Stubborn Mates

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4. Ryker

I woke up late this morning but didn’t care at all. I had to skip my morning work on my computer in order to make it to court on time. Jace met me at the door as he waited with two cups of coffee in his hand. ” Good morning sunshine. I was wondering when you would be up.” He joked. I took the coffee from him and and drunk it. I almost spit it out on the floor.

“This coffee taste like shit Jace.” I said as I frowned. “Yeah well don’t taste it, just drink it. I’ve never been good at it. I set up interviews for your assistant later on today.” He said as he took of sip of his and frown.

“Yuck.” he said. “Don’t taste it, just drink it.” I smiled as I threw the words right back at him. We laughed with each other. “Come on man. Your going to be late for court.” he said as he patted my back. I grabbed my jacket and put it on and walked up with Jace behind me.

Court was always boring to me. I had to do it every second Monday of the month. I hated it. It was always petty thefts or captured rouges. Rouges would get sentenced to die, petty thieves would get community service or banished depending on how serious the theft was. I didn’t care how much they begged, groveled or cried. I would sentence them and send them away.

The council sat to my left in act of a jury in case they felt I judged to harshly or not harsh enough. But that was never. They mainly just sat there. The council is full of Alphas from all the packs that joined together. Since my father was the one who gave them victory in the war, they appointed his bloodline as the one true Alpha. Some other Alphas didn’t like it. And they chose to be rouges. The ones who stayed formed the council.

I leaned over to my Gamma, Nile , and asked him how many more cases did I have left. I’ve been sitting here for the past five hours and I was beyond ready to go. “You have one more Alpha and its a serious one.” He spoke. Before I could ask him to explain, the door opened and my eyes shifted to the most gorgeous pair of eyes I’ve seen.

They were a deep forest green color. I could just imagine myself running through them. She had long, dark auburn hair with messy loose curls everywhere but she still was the most beautiful being I’ve ever seen in my life. I inhaled her sweet scent and it spelled like brown sugar and honey. My mouth watered for her.

Her lips were so full that I had to bite on mine to keep myself composed. Her skin was an toasted almond color and I can tell she had African roots in her. Her clothes were old and tattered, but I could still see her body was slim and she had so many curves. I wanted to press my body against hers.

I wanted to claim her as mine. “Mate! She’s our mate!” Aries popped up pacing back and forth wildly. I sat up in my chair as I focused on her." Are you sure Aries?” I asked not taking my eyes off her. “Positive.” he said as he stopped pacing and tilted his head at me.

I put my attention back on her as the guard guiding her pushed her forward. It took all my might to not rip his heart out for pushing my mate. I looked at all the chains she was wrapped in and my heart instantly broke. Why was she chained up like this? I noticed all the dried up blood on her. What happened to her?

“Alpha Pierce, inmate 7629, charge is murder of an Alpha guard.” the guard spoke out. My head snapped towards him and my eyes widened. “Murder?” I spoke still trying to process this. I turned back to look at her. She had a blank stare on her face but I could tell she was nervous. I leaned back in my seat with my finger on my temple still staring at her.

“She is our mate. We can’t kill her.” Aries spoke to me. “I know but she killed an Alpha Guard. That's punishable by death.” I linked back. “Our mate would never do that. We have to find out the whole story.” Aries spoke. As much as I wanted to believe in love like Aries, I knew reality. You never know who is capable of what.

I parted my lips to speak when Jace suddenly appeared. He walked over to me and whispered in my ear. “They found water lily and ginger rot in her system in the toxicology report.” I snapped my head up and looked back at my mate. Water lily and ginger rot was two main ingredients in a potion. It wipes your memory and makes you sleep for twelve hours.

This was adding up to be a frame job. “See. I told you our mate could never do that.” Aries spoke. I ignored him and made my announcement. “There has been new evidence found in her case. Sentencing will be held off until further investigation. Guard, take her to an interrogation room in the back.”

The guard bowed his head but looked unhappy about my order. As long as he didn’t challenge me, he’s free to feel as he wants to. My eyes fell on her as she walked by me. We locked eyes again until she was through the door. “Uh, what was that?” Jace asked me. I ignored him and turned to Gamma Nile.” Is that all for today?” I asked. “Yes Alpha.” He said with a nod. “Court is adjured.” I announced and I shot up from my seat.

“Bring me her file.” I told Jace. I heard mumbles from behind me but I didn’t care. I needed to find out what was going on with this case. I walked through the same door she went through and followed her sweet scent. I went into the room next to hers and watched her through the one way glass.

She was sitting crouched on the ground with her head down. She tried to put her hands on head but snatched her hands away when she remembered the silver cuffs. A small red burn formed on her forehead but quickly started to heal.

