Stubborn Mates

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3. Aspen

I walked up to Lennox’s bar. It was a rowdy bar where a lot of rouge wolves hung out at. I stayed away from the place. Rouges were obnoxious and annoying. They all think the same; think they are all the biggest and baddest. Some she-wolves actually fall for that mess. I walked inside and found Eric sitting at the bar. He noticed me and waved me over. As I pushed through the crowd, I noticed he was sitting with Eli.

Eli was bad news. He was a rouge and had the same big bad attitude; only Eli meant it. He’s killed before just because he was bored and felt like it. I scrunched up my face as I neared them. “What the hell is he doing here?” I asked as I frowned at Eli’s sinister smile. Eli had dark auburn eyes, short brown hair and a smile that always creep me out.

He always flirted with me and constantly tried to get in my pants. I had to punch him in the nuts last time I saw him. “Aspen! So wonderful to see you. I’ve missed you.” He said as he took a sip of his beer. “I didn’t miss you Eli. Hows your balls?” I asked folding my arms and leaning to the side. “Still have two of them.” He said after he swallowed his drink.

“Mm dammit. I guess I’ll have to try harder next time.” I said as I rolled my eyes. He made a fake hurt look and laughed. “What is he doing here Eric?” I asked again making direct eye contact with him.He broke away contact as he looked way too nervous. “The job is for him.” he said low.

I looked between the two of them and decided no. I started shaking my head. “No. No way. I’m leaving.” I said as I started to turn around but Eli grabbed my wrist tight. I tried to yank away from him but his grip got tighter. “Get your fucking hands off me.” I said through gritted teeth as I turned towards him. Rebel let out a growl that escaped my lips.

Eli pursed his lips with amusement in his eyes. “As much as I would love to dance with you angle, we have a job to do. As I recall, it was you who was suppose to get me what I needed. But you came back empty handed. So now you owe me.” he said to me in a serious tone that put the fear of death in me.

I snatched my hand from his grip and stood there. “Good girl. Now have a drink with us. On me.” he said as he waved the bartender over. I picked up the beer and chugged it all in one drink. I looked over to Eli and raised my brow. “Okay I had a drink. Can we get this over with now?”

Eli put a smile on his face and finished his drink. He patted Eric on the back and stood up. “Lets go.” he said. We walked out the bar and walked to Eli’s hover car. I got in the backseat and stayed quiet as watched my surroundings go by through the window.

My body started to tingle and I started to feel light headed. I shouldn’t have down that beer so fast. After a while, Eli pulled off to the side of the road. He turned to look at me , smiling. “This is our stop angle. “ I rolled my eyes at his pet name as I got out with him. “What exactly are we here for?” I asked as I stumbled a bit but regained my composure.

Eli let out a chuckle as he lead the way through the trees. “A buddy of mine has something that is mine. And I came to collect it.” He said simply. “Collect or steal it?” I asked stepping over fallen branches. “Same difference.” He said with a shrug. I cursed under my breath as we continued to walk.

I was going to punch Eric right in the throat for putting me in this mess. As if he heard my thoughts, I heard Eric’s voice whisper behind me. “I’m sorry Penny. I didn’t know he would take it this far.” He said in a hushed voice. “Do me a favor Eric? Don’t ask me for anymore favors. And stop calling me Penny. You know I hate that.” I said to him.

“Well I think it’s adorable.” Eric said. “Hey Romeo and Juliet. Save your bickering. We’re coming up on it.” Eli whispered as we came into an opening. It looked like someones backyard. “What the fuck is this Eli?” I whispered as a bad feeling started creeping in the back of my mind. “Shush. Stay quiet.” He whispered. We crept up the back steps to this one story,cottage looking home.

Eli put his finger to his lips and then turned around and grabbed the door. He punched through the glass and unlocked the door. We quietly stepped in and followed Eli. It was quite and seemed like no one was home. Eli opened one door to reveal an office.

“You two check this room. I’ll go look around.“ he whispered as he continued to walk down the hall. I followed Eric in the room and slowly closed the door. “How am I supposed to search for something and I don’t know what it is? And who’s house is this?” I whispered.

“Just look for an Alpha Guard badge.” Eric said as he shuffled through drawers. I froze in my place as I stared at him. “Are you fucking kidding me?” I half yelled. Eric shushed me and looked around. I lowered my voice to a high whisper. “You two fuckers brought me to an Alpha Guards house?” I said.

“Well this is the job before the job. We found a human to make a realistic copy of one but you didn’t go get it. So we had to get a real one.” He said as he shifted through drawers. I started feeling dizzy and unstable.“Un-un. I'm leaving,” I said as I turned and walked out the door. “Aspen wait.” He called out but I froze in my tracks. I saw Eli standing there, covered in blood holding a silver knife.

“Where you going angel?” He asked in his normal voice. “What did you do Eli?” I asked taking a few steps back and braced myself against the wall as I started feeling weak. “Oh well my buddy wasn’t to happy to see me so I had to help him relax. How are you feeling? That beer finally hitting you huh?” He said with a wicked smile.

As much as I wanted to talk, I couldn’t. I slid down on the floor as I suddenly felt tired. “Oh your sleepy huh? Go a head and take a nap.” He said as he walked up to me. Eric came out the room and had shocked written all over his face. He had the badge in his hand and Eli snatched from him. “Thanks Eric. Consider your debt repaid.”

“What did you do to her? This wasn’t apart of the plan.” Eric said looking frozen in his place. I tried to speak but nothing but silent whispers came out. “We can’t break into an Alpha Guard's house and expect the Alpha to just let it go. We need someone to pin it on.” Eli came up to me and squatted down to my level.

