Stubborn Mates

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8. Ryker

It had been a few days since Aspen has been working for me. All I kept thinking about was what almost happened in my office. I wanted to take her and mark her as mine. Feeling her soft skin and having her sweet smell surround me had me feeling weak in the knees.

It was an uncomfortable feeling for me but I didn’t mind feeling that way for her. I had to pull back before I marked her as my mate instead. It was after she stormed out that I realized that maybe this was a bad idea. I thought having her close would help me think straight for once. But all thats on my mind is her.

Yesterday I told her that the murder charge has been officially cleared from her name and for her corporation, her accessory charge has been reduced to a misdemeanor and won’t be on her record. After a year of working for me, she will be free to go. Apart of me twisted into knots at the thought of her leaving. But I believe it’s for the best. For both of us. We were raised in two different worlds. It wouldn’t work. I think Selene made a mistake with this bond.

Aspen hasn’t said much to me unless I ask her for something. I only see her when I call for her or she’s bringing me something and even then, she’s seems so distant from me. It’s driving me crazy how torn I am when it comes to her. But I have to do what’s best.

“Aspen, bring the car around so I can go to the council meeting.” I linked her. “Yes,Alpha.” She replied instantly and shut the link between us. I leaned back in my chair with a sigh. I always felt a warm calming feeling whenever we linked.

It always made me miss her when she shut the link between us. I rubbed my hands down my face and stood up to walk to the waiting car. I grabbed my cup of coffee and sipped it. It was perfect. Ever since Aspen started making it, I haven’t had a bad cup.

I walked out the front door and was met with the sight of my beautiful mate. She had her hair in a high ponytail with a few random strands hanging. She had on a light blue button up shirt and a white skirt that hugged every inch of her curves. She was on the phone scheduling something in my schedule.

I walked up to her as she hung up. She bowed her head at me and then opened the door. I got in and she closed the door. She walked around the other side and got in the back with me. Since Aspen doesn’t know the city, I just hired a driver to do the driving.

She sat there quite as the hover car pulled off. She stared out the window refusing to make eye contact with me. I wanted so bad to pull her close to me and have her lay her head on me. But to distract myself, I got on my phone and read some emails.

Her phone started to ring and she sucked her teeth. “Fucks sake not again.” She whispered before she swiped to answer it. “Alpha Ryker’s phone.” She spoke and butterflies came to my stomach as my name came off her tongue. I shifted uncomfortably as I started feeling frustrated with the way she was making me feel.

“Hold please.” She said as she removed the phone from her ear. She scrolled for a while before placing it back on her ear. “Next availability is next Tuesday.” She said as she started fidgeting with her fingers.

“I understand it’s important but his schedule is full for the rest of the week.” She said as she paused. I turned and noticed her nose was starting to crinkle up as she grew agitated. “Look I told you the soonest is next Tuesday. So you can take what I give you or you can just forget about it.” She said in an authoritative tone that surprised me a little bit.

“Good. Next Tuesday at 2 pm is your slot.” She said and hung up. She cursed under her breath as she typed in the scheduled meeting. “Must of been the science sector.” I said. All she did was let out an agreeing hum as she continued to type without looking up. “They always seem to think they deserve special treatment.” I said trying to make small conversations. But all she said was “I see that.”

"You better make things right with our mate you idiot. She's the best thing that happens to us." Aries popped up frowning at me."Shut up old man. I'm trying." I said as I looked back at my phone. I decided to not try to talk and just focus on my meeting. I was announcing the Unity Ball to the council for them to spread out in their sectors.

Since the city was so big, each council member is in charge of their own parts of the city. Sort of like Mayors of each division. They enforce whatever law I pass and they come to me whenever they are in need of something in their sector.

Each sector is responsible for their own contribution to the city. Agriculture, science, business etc etc. Each one has a different resource. The driver pulled up to the court house that we would be meeting at. Aspen got out and came over to open my door. I stepped out and she walked behind me as she followed.

I walked down the hall until I got into the council room. It was a big circle table that had all eight of the members sitting there. I walked and sat down in the empty chair at the head of the table. “Good morning gentlemen.” I spoke and they replied back. Aspen sat on the side of the room next to Gamma Nile and Beta Jace.

