked smile as if she enjoyed the memory. “An officer thought it was okay to touch my ass. So I broke his nose.” She said which caused a genuine smile to come to my face. I laughed a little bit as I turned and walked away. Its a lot more to her than a pretty face. I was excited to find out more about her.

“Good job kid.” Aries linked to me. I linked him a thanks as I crawled back in bed. “Don’t fuck it up.” He said before his link disappeared. I turned over in bed and found a comfortable position. “Trust me. I’m trying my best not to.” I said out loud before I felt my eyes shut tight and I finally drifted off to sleep.

I woke up out of my sleep around 1 in the afternoon. I went into my office and read some emails and reminders. Oh great, I have court tomorrow. I rolled my eyes as I already dreaded it.

I replied to emails to the president team about the ball in October. It was just a whole bunch of talk about decorations and seating charts. Security and background checks on all employees. Blah blab blah. I'm starting to regret agreeing to this damn thing.

I replied to emails to the science sector about the the cancer treatment and the progress of reducing the side effects. All the humans who have volunteered for testing have all been cured of cancer. But they all have other side effects. Most common is muscle pain, migraines and joints pains. I needed them to fix those quick if I wanted this plan to work.

I approved and denied a few budget and blueprints request before I decided that three hours on the computer was enough. I walked out of my office and back into the mansion. I went into the living room and saw Jace and Emily snuggled up watching a movie. The sight of them made me happy but also made me miss my own mate terribly.

“Hey Jace, do you know where Aspen is?” I asked him. They both turned their heads towards me. “She said she you gave her an early day off. So she wanted to explore. But she did say something about the Eden. Check there.” Jace said as he turned back towards the movie.

Emily gave me a warming smile. “Go get her.” She mouthed to me before she gave me a wink and turned back around towards the movie. I laughed to myself as I decided to take a walk towards Eden. Eden is a public garden not too far down the road. The pack remembers how much my mother loved flowers so they planted a huge garden in memory of her.

I smile and nodded to pack members as I walked down the road. It’s not often they see me just out and about. It’s not often that I just take walks like this. “She’s bringing a better side out of you kid. Keep notice of it.” Aries spoke up as I faintly smelled her scent.

I stood at the gate of Eden. I haven’t been here before. I was always so busy with work. I took a deep breath and walked through the white painted gate. I looked over the huge field. It was at least two anchors big. It had rows and rows of different color flowers. A tear quickly came to my eye as I thought of my mom. She would of loved this.

I sucked my tear up and followed Aspen’s scent. Members smiled and bowed to me as I passed by and I returned the same. I looked straight ahead and saw Aspen sitting in the middle of a bed of yellow tulips. Which was is funny because those are my moms favorite.

I walked up to her and her head snapped up towards me. My heart stopped because for the first time since I met her, she smiled at me. Like a real big genuine smile. Normally she would have a look of pure irritation and annoyance. But not this time. It caused me to feel warm inside and for once, I decided not to run away from it.

“Hey you.” She smiled at me. “Hey. Jace told me I might find you here.” I said as I sat down in the flowers next to her but not as close as I wanted to. “Why didn’t you just link me?” She asked as she smelled a flower she had in her hand. “Believe it or not, I don’t get out much.” I said and she let out a snicker. “That’s not hard to believe.” She said.

I sent a warm smile back. “I know. But I never been here. I feel like my mom would of want me to at least see this once.” I said as I looked around the field. “Yeah. I always liked the garden at the mansion but I didn’t want to be rude. Especially since Emily told me it was your mom’s.” She said. I looked over at her and gave her a tight lip smile. “I appreciate it. You know these were her favorite.” I said as I looked around the bed of tulips.

“Mine too. But honestly I like anything yellow. It’s my favorite color.” She said. I looked up at her. “She’s sharing. Maybe your doing alright kid.” Aries spoke. I pushed him out the way and opened a link to Jace. “Go to my moms garden and pick Aspen out a bouquet of yellow flowers and put it in her room.” I linked him. I could feel the stupid smile on his face. Before he could say anything I linked him back. “Shut up and just do it”

“Aye, aye captain.” Jace said as he closed the link between us. I focused my attention back on Aspen. “Do you need to leave?” She asked sounding a little sad. “No. That was just Jace being Jace.” I said as I shook my head. She said an oh and looked down on her lap. She started playing with the flower and looked like she had something on her mind.

