My Ruthless Mate

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Chapter 2

Hanna pov
Finally today was the day sams gonna be alpha.Some alpha's and their luna had already arrived on friday and stayed in the pack's guest house.


I heard someone call me when I turn around I saw my dad walking to me.

"Princess can you go and find zayn,I have tried to mindlink him but he blocked everyone".

"Ok dad".

Once I was out side I know where he goes when he's upset and I walked towards the training grounds.

I know what has zayn done yesterday.when i reached the taining grounds i saw zayn sitting there.

"Zayn should'nt you be getting ready for sam's cermony rather then sitting here"i said.

"Should'nt you also be getting ready sis, cause I heard girls take time to get ready".

"Oh really,and did you heard that from".

"I had it from dad when he was waiting for mom to get ready ".

"Yeah i was about to,before dad told me to find you and i know what you did yesterday".

"Does dad know about this sis".

"No,not yet but you better give a good reason not to tell dad".

"Ok sis,i'll tell you some of my friends asked for yor number when i said no, they called you a bitch and thats why my wolf lost control and i beat them up,please don't tell dad".

"Do i know your friends wait, was jim and health,right".

"How did you know"?

"Because i mostly see them with you"

"Don't worry little bro i'll deal with them after sam's cermony ok,now let's go back before sam chase us for missing his cermony".

"Also little bro i won't tell dad what you did unless you tell it to him to yourself,ok"?.

When we reached home we went to our room and stared to get ready.

When i got down staires i saw all the alpha and their luna were there and so was the whole pack.

I saw mom and dad greeting some alpha's so i joined them as well did sam and zayn.

It was already time for the cermony and all this time i have'nt seen the alpha king and it's a good thing.

Finally dad stared the cremony.

"Do you sam smith take the role to be the alpha of the moon pack and keep this pack from any harm and respect the pack members".

"I do said sam".

"By the power in me i alpha blake now pass my role of alpha to my son".

With that dad cut his and sam's wist and join the blood together and the whole pack cheered for there new alpha.

When sam came down from the stage i hugged him and he hugged me back.

"Whats wrong"?asked sam.

"Nothings wrong I'm so happy alpha sam,"i mocked and zayn stared to laugh so did sam.

After the alpha and their mate were done eating dad mind linked, and said let the party being{A/N the mind link is written in bold}.

When hell broke loose the DJ stared to play music, while people stared to dance in the dance floor.

"May i have this dance my lady, said sam".

"Yes alpha you may I mocked again".

I went to get cold water when i saw zayn again beating one of his friends,i ran towards him and pull him of his friend before he kills them.

"ZAYN, stop it and finally he stoped".

One of the friend said look the bitch came to stop her brother with that i lost my temper and holded his neck you better say sorry or i'll burn you ashes and no one will ever know with this threat he looked afraid and said sorry and ren away.

Zayn how many time should i tell you to control your wolf didn't i.Sis if tryed to control him but if some one sayes bad things i can't stand hearing it.Ok how about we go and danc on the dance floor.

Ok said zayn.When we were almost on the dance floor i hited a wall really hard and was about to fell when it catched me,wait wall don't have hands do they when i looked up it was the ALPHA KING the word i heard was MINE.And my world came crashing down on me.



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