Stubborn Mates

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16 Ryker

I stood by the car leaning on it. I watched closely as Aspen talked with Eric. We were on a private land strip about a hour away from the pack lands. She had made her decision this morning and she decided to spare him.After we finished the day, I told her I would make arrangements and we would drop him off on a plane. Aspen rode in the car with me and Eric rode in a car with Nile and Jace.

After last week with her, things have been warm and good with us. We talked through mental link all day. On the ride here, she lean on to me for comfort. I kept studying her as I waited for the next surprise from her.

I watched her body language become stiff as she talk with Eric. He reached out to touch her but my growl stopped him. They both looked back toward me but my eyes were on Eric. Though the relations between them happened before we found each other, he’s still someone who has touched my mate. I’ll be damn if he touches her again. I noticed he said something to her. She stood still for a moment before turning back to look at me.

She ushered for me to come. I linked Jace and Nile to stay in the car. I walked over to them and stood right beside Aspen. Eric bowed his head and cleared his throat. “Alpha Pierce. I wanted to thank you for sparing me.” He started but I cut him off. “Don’t thank me. Thank Aspen. You would of been dead if it was up to me.“ I said to him. It earned me an ugly glare from Aspen but I ignored it.

“Even still Alpha, Aspen has admitted to me that you are her mate. And I just wanted to let you know that Aspen and I were never lovers. Just two associates who had a few drunken nights.” He said. I let out a frustrated huff. “You had her call me over here to tell me something I already knew?” I asked getting irritated.

“No. I wanted to give you guys some information. Before I got arrested, I heard rumors about Eli. Its rumored that he’s been hiding out around the main border. Thats all I heard.” He said as he looked back and forth between Aspen and I. “I just wanted to tell you guys before I left.” He added. I nodded my head and thanked him for the information. “Alpha Kilian is expecting you. He’s nice and good with second chance wolves. He’s set up a cottage for you and employment. You’ll have a better life.” I said to him.

He nodded his head towards me and looked towards Aspen. “Good bye Penny.” He said. My face instantly twisted. That was a horrible nickname for her. “Good bye Eric.” She said as she stood tall. She wasn’t upset with saying bye to him. I’m not even sure she cared enough about him to even be sad. We watched as he walked to the plane and got on. As the door closed we turned and walked back to the car.

“Pack house.” I told the driver and he drove off. Aspen sat quietly but she wasn’t emotional. “You want to talk?” I asked her. “Hm? Oh no. I’m okay. ” She replied shortly. Her body language was new. This was something I couldn’t read. I didn’t know what to do. Does she need comfort? Every time I think I’m doing okay at figuring out how to be a mate, I start to question things.

Before I could finish my thoughts, Aspen’s hand laid on top of mine. I looked over at her. She offered me a small smile. “I’m fine Alpha. Really.” She said as she took her hand off me. I gripped her hand back and tangled her fingers with mine. I kissed the back of her hand let our hands fall in between us. I felt the warm electric spark between us. I let it consume me as I just let the conversation be.

By time we got home, Aspen had laid her head on my shoulder and she took a well needed nap. I tried not to wake her but she jumped at the slightest movement. She looked around lost for a second until realization hit her. She looked at me adjusted herself. “Sorry. Im use sleeping light.” She said to me. “Don’t apologize. You have about a decade worth of sleep to catch up on.” I offered her a small smile which she returned with a soft giggle.

We were only a few minutes away from home. “Do you want to go for a run?” I asked her feeling slightly uncomfortable. Im not use to being vulnerable and putting myself out there. But I told Aries I would at least try. “Sure.” She softly agreed with a small smile. I turned to face her. “Can I ask you something?” I said.

“Um sure.” She said as she shifted towards me. “Can you hear my thoughts?” I linked her. Her face went into shock for a second. She straightened herself and took a breath. “I stared to hear them after I acknowledge you. I thought I was going mad.” She answered out loud. I let out a chuckle as the driver parked the car. We got out and walked behind the mansion as I filled her in on everything I knew.

