My Ruthless Mate

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Chapter 3

Hannah's pov
"Let me go," I said and looked up only seeing him looking at me.

Dad,Sam,and the other alphas came out of the house to see what's happening.

"Let her go," said dad".

She will decide if she wants to go with you your highness said dad.

The alpha kings eyes were turning reddish black.
That only means his wolf and vampire wanted to grain control.

And he pushed me aside and turned into his wolf and so did dad and stared to fight.

His wolf was bigger then dad's because he is a hybrid.Also his wolf was black whereas dad's wolf was Brown.

He was on top of dad and dad submitted to him and he goted off him.

Both of them went behide the tree and wearer shorts which one of the omega brought for them.

He saw my dad and alphas and growled. When he saw me he came in front of me and pulled me closer and buried his face in my neck trying to calm his wolf and vampire and pulled backed his eyes were back to normal.

"You will leave with me tomorrow," said the alpha king".

"What if I don't want to leave," I said.
when I saw him he looked angry.

"Do not disrespect me,if you want your pack and family alive you will came with me".

"You are going to kill them if I don't go with you".

"How about you kil me with my family".

His eyes were emotionless," I'll make sure to watch your pack die and kill your family in front of you".

I saw the pack members looked scared and then my family.

"I will go with you tomorrow if you promise not to harm any pack and my family".

"I will not harm them said the alpha king".

"Everyboby go back to your home's," said dad and they turned and went.

"Alphas and lunas you may return to your guests room," said dad.

We all returned home and I went to staright to as tears were welling in my eyes as I entered my room I went to shower and stared to cry.

After I was done showering I weared my pj and set on the bed and cried I heard my bedroom door open and came in was my mom.

"Oh honey why are you crying,"said mom.

"Mom why did he have to be my mate".

" Honey you know the moon goddess must have choosen you for a reason, maybe you will be able to change him," said mom.

"How will I change him mom did you see his face when he threaten me for not leaveing the pack I am scared of him mom,what if he doesn't change and be the same".

Mom stared at me with sad eyes don't worry "honey I am sure he will change.

When I looked up I saw dad and my brothers walked in and hugged me.

"Don't worry sis you know will be always be their when you need us remember".

We talked and played games till two am. Mom and dad already went to bed when it was ten pm.

I went to sleep with what was going to happen in the morning.

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