My Ruthless Mate

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Chapter 5

When we entered the pack territory and went straight to the castle of the alpha king and it was three story building and it was huge.

Jake will show you your room and tour you though the castle said the alpha king.

So what's it like to live in the castle I asked Jake.

It is great and we all have our own house to live in Luna.please don't call me Luna how many times I told you Jake, so wait you don't live with the alpha so who does.

Well the alpha and the omega live here to clean,cook and do other things said jake.

Ok what are on each floors of the castle.

The ground floor contains the kitchen and the where you eat your food also the living room ,the second is the bedroom and the third one is the alphas study,and where the meeting chamber is and the library said Jake.

And we were on the second floor,her is your room lu...Hanna the alphas room is at the end of the hall maybe you like to take a shower,all your things are in the closet if you need anything please don't mind to call the omega and one of the omega will call you for dinner with that Jake left.

I went near the closet and opened it was filled with all kind of clothes and with shoes.

I took my clothes and went to shower after showing I came out and heard a knock on the door.

When I open it I thought I will be Jake but instead stood a girl around my age.

The alpha is calling you for dinner luna she was about to leave when I stopped her.

What's your name,mine is hanna and yours....Kate, so we will be great friends I can tell and smile.

When we reached down stairs I saw a really long table with the alpha king, sitting on the head of the table.And I sat beside him.

I was eating my food when he asked me so tell me about yourself hanna.

Ok Alex as you know I am the first born of the alpha,I have two siblings and no friends at school that's all about myself.

Why didn't you want to become alpha of the pack alex asked.

Well I knew that had to leave if I find my mate with him that's why.Can I know about you as I looked into his emotionless eyes.

As you know I am a hybrid because my parents were not the kind,and am three hundred and twenty years of age.

And I don't want to see you disrespecting me or you will be punished like all the pack member understand.

Yes.good he said and left me eating alone what a jerk.

After I ate my food I went to the kitchen to find the omegas working and spot Kate there.

I went closer to her from behind and yelled boo and she jumped and I started to laugh when she turned back to look at me.

Your highness you scared me.Kate please don't call me your highness just call me hanna or han ok.ok your.....I mean han you know if the alpha finds out he will punish me.

No he will not I will save you.but do you he can kill anyone who disrespect him.I know Kate well goodnight after that I went to my room.

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