My Ruthless Mate

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Chapter 4

Hanna pov
"Hanna wake up".

Someone banged my room door.

"let me sleep Sam I said".

"It is six thirty o'clock you know you have to came and eat breakfast and leave with the alpha king right".

With that I had an idea and went to the bathroom and done my morning routine and tired my hair in an messy bun.

When I reached downstairs i saw zayn and Sam eating Breakfast.

"Ready to go to school,"I said.

"You are not going to school hanna,"said mom.

"But why ? I said".

"Because you have to leave with the alpha remember,"said mom.

"I know but he didn't told me what time to leave,so I can go to school".

With that me and the boys left for school.

It was lunch time when I reached my locker I saw the alpha kings beta standing near it.

"Hello Luna he greeted me".

"Please don't call me Luna just call me hanna,"I said.


" My name is jake and I am here to take you and your brothers home where his highness is waiting for you".

"Ok lead the way".

When we reached home and entered the house I saw a very angry alpha looking at me.I didn't say anything to him or my parents and went to my room and shower.

After I finished showering and went downstairs to find the alpha king standing in front of me.

"Didn't I say we were leaving today," he said.

"Yes you did your highness but you didn't tell what time to leave".

"Do not disrespect me you don't want to face the consequences,"he said

"I am not disrespecting you,because I just told the truth"and walked away from him.

We all were outside I was saying goodbye to my family.I hugged my dad and mom but she started to cry while dad was trying to calm her down.I hugged zayn and he whispered in my ear,"don't worry sis if he does anything to you or make you cry I'll beat him up".

I pulled away from him and smiled and hugged Sam.

"what's the matter Sam are you going to miss me or not" I whispered in his ear and pulled away and saw his eyes were teary and so was mine.

"I am going to miss you a lot sis".

"I heard zayn saying if you hurt my sister I will kill you I don't care if you are the alpha king" ,the alpha king growled at him.he was coming forward till his beta said.

"We said get going alpha,he didn't say anything but nod his head.

And I told everyone my final goodbyes and got in the car and left with my mate.

After ten minutes we were at the airport and boarded his private jet,I had to sit beside my mate not anybody else.

While sitting in the plane I was listening to music while the alpha king was busy with his alpha work and kept typing in his laptop.I fell asleep while putting my head on the window side.

I opened my eyes and saw my head was on the alpha kings shoulder he was still working his laptop I quickly sifted my head away from his shoulder towards the other side when I hited my head on the window.And saw him looking at me.

There was a announcement from the pilot that we will be landing in fifteen minutes.

After we landed some of the pack members came to pick us from the airport.And I had to ride the car with the alpha king.

And our journey was to the pack territory now while I had a smile on my face why the smile because I can't wait to ran away because no one knows the except me.

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