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The Awesome Six (first draft)

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Vida Jackson is a 20 year old intelligent girl who is a scientist and is searching for her father. She searched for him in every corner of earth but didn't find him. While she was searching for her father's traces she met a Vampire and found out about a new world. All the mythical creatures are either getting attacked or missing. While Vida was searching the reason for that with her Vampire friend she met 4 more creatures. Will Vida be able to solve the mystery with her 5 companions? Let's find out! HI all this is the first draft of my story so you find any mistakes feel free to comment it.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Jean and Jenny

19 April, Year 2070, Boston

Vida Jackson's pov

HI, My name is Vida Jackson. I am 19 years old. I completed my graduation when I was 15 and now I am working as an assistant for my father. If you are asking how I look well I wear glasses, I have long brunette hair, stormy grey eyes and I am fair. Yea I know I look like I am still 15 I look younger than my age. That's my plus point if people say I look young I take that as a compliment. I guess that's my intro.I was working on an experiment with my father and his friend. Yes we are scientists. My father's name is Jeremy Jackson and he is the greatest scientist in the world.

I was just working on an experiment then suddenly I heard my father call out to me from behind "Vida can you come with me for a few minutes? I want to show you something." for some reason I can hear happiness and warmth in his voice.

Which made me smile and turned to face him "what did you want to show me, father?" I asked.

"I want to show you my proudest achievement. Come." My father excitedly led me to his laboratory. He never let anyone enter his laboratory. He let me come to his laboratory for the first time which surprised me. I followed behind him curious to see what he had accomplished. He was a scientist and worked long hours in the lab I used to help him occasionally.

"Here." He pointed to a crystal-like device that shone brightly on the center of the lab. "Let me introduce you to Xinus1995." I looked at Xinus1995 with awe and my father started to explain what this device is about. "Xinus1995 is everything that everyone wanted. It is a healer and can make humans immortal, if you're hungry or weak it will give you energy. It can give you superpowers like you can lift up any heavy things and you can fly or you can control all the elements of earth. It will not only help humans but also animals and creatures."

I was still in awe. A lot of questions were making a storm in my mind. "This is the biggest achievement in history father, are you going to press reveal Xinus1995? What do you mean creatures?" I tried to control my excitement about this device but I failed.

My father let out a short laugh. "Take it easy child I will answer your questions." he said and his smiling face turned into a thinking face. He had a far away look on his face as he looked at Xinus1995. I patiently waited for his answer "I am not thinking of revealing this device to other people at least not yet. And to answer your second question Yes I believe mythical creatures exist, how do I know well let's just say I saw some creatures with my own eyes but they don't know about it." he said while casual shrugging his shoulders.

I was shook. I thought mythical creatures don't exist. Before I could ask more questions he stopped me by placing his hands on my shoulders with a chuckle "Daughter dearest I will answer all your questions but first I want your help with some experiments on Xinus1995, will you help me?" I sighed with disappointment because my question won't be answered today and I didn't want to ruin my father's happy mood,so I swallowed my questions and replied with the smile "Of course father it's my honor to help you with this experiment." He gave me a big smile satisfied with my answer as we started our experiment with Xinus1995.

A few days later our experiment was about to finish on Xinus1995. But we were still working on how we will be able to hold Xinus1995 with our bare hands because whenever we tried to touch it without gloves, it gave us electric current. I learned a lot more about Xinus1995 like how it can change the weather by the mood of the person or creature who is in contact with it and how it can control other people by the command of the owner of Xinus1995. While me and my father were working on it my father suddenly turned towards me and smiled and asked "Vida my sweet child I wanna show you something will you follow me?"

I gave him a confused look but then I nodded "ok sure father."

He grinned at my response and motioned his hand for me to follow him. I followed him and exited the lab. We walked for 15 minutes towards the forest. While we were walking in the forest he didn't say a word and then I saw a small hut. I asked my father in a worried tone "Father where are you taking me?".

"It's a surprise princess." my father said in an excited tone while opening the hut's door. We entered the small room. In that room there was a small fireplace and on the left side there was a small table which had a candle holder. I was able to see that because the room has dim light.

My father asked gently with a smile "Vida can you pick up the candle holder from that table?" I was confused about what father was up to but I didn't let it show I nodded with a small smile and picked up the candle holder and when I did I heard a creaking sound. I looked towards that creaking sound and saw the floor has a small door and now it is open.

I looked at my father who looked like an excited child. I let out a small laugh and said "I guess it leads us to a basement."

His smile grew bigger and said "Yes you guess it. Now follow me."

He started walking towards the basement and I followed him. It was pitch dark. I made sure that I will not fall. We walked in the dark for 2 minutes and then I saw a door which was made of steel.

Father opened the door and we entered the room but still everything was dark till my father commanded "Lights on!!". With that the lights turned on and I felt like I would go blind so I closed my eyes and shielded my eyes with my hands.

