Stubborn Mates

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7. Aspen

The tour around the mansion was something that bore me. I payed attention to everything I was supposed to do. Keep track of the Alpha’s schedule, bring him his coffee in the morning, drive him to wherever he needs to go,make sure dinner is on time and blah blah blah. Basically my life is going to resolve around my mate. Great. Just great.

Beta Jace seemed like a nice genuine guy. I just wasn’t comfortable with him being too friendly towards me. Its like he was trying to hard to get me to like him. Did Ryker tell him we were mates? That would explain why he’s so casual with me. Or is he like this with everyone? I wasn’t trying to seem like an hard ass with him but my silence must of frustrated him.

He introduced me to his mate Beta Emily and had her finish showing me around. She is a beautiful girl. She had short blonde hair that was cut into a bob. Her skin was tanned perfectly and she had beautiful hazel eyes. She was a bit shorter then me and was very slim. She’s a nice girl with a very welcoming aura. I felt better being around her.

She finished showing me around and then lead me up to the third floor. As we came to the top, Beta Jace was walking out of a room. He took a deep breath before he spoke. “Okay so Alpha decided that this will be your room.” He said as he walked us to a door. I opened the door and was amazed.

It was the size of my apartment back in The Bereft. There was a huge platform bed and mattress against the wall. There was black furniture all around and dark wooden floors. I walked over to the huge windows that was the length of the entire wall. It showed a beautiful view of the thick forest in the backyard. I looked down and noticed the beautiful garden and pool. I looked over to the side and I had a perfect view of the Alpha’s main office.

“We will leave you to get comfortable. Someone will come with a new wardrobe for you.” Emily spoke and then pointed to the two doors on the side of the huge TV on the wall. “The right door is the closet and the left is the bathroom.” She said. I nodded my head and said a thanks as I turned my attention back to the view of the forest.

Before they left, I called out for Emily. “Beta Emily, is it okay if I go for a run?” I asked. She looked perplexed then looked at her mate who shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t see why not. It’s not like she can go anywhere really.” He said as he continued walking out the door. Emily nodded her head and left after giving me a small smile.

I looked around my room a little while longer. The walk-in closet was big. The bathroom was beautiful. It was white with gold accents everywhere with a white grey and gold marble floor. I was going to take a shower but Rebel started whining and itching for a run. “Alright. Alright. Geez.” I said.

I walked out of my new room and walked down stairs to the side door. I walked out into the forest and stripped out of my clothes. I shifted into Rebel and let her take control and run the stretch her legs. When she got tired, she let me get back control. I was trotting down a trail when I came to an pond. I walked over and took a few sips of water.

My head shot up as his scent filled my nostrils. I looked around sniffing for the direction of his scent “Mate! He’s right over there.” Rebel said. I snapped my head in front of me and out came Ryker. His wolf was huge and looked strong. His black fur had prickles of grey throughout his whole body. His deep blue eyes were a sky blue color. My heart started beating fast at just the sight of him. He bent down and took a drink from the pond. I used this moment to turn around and do a fast trot back to the house.

I heard the sound of his paws chasing behind me and I started to run. I didn’t want to be anywhere around him. I was still feeling confused about this whole mate thing. I didn’t want anything to do with him but every part of my body wanted to be under him. I looked ahead and saw the clearing of the backyard. But suddenly,Ryker’s wolf was standing in front of me. He let out a huff as we both panted catching our breaths.

His wolf stature was very strong standing up close to him. He stood with authority and oozed with power. I started feeling aroused just being around him. He took a small lean forward as he sniffed me. I caught a whiff of his smell. It smelled like cedar wood and cinnamon. It was intoxicating. I wanted to have his smell wrapped around me.

He took another step forward to take another sniff but I took a step back and gave a warning growl. His ears perked up in shock but he then gave a deep growl that should of scared me. I frowned my eye brows and let out a harsh huff. I walked around him and ran back towards where my clothes were.

I didn’t like how submissive I was willing to be. I wanted to be under him. I wanted him to mark me and take me as his. But I know nothing about him. And the things that I have heard about him made me not want to be anywhere near him. He showed no mercy.

“He showed mercy to us. He saved us.” Rebel spoke as I placed my shirt back on and ran back into the mansion. I ran to my room and closed the door behind me. I somehow felt safe being in here. I felt as if I was free to be vulnerable in here. I took a deep breath to collect myself and decided to finally get in the shower.