I noticed her lips moving. I pressed the button to turn on the speaker in her room. “I’m going to kill them. Even if its the last thing I do.” She spoke out to herself as she threw her head back. That's when I noticed she had a few small tears going down her cheeks. Even though her voice was filled with rage, it still was sweet music to my ears.

It pulled at my heart and deep down, all I wanted to do was wrap my arms around her. I turned off the speaker and had to take a moment to collect myself. This is why I didn’t want a mate. If she wasn’t my mate, she would of been dead by now. No questions asked. This mate thing is throwing me all off.

Jace came in with a folder and handed it to me. I took it from him and spread all the papers on the table. I took each paper and read it one by one. She’s not in our database which tells me she’s pack less. Or maybe she’s a rouge. I pray to Selene she’s not a rouge.

I read that they found her unconscious in the murdered guards home with the knife covered in his blood and her finger prints. But there was also another unidentified print on the knife as well. I picked up the toxicology report and read all that they found in her system. There was a small percentage of alcohol but high percentage of water lily, ginger rot and dried jasmine.

“Her drink was spiked.” I said out loud as things started to make sense in my head. Anger boiled through me at the thought of someone hurting my mate." See our mate wouldn’t do something like this. We have to let her go and find the ones who did this to her.” Aries spoke up. I took a few deep breathes as I read over everything.

“So your going to tell me whats going on?” Jace spoke up. I turned my head and looked at him. “What do you mean?” I asked him as I turned and leaned on the table. “I mean, look man. Your normally a do now, ask questions later type of leader. You’ve never suspended anybody’s sentencing let along actually look into someone’s case. So whats up with this girl?” he asked pointing to her through the glass at her.

I folded my arms as I contemplated telling Jace the truth. I turned my head and stared at her again. My focus was fixated on her that I forgot about Jace and his question. “She’s your mate isn’t she?” He said and my vision snapped to him. “Come on man, you don’t have to lie to me. I’m your Beta for moon sake.” he said.

I ran a hand down my face as I nodded my head. Jace smiled from ear to ear as he celebrated. “I knew it!” I turned to look at him and walked over to him. “Do not tell anyone about this. If anyone found out my mate was accused of murder before I can figure out the truth, the council will have me execute her.” I said to him.

“You can trust me man. I won’t tell anyone. Not even Emily.” He said and I believed his word. We turned back towards the glass and I watched her. She had moved from the floor to the chair at the small table in the room. “So what are you going to do with her?” Jace asked.

I shrugged my shoulders as I was seriously stuck on what to do. “Well do you want me to try and talk to her?” Jace asked. I thought for a while before I nodded and gave him the okay. Before he grabbed the door to walk out, I called out for him. “Jace. Get a key from a guard and get those cuffs off her. She’s no threat.” I said. He nodded his head and walked out.

I turned my attention to the glass as I looked at her laying her head down on the table. The moment Jace walked in, she sat up from the table. I turned the speaker on to the room to hear everything. “So, instead of me call you inmate, how about you tell me your name?” Jace sat down and spoke to her. She just stared at him and said nothing.

“Let me start. I’m Jace. I'm the Beta to Alpha Pierce. And you are?” he said but she still stayed quiet but tilted her head slightly side ways. Jace sat there and started feeling frustrated. He then snapped his fingers as if he remembered something. He went into his pocket and pulled out a key to the cuffs. “Alpha told me to un-cuff you.” he said as he reached over and took the cuffs off.

She rubbed her wrist and looked towards the way of the glass. Even though she couldn’t see me she was making direct eye contact with me. My breathe got caught in my lungs as I started at her beauty. I got lost in her eyes and only stopped when Jace caught her attention. “So are you going to tell me your name?” he asked her again.

She looked at him for a second before turning her head towards me again. She stared at me and spoke her name. “Aspen.” she answered but she wasn’t telling Jace. She was telling me her name. She looked away and looked down to the ground.

“Aspen. So can you tell me whats happened?” Jace asked. I rolled my eyes. He knew she couldn’t remember shit. She stayed quiet again. “Are you going to answer anything I ask?” Jace asked feeling fed up. She looked at him and still stayed quiet but smirked at him when she realized he was getting frustrated. “Come back Jace. I think I’ll try.” I linked to him.

Jace got up and walked out the room. He came back in to where I was and blew a breathe. “She’s a stubborn one. A lot like you. I can see why Selene mated you two.” He said as he leaned against the wall. Jace was never the one who had patience. A small smile formed on my lips as I picked up her file and walked out the room.

I walked over to the door and had to calm myself. I felt so nervous and I didn’t like that. I took a deep breathe and opened the door. Her aroma instantly hit my nose and I had to breathe to keep Aries at bay. Her eyes went straight to me and she sat up straight.


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