Stubborn Mates

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6. Ryker

I locked myself in my office for the rest of the day. I had so many emotions running through me. At first I was angry and annoyed. Her smart mouth and temper was not something I’m too use to. I’ve always had an Alpha mentality and being challenged wasn’t something that happened often.

Then I felt amazed by her. Though her temper annoyed me, it was also amusing to see her flip out like that. She’s strong and not afraid of a challenge. Then I felt fear. I knew if I would of let her go easy, she would run off and find those who wronged her. She might not come back to me.

Even though I’m not sure I want a mate, I didn’t want her away from me. So after I told the council about what actually happened, I proposed to reduce her charge and make her my unpaid assistant to work off her debt to society. Like community service. They agreed to it without hesitation;but truthfully I think they just wanted to get back to whatever they had plan for the day. It was the first day of spring and a lot of wolves were desperate to get out in the sunshine.

I tried hard to focus on work but her face was the only thing that kept popping up in my head. I remember all of her facial features. I remembered the way her nose would crinkle the moment she got mad. I remembered how soft her hand was when she touched my face. It took all of me not to grab her and kiss her soft pink lips.

I hurt my own feelings telling her not to touch me. But I had to set my boundaries with her. “You didn’t have to reject her. Shes our mate. She’s meant for us.” Aries popped up in my vision. “We don’t know anything about her.” I said to him as I opened my email. There were countless emails from the President and his team about setting a date for this,Unity Ball. So that what they’re calling it.

I kept scrolling up until one caught my eye. Attn: New Member Application. I clicked on the email and Aspen’s beautiful face popped up. I read her file.

Name: Aspen White
Age: 25
Birthday: May 8th
Original pack: Unknown
Family: N/A (Orphaned )
Background check: click link
Additional Information: TBD

I clicked the link to her background and the only thing that came up was her arrest in the human realm. I clicked the information tab on it and saw it said she was arrested for assault of an officer but the charges were dropped. I closed that window and went back to her background check.

There was nothing on her. It was as if she just recently started to exist. White can’t be her last name. For all I know Aspen probably isn’t her real name either. A lot of wolves used the after math of the war to rename themselves. She probably changed hers.

I let out a breath of frustration and closed the window. I was back staring at her picture on her pending application I had Jace put in for her. “Our mate is gorgeous isn’t she?” Aries spoke to me. I nodded my head and let out a hum agreeing with him wholeheartedly. She was breathtaking. “And you won’t accept her as our mate? You’re an idiot.” He spoke and I can’t say I disagree with him.

I just have to be sure about her. She was orphaned and raised herself in The Bereft Lands. I have to be sure of her motives before I even consider taking her as my mate. “You know her intentions dummy. She wants revenge for being wronged.” Aries spoke and a growl escaped my lips.

I was going to find the two who wronged her and burn them to death with silver. “She was very clear she wanted to do it herself.” He said. “Shut up wolf.” I said to him as the door to my office opened. I looked up and noticed it was Jace.

He walked in and closed the door behind him. He plopped down in one of the chairs in front in front of my desk. "How did it go?" I asked as I clicked accept on her application and then went on to reading emails about the ball. It seems as if they plan on having it in October. Jace let out a breathe and rubbed his hands through his messy hair. "Man! You have your work cut out for you. She's so stubborn. I had to let Emily show her the ropes. She has more patience." He said as he crossed his legs and sat in the chair Indian style.

A small smile displayed on my face. I think it's going to be fun trying to figure her out. "So, anything new going on?" Jace asked. "Yeah The President wants to throw a ball to show both realms can coexist. They're calling it the Unity Ball." I said as I rolled my eye. Jace clapped his hands together excited. "Fuck yeah. I haven't been to a dance since high school. When is it?" he asked on the verge of jumping out his seat.

"October 18th." I said as I replied to the email agreeing to the date. I got tired of reading emails so I closed the window and turned off my computer. Today was a lot and I was honestly over it. "You going to bring Rose or Aspen?" I snapped my head towards him. He had a stupid look on his face. "Neither." I answer truthfully. "I find that hard to believe." Jace said as he put his feet down.

"How so ?" I asked as I leaned back in my chair amused. "Because when word gets out about this ball, Rose is going to treat it like its your wedding. And she’ll be damn if she isn’t your date. And I doubt Aspen would care to be your date but that mate bond can cause quite some trouble.” he spoke and ended with a sinister smile.

I thought about it but then just shrugged my shoulders. “I am the Alpha. If Rose has any problems with my choices then she can leave the pack and never come back for all I care. As for Aspen.” I paused as I thought about her. “ I don’t know.” I said truthfully.

I would love for her to be my date but I’m sure it’s only the mate thing that’s making me want that. “Geez. Both of you are some stubborn asses when it comes to the mate thing.” He whispered. “What do you mean?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. “Every time she hears your name, she rolls her eyes or scoffs. But she likes to ask questions about you. If that isn’t what hot and cold is then I don’t know what is.” He said as he tied his hair back in a ponytail.

He eyes glazed over and then became clear. “Em is done showing her around and telling her your schedule. Where would you like her room to be?” He asked. “Down the hall from me.” I answered quickly. A sly smile came on his face. I rolled my eyes at him. “I need to keep her close. She’s from the Fret Lands. I have to make sure she’s not trouble.” I said to him. He put his hands in the air as defense.

