Stubborn Mates

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14 Ryker

I sat next to Aspen in the car. She looked dazed and sad. I understood fully. Not only did she realize that she was framed for something she had nothing to do with; but she also had to decide on if his life ended or not. I was the same way the first time I had to execute someone. I had just taken over as Alpha. It was a pretty serious case. A personal one too.

Years ago…

I laid my head down on my desk. “How the fuck am I going to do this? I can’t kill him. ” I said outloud to myself. “ I know its too close to home kid but he broke the law. You take a life you give your life.” Aries said as he sat on his hind leg and still staring at me. Sometimes I feel like he’s more of an Alpha than I am.

“We are one in the same kid. I am here to help you be the Alpha you are meant to be.” He said as he whined to me. I took a deep breath and lifted my head up. I rubbed my temples as I twirled in my chair. My father stepped down as Alpha a week ago. And I’m already hit with a case like this.

Just then a knock on my office door came. “Come in.” I commanded and my dad came walking in. He was still in good shape to be an old man. His eyes were hazel. His hair was black hair like mine. It had grown out and started to cover his face. If it wasn’t for the salt and pepper goatee you would still think he had time on his side.

“Hey son. How was court?” He asked. My dad and mom just came back from a week long vacation. My dad and I knew my mom’s health was starting to decline. So he wanted to spend the time he had with his chosen mate making memories. While he still had time. I couldn’t wait to find my mate and be able to do that. But first things first.

“Horrible.” I said as I huffed out my frustrations. He sucked in a breath and sat down in front of me. “Love how you redecorated.” He said as he looked around. “But yes I’ve heard about David.” He said and got quite. “Any advice?” I asked him. He pursued his lips and thought. “Son, have I told you about my first execution?” He said. “No.” I answered simply.

“Well details don’t matter. But my first execution was actually my own best friend?” He said. My eyes popped out my eyes. “What happened?” I asked. “Like I said, details don’t matter.” He said waving his hands. “However my best friend knew the laws as well as we all do. And he still decided to break laws because he thought he could get away with it with me being Alpha. “ he said and I looked shocked. “ So what did you do?” I asked.

“I still executed him.” He said simply and my mouth dropped. “Ryker, You are the Alpha, people may have their own personal feelings but your law is still the law. If you want to be a strong and just leader, you have to show the pack that no matter who they are to you, no mercy will be spared. “ he said and I sat and thought.

He was right of course. If I was going to be filling large shoes, I need to make sure I can fit them. Uncle David wasn’t my real uncle, he was my trainer. Like a second father to me. But he killed his mate after he found out their child wasn’t his. Aries was right. You take a life, you give your life.

I leaned back in my chair. “Thanks dad. I know what to do.” I said he just nodded. We were about to continue our conversations when the door busted open. In came walking my mother. She was the only one I would allow to do that. And my Luna if I ever found her. “Where is my Riley baby!?” My mom yelled. Dad and I both just shook out heads and laughed as I stood up.

“Hi mom. How was your trip?” I asked her as I gave her a hug and a kiss. Today seemed to be one of her good days. “Oh it was wonderful! I can’t wait to show you pictures. You know , Bora Bora would be the perfect place to take your Luna. Perfect place to breed some puppies.” She said giving me a look. I laughed. My mom knew she didn’t have long to live. She was partially upset that the moon goddess might take her before she got to meet her grandkids and daughter in law.

“I’ll keep that in mind mom. For when I meet her.” I said and she gave a small smile. I heard my father get up. “Okay honey. That’s enough. Ryker has to get back to work and you need to rest.” He said as he gave me a pat on the back and went to grabbed my mothers hand. Even though she’s not his true mate, he loves her almost as much as if she was. She gave him a small smile and took his hand.

“Riley remember when you do find your Luna, love her always and unconditionally.Even if she pushes you away. ” My mom said as she looked back to me. I gave her a small smile. “I haven’t given up hope of finding her yet mom.” I gave her a kiss goodbye and hugged my dad. I watched as he helped her walk out my office and closed the door behind him.

I went back to my desk and typed on my computer. I was no longer focused on David. I actually looked up Bora Bora and bookmark it in my Luna album. One day when I find my Luna, I’ll make sure she knows how much I love her.

Present time

I shook my head as I came out of the memory. My mothers words still echoed in my head for some reason. I turned and looked at Aspen staring out the window in a daze. I look up to the driver and linked him. “What ever you see and hear in this car stays in this car. Understood?” I asked him. “Yes Alpha. I understand sir.” He linked back and gave me a nod through the mirror before turning his attention back to the road.

