My Ruthless Mate

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Chapter 7

Hanna pov
The next morning when I woke up I was not sleeping on the couch but on my bed.

And Alex was no way to be seen he must have put me on bed and why would he do this .whatever he's still a jerk.

After I was finished with my morning routine I went to have breakfast.

How am I going to run from here I have to do it fast.

Morning I said to kate while she was serving me where the alpha I asked her.

His highness already ate his breakfast and went to a meeting with a neighbouring pack she answered.

(time skipped)
All day I was roaming around the house do you know why I was here all day.

flash back
Let see how am I going to get off this territory the front door must be unlocked as I opened the door there were two guards standing there as I was about to walk out they stopped me.

Sorry Luna but his highness his not allowed us to let you out,only to let you out when his highness is here then.

flash back finished

That asshole.I heard my phone ringing when I saw the id it was Sam and I answered it.

Hey sis what u doing he asked.nothing just locked in my room I said what about you.

Busy with the alpha work and it's tiring as well so are you thinking about going the school.

I don't know Sam if he allows me then I can go if not then I have to stay in the how everyone there.

Everyone is fine do know mom was crying really hard when you left but dad clam her down.

Oh tell mom I miss her and dad and tell them not to worry about me After talking to Sam about an hour. After I was done talking to him I was thinking I should really go to school and then I can plan my runaway plan.

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