My Ruthless Mate

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Chapter 6

Hanna pov
You were never my mate.You were just a weak human and will never be a luna and it's time for you to die said alex with that he pull my heart out of my chest goodbye hanna.

Wake up its a dream I heard someone say.....

When I opened my eyes I saw alex and there were tears in my eyes and I moved away from him to the edage other bed and saw him staring at me.

He stared to move closer.STAY AWAY FROM ME I yelled at him but he did not stop but kept moving towards me.

Then he grabbed me by hand and pulled me on the middle of the bed and pinned me there with him on top of me.

My tears were running down my eyes so I turned my head away from him and looked towards the door.

What did you see in your dream tell me said alex.

It was nothing I said.look me in the eye and speak he said. but I said the same thing it was nothing but I didn't turn my head to show him my tears

He grabbed my face forcefully and turn it to look him in the eye and the tears were still rolling down my eyes.

I looked at him and saw him staring at my tears and his eyes soften for a moment but vanished and was back to his cold eyes when he saw me staring at him.

Let me ask you again what did you see in your dream and don't make me repeat the question again because I have other way to make you talk.

What are you going to do kill me if I don't talk because in my dream I saw you kill me.

He did not say anything but started to maid link someone there was a knock on the door and alex got me the door opened and revealed Martha she is an old women who has been working here for the past forty years or more and is also unchange around the place.

Martha tomorrow in the I want all her things to go in my room understand.

Yes alpha with that she left me alone with him.

And the next thing I now is that he is laying on my bed with his eyes closed he looks so peaceful when he is asleep.

I took my pillow and blanket to the couch and thinking how will I escape when I will be sleeping in the same room as him and close my eyes and let darkness took over me.

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