I turned my attention back to Aspen and grabbed her. I pulled her close to me and wrapped my arms around her. I practically pulled her into my lap. I snugged as tight as I could around her and laid my chin on top of her head. She sat there frozen. Obviously shocked at my sudden gesture of affection.

“Ryker what are you..?” She started to fuss and attempted to pull away from me. I just shushed her and kept a firm grip on her. “Let me hold my mate.” I said out loud. I called her my mate out loud for the first time. I faintly felt a small spark in my heart.

I talked to her in a tone that almost sounded like I was begging her. Half of me actually was. She froze again. I looked up front to the driver who had wide eyes through the mirror. I let out a deep growl to remind him to keep his mouth closed. He shook his head and put a blank expression on.

I turned my attention back to Aspen as her beautiful green eyes stared at me. My goddess was she the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. Even more beautiful than the sirens of the cost of California. “Please?” I asked her. She looked at me a while longer before she finally gave in. We sat like that for awhile. Not saying a word the rest of the ride. I don’t know why but I just needed to comfort her.

I couldn’t stand to see her so upset and dazed. My heart ached at seeing her like this. I felt a warm feeling engulfing me and it felt like I took my first breath of fresh air. What I started feeling in my heart was something I thought I would never feel again. “We fell in love with her when we first laid eyes on her.” Aries spoke. “She’ll forever be ours.”

I wouldn’t say I completely agree with him. But something tells me he’s not lying. The car turned into the pack house and Aspen started pulling away from me. I wanted to let out a whimper as her warmth disappered and I felt the bitter chill of her being away from me. Is this what Jace feels when Emily is always from him?

Aspen wiped her face as I looked at her, captured. “I never knew how much I craved his touch till now.” I heard her thought. She cleared her throat and gave me a small thanks. I gave her a tight lip smile and nodded my head. Even though she’s no longer on me, I was happy I was able to make her feel at least a little better.

As soon as the driver pulled up, she didn’t even say anything or wait. She just got out and went about her day. I decided to give her the space and got out. I walked back to my office and shut the door. I buried myself into work to keep my mind off of her. I felt a strong feeling over come me. I felt extremely overwhelmed like I was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Aspen suddenly popped up in my mind. I opened the link to her and sat back in my chair as her feelings engulfed me. She was hurt, sad but mostly very pissed off. “Are you okay Aspen?” I asked her. “Yes Alpha.” She replied simply as I felt her start to calm down. She closed the link between us as confusion started to over take her.

Hell, I was just as confused as her. I sat there and let out a breath. My mom was the one I went to to talk about mates. I guess I was just going to call the person who seemed to know everything. I linked Ms. Diana and told her to come see me. I shut down my computer and waited. It was only a few minutes before a knock came on the door. “Come in.” I said and in she came.

She was a short wolf. About 5”2, She had grey steaks through out her long black hair. She had warm tan skin, a small nose and brown eyes that was always filled with joy. I gave her a small smile as I stood up and reached out my hand to have her take a seat. “How can I help you Alpha?” She asked sweetly as she sat down.

“You don’t have to be formal with me right now Diana. I just wanted to talk to you.” I said as I sat down. “Oh dear. What is it honey?” She said as she got comfortable. I let out a chuckle. She was a second mother to me and I trusted her with everything. “Ms. Diana what do you knew about mates?” I asked her. She pondered a little and the narrowed her eyes at me.

“Are you talking about Aspen?” She asked while pointing her skinny finger at me. My eyes opened wide as she laughed at my expression. “Honey I’ve seen many years come and go. I know a mate bond when I see one. I may be old but that doesn’t mean I’m out of touch.” I smiled and laid back in my chair. I ran down the gist between Aspen and I. She sat there quiet as she listened. "You said you hear her thoughts sometimes?" she asked. "Yes." I said simply. “And you felt a spark in your heart?” She asked again and I nodded my head.

“Well you felt that spark because you acknowledge that she was your mate.” She said simply. “The bond is going to form more progressively now.” She finished. “And what about her thoughts?” I asked. ”Can she hear yours?” She asked. “I don’t think so.” I answered. “It’s possible that she is more closed up than you are. I get you lost your parents and now your afraid to love again. You put a wall up but deep down your still my sweet boy. She may have some scars that she’s hidden that might be keeping her from forming to the bond. Just be patient with her. ”

“But how do I know that it’s me who wants her and not just Aries?” I asked honestly. She let out a little laugh. “Oh honey. Your wolf may have a separate conscience but he is still apart of you. He is the one that makes you face your inner desires.” She said. Then her eyes went blank. When she came back she stood up. “Im sorry to end this conversation honey but if you want dinner then I need to go.” She said and I gave her a smile and a nod. I got up to walk her to the door. Before I could open it, she laid an arm on my shoulder. “Do you know what your mother would tell you?”