“No need to explain. Whatever Alpha says, goes.” He said as he stood up. “I’ll show her to her room.” He said with a cocky smile on his face. “Wipe that smile off your face.” I yelled to him. He just raised his hand in the air and shut the door behind him. I decided that I needed some air.

I walked out of my office house and walked into forest behind the mansion. A run was just what I needed. It was late March and the warm spring air would feel so good blowing through my fur. I started taking off my clothes and placed them behind a tree. I shifted in Aries and stood there as I took relaxing breaths.

I decided to start with a light trot as I replayed today’s events through my head. I’m still in disbelief that I finally found my mate. It makes me wonder that if I would of went to the Bereft Lands with my father a few years ago, would I have found her then. I was in a different mindset at that time. I would of been open to mate bond. I would of accepted her with no hesitation. But would she have done the same? What if she rejected me?

What if she rejects me now? I’m not even sure I want to be mated but yet there is fear when I think of rejection. Could I reject her? “You will not reject her.” Aries growled. “Shut up. I won’t. Not yet at least. I was just thinking." I linked back to him. I then brought my attention back in front of me and noticed that I was running.

I was running in a specific direction. “Mate! I smell her.” Aries pranced as he took control and ran in her direction. I didn’t fight for control because I honestly was curious as to what she was doing out this far into the forest. I let Aries run until he came to a stop and let me take back control.

I turned my head and froze in my place. It was as if she was trotting in slow motion. Her fur was as white as snow. Her eyes were a lighter green color but still was fascinating. The size of her wolf was larger than an normal she-wolf but a little bit smaller then mine. I was hypnotized by her. She came to the small pond and drunk out of it. Her head snapped up and looked around. Her eyes laid in my direction and she let out a huff.

I slowly walked out into the opening and drunk from the lake. I popped my head up from drinking and noticed she was trotting away. I quickly ran around to catch up to her. I don't know why but I didn't want her to leave yet.Her trotting became a sprint as she ran away from me. She was fast but not faster then me. I caught up with her at the brink of the opening to the back yard of the mansion.

I stood in front of her,panting. I was really amused with this game of chase she had me in. She stood tall in front of me. Not bowing her head like others would do. She wasn’t intimidated by my power or authority. She didn’t even seemed fazed by it. It caused me to be curious. I tilted my head slightly wondering what she was thinking.

She hasn’t been inducted into the pack yet so we can’t talk mentally. I inched forward sniffing at her. Her sweet smell filled my nose and I thought I smelled a hint of arousal. I leaned forward again to take another sniff, but she backed up from me and let out a growl. I was shocked at the audacity of her but soon gave her a deeper challenging growl back.

But honestly I was just hurt she backed away from me. She formed a some what frown and let out a harsh huff through her nose. She turned her head away from me and walked away towards the mansion. I let her go and decided to head back towards my office. I shifted back and put my clothes back on. I walked up to the back door of the house and walked in.

I immediately bumped into Ms. Diana. She was head of staff for then mansion. Shes an older woman with brown curly hair and warm tan skin. “Diana.” I said with a nod. “Alpha.” She bowed her head. “I was wondering if I can have a word with you.” She asked me. “Sure.” I said as I leaned against the wall. “Now, Alpha, I don’t mean to intrude on any of your decisions, but your new assistant doesn’t seem very .. good.” She said fidgeting with her small fingers.

“How so?” I asked curious. "She doesn't seem the least bit interested in her job. While Beta Emily was showing her around and telling her what to do, I noticed she had a look as if she was mentally far away. I just don't think she is best for the job." she said. I nodded my head as I listened. "I appreciate the concern Diana, but Aspen is here to work off a debt. So naturally I don't think she will be excited to start something she is forced to do. But I'll make sure to tell Beta Emily to keep an eye on her."

She nodded her head and went on about her day. Diana use to be my nanny when I was younger. My dad was busy being Alpha and my mom was always sick. Diana was like a second mother to me and I know she means well. I walked towards the stairs to go to my room.

The first floor was meant for Gamma Nile. The second floor was for Beta Jace and Beta Emily and the top floor was for me and my not so known mate now. I came to my floor and walked towards my bedroom. I stopped at a door as I smelled Aspen. Before I could even stop myself, I knocked on her door. I got no answer.

Walk away idiot. I kept trying to pull myself away from the door but I couldn't. Instead I placed my hand on the knob, twisted it and opened it. I stepped in her room and looked around. I looked towards the bathroom and heard the shower running. I walked towards the door and placed my palm flat on it. I listened as I heard her angelic singing voice.

Her voice was soft but full of soul. She was singing an old song I use to hear on the radio before the war. I took a deep breath and pulled myself out her room before I lost control of myself. I closed her bedroom door and walked to mine. I shut the door behind me and just laid the back of my head on it. I took breaths as I fought with myself on getting in the shower with her. I started to feel aroused thinking about it.

I let out a frustrated grunt as I went to take a cold shower. After the shower, I lounged in my attached living room and watched tv until I got tired. I linked Beta Emily and told her to make sure she shadows Aspen tomorrow. She replied with a simple okay as I let out a yawn.

It was starting to get late and I needed to get to bed. I had an early council meeting to announce this Unity Ball. I was kind of excited to see how things were going to work with my new found mate working under me.
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