“Penny for your thoughts?” I asked and she looked up at me. “I don’t want to over step but does he know about..?” She said as she pointed her finger between us. I nodded my head. “Yeah. He was the first to figure it out the first day.” I said. “Well that make sense now.” She said. “Who else knows?” She asked.

“Besides us, Jace, Emily and umm Rose.” I said to her honestly. She let out a low growl at the mention of Rose name. I instinctively reached my hand out and placed it on her knee. “Rose is nothing to me. She will never be. I want to figure us out. I want to focus on you.” I said and I felt her body relax under my touch. I didn’t want to over step my place so I removed my hand from her.

“So. Rebel has been yelling in my head since she first smelled you. She really wants to run with Aries.” She said. “Yes! Yes! Get up kid so I can be with my mate!” Aries yelled in my head as he jumped up and down on the corner of vision. “Uh I think Aries would kill me if I turned that down.” I said and we both laughed.

We both stood up and walked side by side back to the mansion. We had small talk and even laughed a few times as we made our way to the forest behind the mansion. “So do you..?” I started to ask her but she had already started stripping. She paused after she took her shirt off. “What?” She asked.

“I just .. uh..” I stood there dumbfounded. She instantly started laughing. “Whats up with you city wolves and nudity?” She said as she pulled her leggings down. She stood in her bra and panties. I had to bite my lip as I stared at her perfect toned body. I wanted to pull her towards me and taste every inch of her body.

“My eyes are up here lover boy.” She said as she laughed. I shook my head and lifted my shirt over my head. “It’s not that I’m shy about nudity. I just never met someone like you.” I said as I threw the shirt down. I looked at her face and she wore a look of pure lust in her eyes. She walked up close to me and slid her hand up my abs, over my chest and around my shoulders.

“Your my mate. Eventually you’ll see all of me. So why not start now?” She said in a low harsh voice. I faintly smell a scent of her arousal and let I deep rumble as I pulled her body close to mine. She stood on the tips of her toes and pressed her lips against mine.

The fire and chemistry between us was undeniable. Her lips tasted like heaven and her body wrapped around me like silk. Her fingers tangled in my hair as I pulled her closer to me. “I know you’re having your fun kid but times up. I want to see my mate.” Aries chimed in. “Give me a second you old wolf.” I replied to him. Aries let out a growl and momentarily took control.

He pushed Aspen away from me. “Now!” He yelled in my ear. I let out an irritated groan. “I’m sorry. That wasn’t me. That was Aries. He desperately wants to spend time with Rebel. “ I said. “Yeah. She was screaming in my head too. She would of did it if he didn’t.” She laughed as she continued to strip out her underwear.

We didn’t dare look at each other as I stripped out the rest of my clothes. Who knows how we would end if we looked at each other. We both quickly shifted into our wolves and let them take over. I watched as the sniffed each other and snuggled with each other.

Aspen and I won’t be able to hear the conversations with them until we are fully mated. They started licking and playing with each other like two puppies. I felt Aries happiness and it made me happy too. They trotted next to each other for a while and then played a game of chase.

The more I watched Aspen wolf, the more it became clearer. The size and physique of her wolf, her temperament, her powerful stature and authority; it all made sense. She’s has Alpha blood in her. Now I just have to find out who her parents were. I’ll ask her the next time we have a moment together. But for now, I was going to let Aries have his fun with his mate.

Aries and Rebel played and cuddled until nightfall. They walked back to our clothes and nuzzled their heads together; saying good bye. I felt bad. “I won’t keep you from her anymore Aries.” I linked him. He didn’t say anything. He just gave me control back and went to rest in my mind. Aspen and I both shifted and got dressed.

We walked to the edge of the forest in silence. But before we stepped through, I pulled her to me and kissed her lips again. It wasn’t a lust filled kiss like earlier. It was soft and gentle. It was a kiss that meant something to both of us. We broke apart and looked in each other’s eyes.

“We have to do this again.” I said to her. “Definitely.” She smiled. We walked side by side into the mansion. We walked pasted Jace going up the stairs. He had a goofy grin on his face. I shook my head and ignored him. I walked Aspen to her room and told her good night.

I watched as she walked into the room and closed the door. I went into my room and took a long hot shower. My body was sore from being in wolf form for so long. I was exhausted and Aries used a lot of my energy as well as his.

I crawled in bed wishing Aspen was here with me. I felt her presence as she opened a link between us. “Thank you for my flowers. Good night Ryker.” She said and she closed the link between us. A soft smile spread across my face as I found a comfortable position. I fell asleep feeling peaceful. Its been years since I felt like this.
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