“So you’ve been hearing my thoughts this whole time?” She asked. I couldn’t tell if she was angry or amused. Maybe a bit of both. “Uh well not the whole time. Just after I made you a pack member.” I admitted. We walked to the back into the forest. “Against my will I might add.” She said as started to take off her shirt.

I looked at her puzzled. “I’ll excuse that slick comment this one time.” I said as my Alpha authority started to feel challenged. “Excuse all you want…” she said as she turned her back on me. …” the truth is the truth.” She finished as she stripped out her pants. I was stuck on rather I felt aroused or challenged. “Aspen.” I said in a warning tone.

She looked over her shoulder at me and smirked as she unhooked her bra. “Oh calm down Ryker.” She said as she laughed. “I’m not challenging you. My Alpha energy is perfectly calm.” She said as she turned towards me. She slide down her underwear and stood in front of me. “Are you going to run with me or what?” She asked as she placed her hand on her hip.

I stared at her in awe. I bit my lip and started to strip. I could feel her eyes on me as she watched. “Enjoying the show?” I asked as I stepped out my sweats. “MmmHmm.” She sang as she continued to watch. I really enjoy the fact that she’s not shy about anything. Because I’m not either.

Her being so outspoken is a pain in the ass but it makes me want her more. Im use to wolves submitting to me. But not her. She doesn’t budge. As I started to pull my boxers off, she gave me a smirk and turned to shift. By time I took them off, she was fully transformed.

Her wolf was so beautiful. She reminded me of fresh snow on Christmas morning. And her eyes were a the color off mint. They sent a refreshing sigh throughout me. I admired her wolf. “Hey Rebel.” I said as I ran my hands through her fur.

Rebel wined and licked my hand. She then let out a yelp. I knew she wanted Aries so I backed up and let Aries be with his mate. They ran ,snuggled and played for hour or two before they allowed us control again. We trotted back to our clothes and got dressed. We made small talk on the way back to the house.

As we got in, Jace ran to me. “Alpha. The President is on video waiting for you. “ he said. My face frowned. “We don’t have a meeting. Specially not this late.” I said. “He said it’s important.” Jace said. I nodded for Aspen to follow me to my office. I sat down in front on the computer screen as Aspen closed the door behind her. The President sitting there face beat red.

“Alpha Pierce. There you are.” He said in a huff. “What can I do for you Mr.President?” I said in a irritated tone. I didn’t even try to hide it. “Yes I understand I am calling unannounced and for that I do apologize. Its just that…” I ignored what he was saying and stared off at Aspen. She was standing back at the Alpha painting.

Knowing how much pain and suffering she endured, I really don’t know how she’s still this strong. She turned to look over at me and she smirked at me. “Alpha are you listening?” He said in a tone I didn’t take too kindly. I snapped my head towards him. My eyes turned into Aries’s as a growl escaped my lips. “No. I’m not listening. You called me after hours and your taking forever to get to the point. What do you want?” I snapped at him.

He looked taken aback but I didn’t care. “As I said my apologies. But I am being blown up by several politicians about their invitations to the ball being revoked on your end.” He said. “You said you wanted background checks and a lot of your politicians don’t have good backgrounds. So they are not allowed on my land.” I said simply.

“Well I understand that Alpha, but some of them are very well respected…” he started but I cut him off. “My decision is final. You and your kind may overlook things and hide truth from your people. But I don’t and won’t do that to mine. The same treatment goes to my own kind. Anyone who doesn’t pass the background check isn’t allowed. Human and Mystics alike. Have a good evening sir.” I said as I hung up on him.

I let out a breath of frustration as I shut my computer off. I hadn’t realized she did it but Aspen passed me a drink she made. “You seem like you need it. After that.” She said as she pointed to the computer. “Definitely.” I said as took it from her. I took a sip of it. I didn’t know what it was but it was delicious. “What is this?” I asked. “Just a dangerous little cocktail I know about.” She said.