She whispered something to Nile who spoke back. I instantly felt some type of way but I let it go. “So I called this meeting to announce a ball. The President of the SSU, wants to throw a Unity Ball to show that mystics and humans can coexist. “ Murmurs came from around the room.

“Alpha, what caused him to want to throw this ball?” Council Ryan spoke up. “I don’t know. We all know I barely trust the guy which is why I offered to have the ball here.” I said and a loud communion came in the room.

“We can’t have humans roaming our lands.”

“They’ll run a muck.”

“What if they try to do something.”

I let out a loud growl, silencing the room. “I’ve agreed to the ball because there is a deal I am proposing to the president. I have been working with the science sector closely and we have found a cure for what they call cancer.”

“I will be willing to supply this to them if he allows me to look into the human realm to find who killed my father.” I said and the silence stayed still. “We will be having it at the arena near the border October 18th. Is that understood?” I asked “yes Alpha.” I heard from everyone.

I still hold a grudge for whoever killed my father. No matter how long it takes, I will find the human who did it. I still remember the scent all over him. If they are alive, I pray to Selene they are, I will personally kill them myself. The grudge I hold for the death of my father, is the reason why I understand Aspen wants revenge.

I get it. But they have to be arrested and sentenced first. And I might just let Aspen do it if she pleases. I would do anything to make her happy if I could. As the meeting went on past the ball conversation, I would sometimes look over and see Aspen and Nile talking.

Jealousy filled me. Nile was unmated and to the world,Aspen was too. But she wasn’t. She is my mate. Why was he talking to my mate? Aries started growling as he wanted to lash out towards Nile but I held him back.

I didn’t realized I was so zoned out until Council Terrin called out for me. “What did you say?” I asked again. “I said we need more funding for the schools in the Science sector. Research us getting expensive and we need more space and supplies.” He said. “Send an invoice and blueprints to me and I’ll approve it.”

I spoke as I payed attention back to meeting. About a hour later, I dismissed the meeting and stood up. I walked towards the door and glared at Aspen waiting for her to get up. She got the hint and stood up. She did a brisk nod towards Gamma Nile and followed me out.

We were quite in the car ride back. I didn’t understand why I was so bothered by Aspen talking to Nile but it didn’t sit right with me. When the driver pulled back up to the mansion, I didn’t wait for Aspen. I got out myself and turned to walk to my office in the back.

“Aspen follow me to my office.” I called out. I heard the click of her heels following me. I opened the door to my office and walked to my desk. She closed the door behind her and stood there. I started typing on my computer to print off some papers. I walked over to the printer and grabbed the papers. I walked over to her and handed them to her.

A frown form on her forehead as she looked at both sheets. They were wanted papers for Eli and Eric for the murder of the Alpha guard. I had Jace dig deep in the system for them but he found them. “Give these to Beta Jace so he can spread them out.” I said and she nodded.

Normally this would be something for the Gamma to do but I wasn’t sending her to him. “What were you and Gamma Nile talking about?” I asked suddenly. I was just as surprised as her that I asked that. “Nothing.” She answered simply. I let out a growl growing impatient. “What were you two talking about? I’m not asking you again.” I said a little more authoritative.

She gave me a blank stare at first but a small smirk crawled on her face. “He’s jealous. How cute is that?” I heard her thoughts. I shook my head wondering how did I hear that. “Never mind.” I spoke as I walked back to my desk. I needed a break from her. So I decided to give her the rest of the day off.

“Tell the kitchen staff I want ribs for dinner tonight and then you can have the rest of the day off.” I said as I sat back down. She stood there for a while. Still smirking. “Yes Alpha. Do you mind if I leave the grounds for a while? Gamma Nile was just telling me of a few places I should see if I ever got a free day.” She spoke. I looked up at her. I felt stupid in the inside for making a big deal of her talking to another guy.

“Fine. But take Beta Emily with you.” I said as I dismissed her. “Yes Alpha.” She bowed and walked out the office. After she left I ran my hands down my face. Jace made having a mate look so fun and loving. But for me it was tiresome and frustrating. But I guess it’s like that when neither of you are will to accept or reject each other.