“Your too clean. They’ll never believe you did it.” he whispered as he took blood off of him and wiped it all over me. He stood back like an artist reviewing his work and nodded his head. “Perfect. Go to the car Eric.” he demanded. “No! I’m not leaving her. You said..” Eric stated but Eli held the bloody blade to Eric’s neck.

“I said go to the car. Or you can be another body added to her charge. Either is fine with me.” He said as he pressed the blade against his skin. The sliver started to burn his skin and Eric swallowed the pain. “Fine.”

Eli removed the blade and crouched back down in front of me. He put the blade in my hand and looked at me. “Its been fun angel.” He said and he placed a kiss on my forehead. I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I made eye contact with Eric but he looked away and walked off with Eli. “I’m sorry Penny.” Was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.

I woke up in a daze feeling hazy. I leaned my head up and tried to rub my eyes but felt a sting on my face. I waited until my vision cleared and sat all the way up. I was in another jail cell. But this one had silver walls all around me. I looked down and saw the silver cuffs around my wrist. “Shit. Not again.” I whispered as I tried to remember what happened.

The last thing I remember is meeting Eric and Eli at the bar. So how did I end up here? I jumped as I heard a knock on the window on the silver door. “Lunch time inmate.” The guard slid a tray full of food that look like ten year old dog food. I noticed the cup of water and ran for it. I didn’t know how dehydrated I was until the water touched my lips. I drunk it fast and sighed in the relief.

The guard started to walk away but I called back for him. “Hey! Why am I in here?” I asked. He came back looking like I’ve lost my mind. “Your in here because you deserve to be.” he said sounding hurt. “He was my friend.” I scrunched my face up as I started at him. “Friend? I don’t remember anything. Can you just tell me what the charges are?” I asked.

He looked straight in my face looking cold. “The murder of an Alpha Guard. Punishable by death. Your sentencing is in a few hours. I suggest you pray to Selene for guidance.” he said and just walked away. I stood there dumbfounded. A murder charge?

It didn’t take me long to put two and two together. Even though I didn’t remember what exactly happened, I knew Eli and Eric pinned this on me. “Son of a bitch!” I yelled as I kicked the wall. I sat down on my bed and hung my head low trying to recollect my memory.

The last thing I can picture is drinking a beer and getting in Eli’s car. I spent the last few hours trying to remember but I couldn’t. My cell door suddenly opened and the same guard came in. “Time to go.” he spoke as he put chains on me. I went without a fight as the guards took me to my death sentence.

The stroll to the court house was only a few minutes but felt like eternity. My heart was beating so hard I thought it would catapult out my chest any second. We walked up the stairs and into the building. Everything started moving in slow motion as the guards brought me to this big dark wood door. It seems like all our steps took sixty seconds each. It felt like it took an hour for them to open the door.

But when they did, a seductive and masculine scent flew into my nose. I looked straight ahead of me and my breath got caught in my throat as I stared at the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen in my life. His eyes were as blue as the ocean. I wanted to swim in them.

I took in his whole appearance. His jet black hair that he had slicked back with tapered sides. I took in his plump luscious lips that made me was to taste them. His skin looked soft and was perfectly tan. I noticed the tattoos that went down the side of his neck. I couldn’t quiet make out the markings but it added to his whole rough exterior look and it drove me crazy.

He sat up in his seat with his eyes fixated hard on me. I was able to make out his broad shoulders and strong toned arms. His stature reeked of authority and it made me want to fall weak for him. “Mate! Mate! Mate! Mate!” Rebel popped up in my vision and she jumped around screaming it over in over again. “No. We shouldn’t have a mate. I don’t want a mate Reb.” I linked her. “But he’s sitting right there. That's our mate.Maybe he’ll help us.” she said still excited.

The guards moved me down the aisle as I realized my feet had been stuck in the spot I was standing in. I finally took a breath as I was walked in front of a stand. “Alpha Pierce, inmate 7629, charge is murder of an Alpha guard.” the guard who brought me in said. Both of our eyes went wide. Alpha? He’s the fucking Alpha?

To say I was freaking out was an understatement. I was pushed up to the stand and I swallowed hard. He studied me hard. His deep blue eyes reading into me. He had a stern but torn look on his face. “Murder?” I heard his voice boom. It made me shake to my core from admiration. He was strong, in more ways then just physical. I stood there nervous as he leaned back in his seat with his finger on his temple. Our eyes never leaving each other.

His lips parted but before he could speak, the side door opened and out stepped a young guy. He looked of Asian decent, had long black hair that he had in a man bun and bright hazel eyes. He whispered something to the Alpha and his eyes connect right back to mine. “There has been new evidence found in her case. Sentencing will be held off until further investigation. Guard, take her to an interrogation room in the back.” Alpha Pierce commanded.

The guard nodded his hand and grabbed me to take me to the back. He didn’t look too happy with the Alpha's decision but I doubt he was going to question him. As I walked past the Alpha, our eyes stayed on each other until we walked out the door. I was dragged to the back and was forced into a room. The chains were removed from me and the door was shut. I put my back against the wall and slid down on the floor.

I started to silently cry as I was overcome with so many emotions. I was happy I had a mate. I was hurt from the betrayal from Eric. I was lost and confused that I had no memory of what happened. But most of all, I was angry at myself for putting momentary trust in the wrong people. If I make it out of here alive, I will spend every second of my life finding Eric and Eli. And I will make them regret that night.

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