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Stubborn Mates

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2. Ryker

It seemed like yesterday when I had a simple life. Hangout with my friends, sleep with a few random girls and just enjoy life. But, my father had to go in ruin that by rallying all the mystics and starting the Reverie War. When he started training me as Alpha, I understood why he did what he did.

We were running out of room and more and more humans were starting to find out the truth. We needed more land in order for us to survive. After I saw that, I let go of all anger I held towards my father. Our relationship was getting better and I was finally getting close to my old man again. But one day, I walked out of my room and saw him laying dead in the hallway.

He had been poisoned with wolfs bane and smelled like a human was all over him. I vowed to find whoever did it and rip their throat out with my own teeth. My heart became ice cold that day. I showed no love to anyone but my mother. She died last year from sickness. Now that I lost her, there is no room for love in me.

I woke up and looked over irritated. She was still here. I let out a irritated breath as I crawled out of bed. I went to the bathroom to relieve myself and take a nice warm shower. After I got out and dressed I looked over to see Rose still in my bed sleep.

Rose is some wolf who I call when I'm horny. She thinks she can be my Luna and I laugh every time. Desperation is not a good trait for a Luna. Since I'll be thirty next year and am still mate less, the council has been on me about picking a chosen mate. Rose would never be my chosen mate. I have no time nor do I want a mate.

I walked downstairs and was greeted by my assistant Gabby. Gabby was nice but today is her last day. She is pregnant with her and her mate’s pup so I decided to retire her early and give her a very large retirement gift. She smiled and handed me my coffee. I took a sip as she walked behind me out the door to my Alpha quarters behind my mansion.

"Alpha, you have a council meeting with the elders at eleven, a meeting with the science sector at two and lunch with Beta Jace at three." she spoke as I walked behind my desk.

"Thanks Gabby. Try to take it easy today." I said to her. She nodded her head and turned to walk away. "Oh and Gabby, I need you to send someone to get Rose and get her the hell out of my place. Then get housekeeping to strip my bed." I told her.

"Right away Alpha." she bowed her head and walked out of my office. I turn my attention to my computer. I always had a lot of work to do. Which is why I don’t need a mate to distract me.

It had been a few hours and I was now eating lunch with my Beta Jace who is also like my brother. “So I noticed Rose causing a fuss this morning.” Jace said as he bit into his burger. We were eating on my back patio just taking a breather. I rolled my eyes and took a bite of my steak.

“Don’t remind me.” I mumbled as I chewed my food. Jace started laughing. He often found it funny how annoyed I was Rose. “If you don’t like her dude, why don’t you just stop doing her. What is she going to do about it? Your the Alpha for fucks sake.” He said as he ate a french fry.

I shrugged my shoulder as I pushed my plate away. I suddenly lost my appetite. “I mean really. You can have any wolf you want out there. Why deal with her? Seriously?” He asked.

Jace wasn’t a fan of Rose. Hell,I wasn’t either and he was right. I could have anyone in this pack with a snap of my finger. But I didn’t want any of them. None of them seemed good enough. “Rose is the only one who is good on the eyes.” Which was honestly true. She was slim with tan skin and long blonde hair. She had blue eyes that were a shade lighter than mine.

She was pretty but far from my type. She basically bowed at my feet and floated on every word I said to her. “I mean yeah she is cute but she is such a bitch.” He said as he took a sip of his beer. I chuckled as I took a sip of mine too.

She is no mate of ours.” Aries,my wolf popped up in my vision. “We won’t find a mate Aries. She probably died in the war anyways. We have to find one to settle.” I linked to him. All he did was huff a breath and walked out of my view. It’s known that if a wolf doesn’t find a mate by thirty, then they will probably be mate less for life. And The Reverie War cause a lot of mates to die, leaving many wolves mate less for the rest of their lives. Aries has hope that we will find ours but I gave that up a long time ago.

Gabby walked up to me bowing her head. “Alpha,Beta.” She turned to me and handed me a letter. She bowed her head again and walked away. I opened the letter and frowned hard. “Bad news?” Jace asked as he ate the last of his burger. “No. President Sails wants to have a video meeting with me later.” I said as I crumpled up the letter and threw it on top of my unfinished steak.

One of the kitchen staff came and picked up plates. She bowed her head and turned to walk away. “About what?” He asked. I shrugged my shoulders and looked out at the gardeners tending to my moms garden. I keep it alive so I can always have something to remind me of her.

Jace patted his hand on my shoulder to show his support for me. I gave him a nod as I watch his eyes glaze over from a telelink. His eyes then cleared and he cleared his throat. “Welp. I got to go man. Duty calls.” He said as he stood up. “Duty or booty?” I asked cracking a smile. He laughed at me and reached out his fist.

