My Ruthless Mate

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YOU ARE A MONSTER. Darling I am always a monster and I am not going to change not even for my mate. Hanna roselane smith the daughter of the strongest alpha.Hanna is a human because of her mother is too.she has two brothers.she is kind,care for others,hate bullies and know how to fight. Alex Grayson knight the alpha king.he is known as the cold hearted,ruthless an can kill any one.also a hybrid. how will Hanna react when she finds out who her MATE is?.Will she able to change him or not.Will Alex change when he finds his mate or will he be the same MONSTER.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

hanna pov

When I woke up it was seven am.

I went to the bathroom and showered and did my morning things.

when i reached downstairs, i saw my mom making pancakes for breakfast while my dad and brother were eating it.

"Morning mom,dad".

"Morning baby girl" said my dad.

What can i say iam always a daddys girl.

"Morning honey replyed mom".

"Dad when will be sam's alpha cermoy?" I asked.

"We planned it to have it on saturday,"said dad.

Ok when i saw my time it was almost seven fortyfive

"Oh shit,we are going to be late for school"i told my brothers.

"Sam I'm driving today" i told my brother.

We are three siblings the oldest is me,second is sam and the youngest is zayn.

When we reached school,i saw same pack members were bullying a human and i forgot to tell you that i hate bullies.And i can't beat them up because it will cause trouble.I'll teach their lesson while taining.

We reached inside and i went stright to my locker,i don't have any friend at school because the girls from my pack are sluts.

Whereas my brothers have friends because sam is in football as a quterback and captain while all the girls drool over him and hated me,he does'nt care about the girl at school because he wants to wait for his true mate.While zayn is in soccer.

Lets say that i used to be in cheerleading but i quit because of the bitches in the team.

Finally it was afternoon and we went back home.When i reached home i went to the kitchen and saw my mom cooking dinner.

"Hey mom, Where's dad?".

"Oh,Hey honey he is in his office,Thanks mom".

I went up the stires and knocked the door of the office and entered.

When i entered i saw dad doing some pack work.Hey dad.And i went to sit infront of the desk on the chair.

"Hey baby girl how was school," he asked.

"You know dad same old and boring right"

"No I don't"he said and started to laugh.

"Dad how many people are coming to sam's cermony," i asked?.

Cause first of all we are the strongest pack.

"All alpha's from north america," says dad.

"Also the alpha king is coming to the cermony".


"I shouted".

And dad looked at me.

"Sorry dad i said".

The alpha king is the strongest of all alpha's because he is a hybird.Because his father was a werewolf while his mother was a vampaire.I also heard that he was a few centurys old.Well he did'nt look old i tv he looked like in his mid twentys.I heard that he kills any rogue that passes his territory even if its a man,wemen or childrens.How heartless can he be and does'nt stand disrespestment toward him.All the alpha's are afraid of him.

"Why is he caming dad".

"He is the alpha king and he is also looking for his mate,so we can't do anything said," dad.

We are also having a party after the cermony for the young people to enjoy when the alpha'a are gone to talk about their pack in the meeting with the alpha king.

After talking to dad i went.The whole week passed so fast.

Today me,mom and the boys went shopping for the cermony clothes.

Dresses for me and mom while tuxedos for dad and sam and zayn.

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