“Whats in it?” I asked. “A lil bit of everything.” She said simply as she walks back towards to painting. “When did you put this up?” She asked. “Not long after you got here.” I said. “Why?” She asked. I stopped midway from drinking my drink. “What do you mean why?” I asked her. She turned and faced me. “Why did you put it up? Emily told me you weren’t too happy about it.” She asked as she sat down on the edge of my desk.

I pondered a while before talking. “Honestly I was starting to forget my dad.” I said as I took a sip of my drink. “How do you forget your dad? Your spitting image of him.” Aspen said. “He’s been gone so long. I was starting to forget his voice, his laugh, his posture. He was a great leader. An even better man. He didn’t deserve a death like that. I put him up there to remember to make the human pay for taking his life.”
I said as anger consumed me.

Aspen stayed quiet for a while. Just lost in her thoughts. “Do you think that’s what he would want?” She asked out the blue. “What?” I asked lost. “You asked me yesterday how come I’m not so angry anymore. A huge reason is because I knew my parents wouldn’t want me holding hate in my heart forever. They taught me a lot but not everything. But do you think your father would really want you barging into SSU ready to murder every human?”

I didn’t say anything. I just thought. My dad wasn’t a human lover. But he always taught me to be fair. He would tell me that not all humans are bad just like not all wolves are bad. I’m not exactly sure what he would have done in my situation. “To be honest I didn’t know my father well at all. I was a rebel and a hothead. All I cared about was my friends and girls.” I said. Aspen let out a deep growl. Though I know it mostly came from Rebel.

I let out a chuckle and pulled Aspen into my lap. She snuggled into me as she listened to me talk. “I was mostly close to my mom. She was best friend. My father was too busy being Alpha. I understood it, respected it, and I honestly I preferred it that way. And then when he started the whole war, I just hated him.” I said as i pinched the bridge of my nose.

“I thought he had ruined my life. Everything was so easy for me. But when I became of age, and he sat down with me and actually explained everything, I wasn’t too upset because I understood. The last few years with him was really the only years I had to get to know him.” I vented to her. Something about having talks with her is so therapeutic. I think a little bit clearer the more I reveal to her.

“So why do you think killing who killed him would make you feel any better?” She asked as she filled both our cups back up. The first drink was already starting to swirl within me. Maybe this was dangerous. “I don’t know. Anger has always just been my first emotion.” I admitted. She came and gave me my glass. “ I get that. I do. But if you want to change then you have to let go of your past pain.” She said as she took a sip of her drink.

“What are you, my therapist?” I asked her. She let out a laugh and walked back to the painting. “No. I’m your friend.” She said and small pang came to my chest. I know she wasn’t friend zoning me but that label “friend” still made me want to show her we were more than friends. I took a big gulp of my drink before I stood up and walked to her. “Friend?” I questioned as she turned and looked at me. I walked up to her and took her drink out her hand. I sat it down and pulled her tightly to me.

“Is that all I am to you Aspen? Just a friend?” I asked her as her chest was pressing against mine. Her eyes stayed connected with me. She stayed quiet. “After all this thing between us feels a lot stronger then a friendship.” I said as my hands started to roam her body. I was surprised she actually let me. “Don’t you think?” I taunted her. Her deep green eyes starred deep in mine. I placed a finger under her chin and I heard her breath hitch.

“What’s wrong Aspen?” I asked her as I faintly smelled her arousal. A smirk came to my lips “Are you tempted?” I asked her as my lips lightly brushed against hers. I moved my head back and she glared at me. “Ugh! Get off me Ryker! You fucking tease!” She said as she pushed away from me. I was amused yet a little bit tipsy. Maybe aroused too. She turned and stared walking away from me.