I decided to bury myself in my work since the council meeting was the only meeting I had today. I needed a distraction. A few hours later, I linked Jace and told him to come to the office when he had a chance. He was here within ten minutes.

“Look Alpha. I understand you might need a break from your mate. But don’t send mine off with her.” He joked as he sat in the chair. I let out a chuckle as I shut the computer down. I stood up and walked to the mini bar in the corner. “Want a drink?” I asked him. “Some gin sounds nice.” He said.

I went into the ice maker and scoped a couple of ice cubes in each cup. I poured gin in his and scotch in mine. I handed him his cup and sat back down in my chair. We both took a sip of our drinks. The burn the scotch cause going down my throat somehow gave me ease.

“So hows it going with the mate?” Jace asked taking another sip. I sat down my cup as I leaned back in my chair with my head up. “Things are hard.” I said as I leaned my head back up and took another sip of my drink. “I thought having her here would be easier. But it’s causing nothing but trouble.” I said as I ran my hand down my face.

“It is easier having her here. If she was away from you, you’d be going mad.” He said as he sat his drink down. “I feel like I already am. She was having a small conversation with Nile and I almost lost my shit at the council meeting.” I said as I pinched the bridge of my nose.

“Yeah I saw you zoned out on those two. Maybe you need to announce she’s your mate.” Jace suggested. I instantly started shaking my head. “No way. I just need to get through this year and then she’ll be off on her own again.” I said as I downed the rest of my drink.

“Do you really think you can live without her being close to you now that you know she’s your mate? I mean Emily has only been gone a few hours and I’m going crazy without her.” He said. “That’s because you two have accepted each other as mates.” I said as I stood to pour me another drink.

“Your not going to accept Aspen?” He asked. “Nope.” I answered as I poured my drink. “Are you going to reject her?” He asked. I stopped and looked out the window. A pain came to chest at the thought of rejecting her or her rejecting me. “No.” I said low as I took a sip of my drink. “Then what are you going to do?” Jace asked.

I let out a loud sigh and went and sat back down. “I don’t know.” I said as I contemplated on this dilemma. “Why don’t you want to mate her?” He asked and I paused. I really didn’t have a reason. Maybe it was fear. Fear of change. Fear of losing someone else I love. Fear of not being in control. Maybe I’m just scared. But I was never going to admit that out loud.

“I don’t know. I guess I’m just use to being alone.” I said. It was half the truth. “Look man. I know it was hard losing both your parents. I would want to close myself up from the world to if that happened to me so fast. But maybe Aspen is the one to make you feel better. That’s what mates do. They help you heal. They help you find yourself.” Jace went on.

I listened to everything he said. Whenever Aspen was around me , I felt completed and comfortable . I felt like it was okay to let my guard down but I was just too stubborn to do it. “Your right. I just don’t know.” I said. “Well you have a year to figure it out.” He said as he downed the last of his first drink.

I nodded my head and we relaxed and talked for a while. Jace and I haven’t had a moment like this since before I became Alpha. I enjoyed our talk and time. We wrapped it up after an hour and walked back into the house a little tipsy.

“Alright man. I'm going to go in my room and wait for Emily. She said they’re on their way back.” Jace said as we gave a bro hug and he went upstairs. I walked to the kitchen and got a bottle of water out the fridge. I was walking back up the stairs when I heard the door open and her squeaky voice.

“Rykie honey. Why didn’t you tell me about the ball? We have to plan our outfits!” Rose said. I turned around and walked back down the stairs. “Rose what are you doing here?” I asked annoyed. “Well I haven’t heard from you in a few days.” She said as she walks up towards me.

I use to be able to tolerate her smell but now just a whiff of her scent makes me want to puke. “Yeah I’ve been busy.” I said leaning away from her slightly. “Well come here silly. I’ve missed you.” She said as she grabbed my face and planted a kiss on my lips.

I heard the door open and when I looked up I saw Emily and Aspen standing there. Aspen had a look of fury mixed with hurt on her face.

Shit. This wasn’t good.
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