I walked into the bathroom and turned on the walk in shower. I turned the hot water all the way up and started to strip. Steam started filling the room up and I stepped into the shower. I let out a sigh of mixed pain and pleasure as I felt the hot water on my skin.

My skin turned red from the piping hot water but I didn’t care. I haven’t felt hot water in over ten years. I let the water flow through my hair as I washed up. I started singing an old song I use to hear on the radio before the war. I never really sung anymore. My father use to tell me I had the voice of a siren and one day I would be a singer. That was my dream before the war happened. Now its just survival.

I rinsed off and watched as dried blood washed off my body and soon anger filled me up again. I will never forget the betrayals from Eric and Eli. I don’t know how but I will find them. And I will kill them. I decided to finish rinsing off and turned the shower off.

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel from the small closet that was in the bathroom. I dried myself off and wrapped the towel around my frame. I walked out the bathroom and instantly smelled Ryker’s scent. He was here. My anger instantly calmed down as I smelled him. I whined a little as I fought the urge to follow his scent to his room.

I walked into the closet and looked around at my new wardrobe. There were a lot of business casual outfits but nothing to sleep in. I was going to have to talk Emily about getting some lounge clothes. I found a shirt that looked like it would be semi comfortable to sleep in. I slipped it on and crawled in bed. I watched TV before I tossed and turned and finally was able to fall asleep.

I was awaken up by an alarm beeping in my ear. I looked up at the alarm cock and read it said 6 am. I let out a groan and I silenced the alarm and rolled back over. Before I could drift off back to sleep, Emily came bursting through the door. “Come on Aspen. Time to get up. Alpha expects his coffee in his office at 6:30 and then we have to see his schedule for the week.” She said as she pulled the covers off of me.

I let out a growl. “What are you doing here?” I asked in a sleepy haze. “Alpha asked me to shadow you on your first day. So you can get a sense on how things work.” She said as she went into the closet. “If you get up now you’ll have enough time for your own cup of coffee.”

I laid there still; contemplating life. I let out a groan and got up. I went into the bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth. As I came back out,Emily had laid out an outfit on the bed for me. I was a short black pencil skirt and a plain white button up shirt. I was basic. Nothing like my taste at all.

I stripped out of the shirt I was sleeping in and went to look in the drawers for a bra and underwear. “Here goes some shoes and stockings. I-oh my Luna!” She stopped as she covered her eyes. Her cheeks redden as if she was embarrassed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were changing.”

I started laughing as I slipped on a plain black bra and underwear. I was surprised they fit. How did they know my size? “Your the only wolf I know that's shy about nudity.” I laughed as slipped on the stockings. “Well I-uh. I’ll be downstairs getting the coffee ready.” She said as she disappeared out the door. I let out a little snicker as I finished getting dressed. I put the stretchy shirt on that stopped just above my knee. I tucked the button up shirt in the skirt and left the top three buttons open. I slipped on the black small heel shoes and looked at myself in the mirror.

I was seriously giving sexy teacher vibes. I put my messy hair in a high ponytail and went to go downstairs. When I met Emily in the kitchen, she had three cups of coffee on the counter. “How do you-oh.” She stood shocked. “What?” I asked with an eyebrow lifted. “Nothing. You know you’re much prettier with your hair pulled back. No offense.” She said. I felt a blush warm up my cheeks. “None taken. Thank you.” I said as I walked up to her. “How do you like your coffee?” She asked.

“Strong. With one cream and one sugar.” I said. “Well. Isn’t that something.” She said “Isn’t what something?” I asked. She went to the fridge and grabbed the cream. “That’s exactly how Alpha likes his. Should be easy for you to remember then.” She said as she poured one cream in the first two cups and three in the third. She showed me where the sugar was and poured one in the first two and two in the third.

“You grab those two and I’ll take you to the office.” She said as I grabbed the cups and followed her out back. “Alpha really comes out here in the warm months. In the winter, he uses the office next to his room. He’s not a big fan of the cold.” She explained.

That makes two of us. I always hated the winter. I was born in California I always loved the sun and warmth. When I was seven, my father then had to move us from there to Denver,Colorado when his father died and he had to take the role of Alpha. Yes. I’m an Alpha’s daughter. But I keep that to myself.

Living in The Bereft, Alpha blood was always targeted. In order for me to get by I had to keep that fact to myself and no one saw my wolf. Alpha wolves always had larger wolves and I couldn’t chance anyone seeing Rebel.

