Frosted hearts

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A jack frost inspired book, circling his love life with hades's youngest daughter. He lives isolated in his own cold kingdom, where he is king of people who are always plotting aginst him, and apollo, the one god he never wants to see.

Fantasy / Romance
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Apollo's hate

The arrow swished dangerously close to apollo's face, as he moved just in time to avoid it. He turned to face the God of frost, as the latter lowered his bow, racing his head high with pride. "Do not try me, Sun god. I can do bad things." Jack frost said, a half smirk playing on his lips. His voice, smooth as silk, organized like a musical note, fluid like a clear stream, resonated through the massive lit up empty halls. Apollo strolled lazily, matching Jack frost's beautiful stride, towards the long table, where Jack frost sat, pouring himself a drink before offering Apollo some, which Apollo rejected. "I do not eat from the hands of people of which i do not care." He said, eyeing him, while pouring himself a cup. "Your cup might overflow, Apollo, and i will not be the cause of that. Just so you know, I do not care about you, either." With one move of his hand, Apollo swept out everything from the table leaving it bare. "You dare talk to me like that? I am the son of Zeus. I am the heir to his thrones. Only I. You are merely some village boy who got his powers out of luck. You are a lowlife." Jack frost didnt flinch, as he drank from the cup he had saved from Apollo's anger. "All you gods, strutting Olympus with false pride stemming from the powers gotten from diluted blood." Jack frost slurred, then chuckled darkly, before he continued. "Especially you, Apollo. How many siblings have you, again? What exactly can you make or destroy? You simply go around looking like a glowball, and you call that being a god?" He laughed again, enjoying Apollo's body tense with anger and his fists clench. "Let us duel, Frost. Since you are so sure of yourself." Jack frost raised a slender finger and waved it. "You are not worthy of my friendship, nor will you be able to shoulder the burden of my anger. Just do your thing, while I do mine. I fully intend to avoid seeing your disgusting face as it is." He uncrossed his legs and stood up, tucking his hands in the pockets of his royal blue attire. As he made to leave, Apollo held him by the collar, drawing him back to face him. Jack frost's eyes flashed a deadly blue, before it turned its normal color. "Let go of me, Apollo." "The high and mighty jack frost is scared? I am not surprised. You were always a pushover. That's why you took your sister to that ice rink and drowned her." Jack frost's eyes clouded, more from anger and a little bit of hurt and sadness. "Take that back." Apollo threw his head back laughing, before pushing Jack frost away. Jack frost stopped himself from falling, his eyes flashing dark blue, very close to the royal blue of his attire. "I said take that back." He repeated. "I refuse to." Apollo replied, looking like someone who knew just how well he had played his cards. "I told you to take that back!" It was obvious that Jack frost had lost his cool, and was ready to attack. "I. Refuse. To." Jack frost adjusted his stance, and before an eyelash would have closed and opened, Apollo had reeled to the floor, from the impact of Jack frost's ice. Apollo fell violently, hitting his head on the marbled floor. "Did you just use your powers on another god, Jack frost?" It was the voice of Zeus, thundering from above. Jack frost turned, his anger, not even nearly satisfied, his eyes still shining blue, just in time to see Zeus float towards him. "You used your powers on my son?" Jack frost swallowed, the presence of Zeus, a bit daunting. He turned to glance at Apollo lying on the floor and from the corner of his eyes, as he turned back to look at zeus, He saw Apollo open and close his left eye in a cunning wink. Jack frost now had it figured out. He stood before Zeus. "will you assume the form of the deaf gods, Jack frost? Will you not answer to your king?" "I do not have a fitting answer to your question." Zeus raised a brow. "You have always been disrespectful and pride filled in your dealings with my son, but i never minded it, since I was the one who had adopted you, and since it had not extended to me. Today it has." Jack frost pursed his lips. "Be ready for tomorrow's royal court." He said and swept his garment away. "I am sure you saw what had transpired between I and Apollo. I am also sure that you had seen him wink just now. I am also sure," his voice was raised now, and he swallowed hard before he continued. "That you know that he is faking that." Zeus looked to Jack frost's side where Apollo lay. "I do not care about all that. All that i care about is the undisputable fact that you have used your powers on him, violently. If he was not faking that, then it would be real!" "He is immortal." jack frost retorted, earning himself a slap on the cheek. He closed his eyes at the imlact, and his hair flew in the opposite direction. He swept it away and turned back to a seething Zeus. "You want to kill him, then? If he was mortal, would you kill him? Remember you were a mortal yourself! Do not think that because you were given this gift, you can come here and act like you own olympus! " Jack frost chuckled, without mirth. "Even if I acted my place, your overbearing son always felt threatened by me. He always hated me. You, on the other hand, always turned a blind eye. I never acted out of my place. This place was, in fact, never home for me." Zeus cut him off. "So you are now degrading all of the favors i have done for you? I have never been more disapppinted in you." "You were always disappointed in me." Jack frost said. "You never saw me fit enough to be one of your own." Jack frost said, with a tone of finality, before he backed away. "I'll see you tomorrow at the royal court." He said and turned his back on him, before storming out of the hall.
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