“Don’t walk away from me Aspen.” I challenged as I realized she was heading towards the door. Her Alpha energy was up. Anything said from her now was going to be a challenge and I was happy to play. “Screw you!” She said as she grabbed for the door but I reached it before her. I slammed my hand on the door blocking it from opening. I wasn’t upset about her outburst. I was actually amused and somewhat turned on.

I turned her around and barricaded her against the door. “That’s no way to talk to your Alpha Aspen.” I said to her as I looked down at her figure. She wore light blue jeans that hugged her every curve. She had on a white v neck shirt that showed just enough of her breast. I bit my lips as my eyes went back to hers. “I never wanted you to be my Alpha.” She said as she looked at me. “But do you want me as your mate?” I asked back.

She kept her mouth closed as I smiled down at her. I bent my head down and brushed the spot my mark would be on her with my lips. I heard her let on a sweet moan. My dick started to jump in my pants. “I smell your scent love. I can smell how much you want me.”I said to her. She didn’t say anything.

She slightly started grinding her body towards me. I placed a full kiss on her spot. Her back arched off the door as I loved the way her body submitted to me. I ran my hands down to her body. I just wanted to touch every single part of her. I kissed on her spot and even licked it a few times. Her body withered under my touch. I don’t even think she had control of herself.

“Friends don’t make you feel this way do they?” I whispered in her ear. I moved my hands to the side of her face and forced her to look at me. “Now do they my love?” I asked her again. She shook her head as she looked frustrated. I brought her lips close to mine and kissed her passionately. We both took our time with the kiss. We both made sure to show how we felt towards the other.

Her kiss was always so sweet, inviting and tempting. I want to rip her clothes off every time. And if I was a little drunker I might of tried. But I still have that fear of messing things up between us. Especially after we made such good progress together. For this reason alone is why I chose to pull out the kiss. Before things got too heated. She looked at me deep in my eyes with lust all over her face. I gripped her chin still softly but a little more stern.

“Don’t ever call me your friend again.” I command to her. She looked at me but nodded her head. “What am I to you?” I asked her. She sucked in a breath as if she was struggling on saying it a second time. I tilted her head higher. “Don’t make me ask again.” I challenged her. She gulped and looked at me. “My mate. Your my mate.” She said. I let go of her chin as I wrapped her back into my arms.

Her body naturally melted into me. Every curve of her body wrapped around me. Her arms went around my neck as we stared at each other. “Can I ask you something?” She asked me. Between the frustrations and the alcohol, I didn’t really process what she said. I just nodded my head.

“Do you really think I’m strong?” She asked. I stopped moving as I looked at her. The Lust faded away from us and left nothing but the unbreakable bond between us. “You heard my thoughts?” I asked her. “Parts of it.” She admitted. She moved her gaze down to the floor but I lifted her gaze back to me. “You are one of the strongest females I’ve ever seen. I know I haven’t seen you fight, but I can see your strong. Not only physically, but mentally too. You’ve seen so much and had endure so much more. “ I said to her.

She gave me a small smile. As much as I didn’t want to,I backed up from her. I let her choose if she wanted to leave or stay with me. She turned to look at the door then turned to look at me. “If I tell you a few things about me, you won’t judge me will you?” She asked. “I told you Aspen, I have no problem accepting your past.” She gave me a weak smile and walked towards her drink.

“Well here goes nothing.” She whispered to herself before she gulped down her drink. We just sat down on the couch and she revealed herself to me a little bit more. She’s seen and been through so much shit starting at such a young age. I could tell she wasn’t telling me her worst but I didn’t push it.

I saw her in a different light tonight. She was more open but not completely. Both our walls were coming down brick by brick. The more I listened to her, the more I sat in disbelief. Not from what she was telling me. But for the simple fact this beautiful, mysterious, strong and intelligent creature is mine. I was becoming more and more smitten by her day by day.

All I kept thinking was “She’s mine. She’ll forever be mine.”
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