She lead me to his office house and I was a little disappointed he wasn’t here yet. “Alpha normally isn’t up till about seven or so. By time he gets here, his coffee is cooled down enough for him to drink.” She said. I looked around taking in my surroundings.

It a simple office with wooden furniture and blue accents. In the middle was a huge desk with a computer on it and two soft looking chairs in front of it. The room smelt like him and it made me want to go to his room and crawl under him.

Emily showed me where to to put the coffee at and all the little things to do in the office. We eventually left and walked back into the house. We went to a table that had a phone charging on it. “This phone is your responsibility now. It holds all of Alpha’s scheduled meetings, lunches, video calls and all. It will only ring if someone is trying to schedule a meeting with him.” She opened the phone and showed me his schedule for the week. I took a breath to calm myself as I started feeling overwhelmed. He was one busy man.

She showed me his dinner menu for the week but told me to always check with him first because sometimes he changes what he wants. “I know its a lot, but I think you will get the hang of it fast.” She said with a smile. “Thanks.” I said back. “Now you’re days will start at 6:30 am. You can take lunch whenever Alpha has nothing for you to do and your day ends after he is served dinner or when he lets you go. Whichever is first.” Emily said and I mentally rolled my eyes.

I’m irritated that I feel some sort of happiness being around my mate so much. “Alright. Now let’s go talk to the kitchen staff to run over the meals for today.” Emily said as we walked back into the kitchen.

It had been a few hours since starting and I’ve been running around non stop. I was just about to take a break when Emily stopped me. “Aspen. Alpha wants to see you.” I let out a huff as I followed her back out to his office.

My stomach started turning in knots. This was the first time today I was seeing him and I honestly didn’t know how I was going to react with being alone with him. Emily knocked on the door and I heard his voice boom form the other side. “Come in.”

Emily opened the door and waved for me to walk in. I swallowed the ball that was in my throat in walked in. The moment my eyes laid on him, my breathing seized. The way his fitted black shirt clung to his body had all my attention. His hair was styled messy and I had to nibble on my lip to contain myself.

“He smells so good. I want him. I want to claim him as mine.” Rebel popped up in my head. I ignored her and cleared my throat. “You wanted to see me?” I spoke and his eyes shot up from computer to me. I noticed a slight twitch in his face before he took a deep breath. I watched his eyes roam up and down my body as he placed a finger in front of his lips.

He cleared his throat and stood up. “Since you are now a member of this pack and my new assistant, I have to um-mark you so I can be able to reach you directly. “ He said sounding a little nervous. I was taken aback but its not like I could tell him no. I swallowed hard and looked up at him. “What do you need me to do?” I asked. “Take off your shirt.” He said in a blank tone.

Without even thinking, I did what he said. We kept eye contact with each other as I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off my shoulders. He let out a growl as he walked up to me. The moment I felt his finger touch my skin, I felt an electric spark go throughout my whole body. His fingers danced up my stomach,around my breast and up my neck. He gripped my neck and pulled me closer to him. I placed my hand on his rock hard abs and glided it up his chest.

He placed a gentle kiss on my shoulder and I felt a surge go through my body that caused me to stop breathing for a second. He traced a few pecks going up to my neck,causing a light moan to escape my lips. His lips were so soft and I was staring to melt being in his arms. I pulled myself closer to him just wishing it was possible for us to be closer.

I moved my hands to his back and lightly dug my nails into his back causing a low sensual growl to come from him. I was so confused on why my body craved him so bad. But I was so willing to just go with it. I tilted my head up to look in his eyes. He bent his head down a little closer to me.

Our breaths were shallow as we inched closer together. His eyes held so much in them that I got lost in them. Our lips were almost touching but he suddenly pulled back. He pushed me back and had to take a hard breath. “I have to do this the old way.” He whispered. “Give me your arm.” He said out loud.

I raised my arm and he took it. He extended his fangs and bit into it. I let out a yelp and jumped. He took his fangs out and wiped the blood from his mouth. He let go of my arm and told me to put my shirt back on.

“That’ll be all Aspen. I’ll reach you if I need anything.” He said so cold. It hurt my feelings. We had an intimate moment and he just tossed it off like it was nothing. My temper started to rise but I bit down on my lip and hurried up and buttoned my shirt back up.

“Yes Alpha.” I said as I opened the door. I looked back at him as he still stood with the same cold expression. I glared my eyes at him and slammed the door behind me. What an asshole. Why did Selene pair me with someone like him? Why did she destined me to be stuck working for him?

This was going to be hell.
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