“Same thing.” He said as I fist bumped him. I gave a small chuckle as he started walking off. I was glad he found his mate, Emily. They have been inseparable for the past few months. I have a bet with my Gamma that she’ll be pregnant by the end of the year. “See ya later man.” He said as he disappeared into the mansion. I sat there a little while longer looking at my mother’s garden before I got up and headed to my office for this video call with the President.

I closed the door behind me and went to sit in front of my desk. The moment I logged into the network, a video chat request came in. I let out a huff and clicked accept. The President of The SSU popped up in front of me. He had pale skin and red cheeks. His grey hair looked like it was almost completely gone but he tried to hid it with a comb over. He had numerous wrinkles and bags under his eyes and brown eyes that I never trusted much.

“Alpha Pierce! How are you doing today?” He asked putting way too much excitement in his voice. I had to fight the frown coming to my face from trying to figure out what did he want. “I’m doing well President Sails. How are you?” I asked wishing he would get to the point.

“I’m well thanks for asking.” He said with a fake smile on his face. “So what do I owe the pleasure of this meeting?” I asked. “Well Alpha Pierce, every since we’ve agreed to open the gates back up, we’ve seen a spike in tourism. Our economy is starting to boom again.” He said cheesing. “And that means for me?” I questioned trying to get him to the point.

He picked up in what I was saying and finally got to the point. “Ah right. So what I was calling to propose to you is a ball.” He said hopeful. “A ball?” I questioned with one eyebrow lifted. “Last I checked the humans didn’t really want to party with my kind.” I said as a matter of fact.

“Yes well that is why I’m proposing this ball. It could be a great opportunity to show everyone that we can all live together in peace.” He said again trying to sell me his bullshit. I thought for a moment on his idea. “President Sails, I’m curious to know on what made you think of this plan in the first place.” I asked as I sat up in my chair and leaned with my finger resting on the side of my head.

He looked taken aback and shocked by my question. “Well , I-I just thought it would increase moral. Show everyone that it is safe to come to the Mystic Lands and also for the mystics to come to the SSU.” He said trying to come up with something on the spot. Something wasn’t adding up but I was curious as to what he had planned.

“Sure. A ball here at one of my arenas. I’ll get a team on it.” I said while shrugging my shoulders. “Well I- that's noble of you Alpha but I think...” he started but I cut him off. “Oh its no problem Mr.President. It would be my honor. I don’t mean to seem rude but I do have a meeting I’m running late for now so if you don’t mind, I have to go” I said trying to rush him off the call.

“I- yeah sure. I’ll have my team reach out to you so we can discuss the details of the ball.” He said still looking taken aback. “I will sir. Have a good day. “ i said with a fake smile and ended the call. I sat back in my chair and exhaled a breath. I lied. I didn’t have a meeting to go to but I didn’t want to listen to his bullshit any more. I wonder what he has up his sleeve because that excuse he gave me definitely sounded suspicious. I shrugged my shoulders and got up. I was just going to have to wait and find out.

I decided to do a few more hours of paperwork before I called it a day. I was walking out my office when I bumped into Gabby. “Oh Alpha. I was looking for you. I wanted to thank you for the job and ask if there was anything else you needed before I left. “ she spoke as she walked next to me.

“No Gabby. That's all for the day. Thank you for all the hard work you did. Any plans for retirement?” I asked as I walked her to the door. I helped her with her jacket and she turned to me. “Well with your generous gift, Paul and I plan to move to the west end and buy a cottage. Raise our pup out of the city.”

The west end was an area in what use to be Minnesota and Indiana. It was mostly just farm land. The capital of the Mystic lands is what was once Cincinnati, Ohio and expands as big Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia. My pack lands is very vast. After the war, a lot of packs had lost so many members. All wolf packs decided to join into one and be named The Crescent Moon Pack. Those who refused to join ran off to The Bereft. I never cared to go down there to punish the rouges and neither did my father.

I sent a warm smile to Gabby and opened the door for her. “I appreciate all the work you’ve done Gabby. I wish all things go well with you and your family. “ I said. “Thank you Alpha. Oh and don’t forget about court tomorrow. ” She said as she bowed her head and walked out the door.

I linked Jace to tell him to find me another assistant to start soon. He replied back quick with a simple okay. I figured he was still with his mate.

I walked up to my room and debated on calling Rose. But I quickly dismissed that thought and just turned on some TV. I called for an order of food from the kitchen , ate and then went to bed. Court tomorrow was going to be exhausting as it always was.
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