“Stop being stupid and make me some grandkids.” I joked. She let out a laugh as she patted my shoulder. “Well actually yes she would tell you that. But after she would of told you to make the best decision you can that would be best for both you and her." she said. I gave her a nod and a thanks for the advice and she went out the door. I shut it behind her and let out a deep breath. This mate thing was just complicated. Extremely complicated. But if I'm being honest with myself, I wouldn't want to go through this disaster with anyone other than Aspen.

I went to my bar to pour myself a drink. Before I could take a sip, my office door busted open. "I swear its like she purposly riles me up. Like what the utter fuck!" Jace said. I let out a growl for just busting into my office. Jace face froze for a second but not out fear. Just confusion. "Oh. Knock knock. Your here. Good. I need to vent." He said as he faked coming back in and sat down. I just shook my head. "Want a drink?" I offered him. "Make it a triple."

I poured him a half a glass and gave him his drink. I sat down on my desk and listened as Jace vented. It was just a petty mate argument but I know they'll make up before the end of the day. "Like how was I wrong for asking her why she was acting so hormornal? Then get a canvas thrown at my head? What did I say that was so bad?" Jace said as he downed the rest of his drink. "Jace, even I know that your not supposed to say that to any woman." I said as I took a sip of my drink.

"But its true! Why do I get attacked for telling the truth?" he said as he stood up to pour another glass. "Women are complicated." I huffed out as I sat back. Jace looked at me. "How is the situation with you and Aspen?" He asked as he sat back down. "Its still the same." I said. "She's got a temper doesn't she? I saw how she broke the rail." he said as he started to drink his drink. "And she destroyed the table and chair in the back." I said to him. Jace damn near spit his drink out. "Holy shit! She's that strong?" he asked. "Seems so." I replied.

"Well that guy is defiently dead." he said. "She hasn't decided yet." I said as I finished my drink. Nile and Jace were the only two who knew I left the decision up to Aspen. "So what happened in the back?" He asked. "I don't know. I gave her privacy and stood in the hall." I said as I poured another drink and sat down. "Well lets see."

Jace clapped his hands together and stood up to get my tablet. He sat back down and tapped on the screen a few times. We turned our attention to the tv screen mounted on the wall and he pressed play. “The Alpha is your mate?” He asked her. “Thats none of your business.” She said in a voice that sounded like she was about to blow. He let out a little chuckle. “Here I was killing myself with guilt about you and your shacked up in a mansion fucking the Alpha.” He said as he leaned back.

Out of nowhere, Aspen let out the most fearing, powerful and erotic growl I've ever heard. It made my dick jump and my knees shake. She grabbed the back of his head and slammed it on the table. "Shit! Dude did you see that?" Jace exclaimed. He rewinded it back and replayed it and the same feeling came over me as she roared again. I watched as her eyes changed and she paced back and forth to calm herself. She was defiently an Alpha wolf.

We watched the rest of the video. Eli was certainly up to no good. We had to find him fast. "Shit bro. She's litterly the female version of you." Jace said as he turned the tablet off. "Yeah. I'm starting to notice things we have in common.” I said as I rubbed my hands down my face. “Things? Man it’s everything. You guys have the same attitude, the same temperance, same everything!” He said as he flung up to his feet.

“Welp. I miss my lady. Im gone.” He said as he walked towards the door. “I thought you were mad at her?” I asked him chuckling. “Pssh. It was just a petty squabble. We’re fine.” He said waving his hands in the air. “You’ll understand soon.” He said as he walked out the door and closed it behind him.

I shook my head at him as I went and logged back on my computer. I watched the video of Aspen a few more times, studying her. I was so fascinated and infatuated with her. The more I studied her, the clearer it became. She was definitely an Alpha by blood. I turned my computer off and called it a day. I went upstairs to my room, showered and just relaxed in my attached living room and watched tv.

“Your dinner is ready Alpha. Where are you?” Aspen linked me. “In my room. Bring your dinner with you. Eat with me. You still owe me a drink.” I ordered. I couldn’t give her the chance to deny it. I felt the mixtape of excitement and shock overcome her and I closed the link between us. I leaned back on the couch smirking.

We’re about to have an interesting conversation.
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