I slowly opened the eyes and started getting used to the bright light. And when I got used to the light my jaw dropped I saw the most hi-tech and beautiful lab ever. More hi-tech lab from which we left and came here. It was the combination of Nature and science itself the lab was decorated with different plants which I never see or heard the plants were glowing with different colors the lights on the wall were glowing and going in specific direction just like blood in our veins a robot bird landed on my shoulder I unconsciously raised my hand so she can sit on my finger and she did. I took a little closer look at her face to realize that she had a camera in her eyes like a security camera and after that she flew away from my finger. I saw a thing which surprised me, another Xinus1995 which was in the center of this room as well. There were different sections for each experiment. For invention was a different section, for experiments of plants and animals was a different section, my dad never hurt any animals. He just took some hair and then set them free. The smell of the lab was very flowery and pleasant.

"Wow..." is the only word which escaped from my mouth.

My eyes were wandering everywhere in the lab but then I came back to my senses when a robotic female voice spoke. "Welcome back doctor Jackson."

I saw him sitting on a comfortable chair enjoying my reaction and asked "you like my lab?"

I nodded and my smile grew wide "yes very much."

My dad got up from the chair like an excited child and said "if that's the case...the show is not over yet, Isa open the door of room number 3 and turn on the lights of its room."

After a few seconds the robotic female voice said "Dr Jackson the door of room number 3 is open with lights on."

My father replied, "Thank you Isa and now follow me princess."

With that he started walking briskly and I followed him but I realised that he called me princess after a very long time. He used to call me princess when I was 7 year old but as time passed and my mother died he stopped calling me princess. "Does that mean that my father is back to his usual happy self?" I muttered to myself while thinking.

While my mind was wondering about it, my father called out to me while singing randomly "we are here~~" I realised that we have entered room number 3. I wanted to laugh on the way he said WE ARE HERE but I controlled it. The room was white just like the main lab while.I was looking at the room.

Father said "wait in the room I will be back in a minute." and left.

I was looking at the room. It had many chemicals which I didn't even know and many machines and then my observing eyes landed on two humans. One was male and the other was female. They both were very good looking and they were lying on 2 small 2 beds but then I looked at them closely. Then I realised they are not humans. I was about to freak out but then I heard a voice behind me.

"Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Vida
Happy Birthday to you~"

I knew that voice, it was my father's voice. When I looked behind I saw my father with cake in his hands and smiling. I am shocked that he still remembers my birthday. It's been 12 years since I celebrated my birthday and I almost forgot that today is my birthday. I didn't understand why he was celebrating my birthday now?.

As I was thinking that my father interrupted my thoughts "you must be thinking why I am celebrating your birthday now, right?" He asked while placing the cake at a table and gave me a small sad smile.

I gave him a small nod. Then he pulled out a chair which was in front of the birthday cake and motioned me to sit so I sat down in front of the birthday cake and waited for him to start talking.

He gulped his saliva and hesitantly started talking "You see..I haven't been a great father. You have been a great daughter and I haven't been able to fulfill my duty as father.I...ignored you for 12 years because I was depressed about your mother's death and made myself busy in my experiments. You didn't have a normal childhood and teenage days like other kids. In all this you managed to stay by my side and took care of me and now I can be true to myself and I am going to move on from the past now...all I want to say is thank you and give you a gift even though it will not be enough for those 12 years. I hope you will forgive this stupid father of yours."

While he was saying this I knew he was about to cry and me on the other hand I am happy I don't know what to say. I mean I wanted to say I forgave him but instead of saying I showed him with my action. I picked up the knife and cut the cake and held that piece in front of my father's mouth and gave him the sweetest smile I could. He was shocked by my gesture but then he ate the piece of cake from my hands and started crying and I hugged him. I comforted him for at least 5 minutes and then he managed to get himself together.

"Come on princess it's time for your gift!" He said with the biggest smile ever as he pointed towards the 2 bodies.

I was excited as well as freaking out but still managed to ask "F-father?...a-are those...androids?"

He grinned at my question and nodded like a small child and replied "yes they are and your gift as well I have been working on them for 10 years. I waited for this day, now you're officially 20 so I can give them to you!"

After he said that he walked towards the 2 androids and stood in front of them and said "Activate!!"

As if to react to my father's order both androids opened their eyes and looked at my father and smiled gently while they sat on their bed comfortably "Hello doctor Jackson welcome back."

They greeted each other with a robotic yet a bit humanly voice. Then they looked at me. I was practically hiding behind my dad and looking at them awkwardly.

Perhaps they noticed my awkwardness and they both looked at each other and chuckled. Then they gave me the friendliest smile they could. "You must be madam Vida it's nice to meet you doctor Jackson talks a lot about you." The female android said while grinning. "And don't worry we don't bite." Said the male android while smirking and winking at me. With that a small laugh escaped from my mouth and I didn't realise how close I was standing to them and now in front of them.

"It's nice to meet you both as well." I said happily.

They introduced themselves "I am subject 108" said the female android. "And I am subject 109." Said the male android.

I realised they don't have names. I looked at my father who was looking happily at me like a huge burden was lifted from his shoulder and asked "father can I give them names?"

He nodded with the same smile "of course princess they are yours now."

Now I've started brainstorming for their names. While looking at them I felt like they're brother and sister so I thought their names should start with the same letter then the names hit me inside my head.

I pointed at male android and told him "From now on your name will be Jean." At his name he responded in robotic but humanly tone as well "Jean, the name is registered thank you madam Vida."

After that I point my finger at the female android "From now on your name is Jenny." She also responded in a robotic but humanly tone as well "Jenny, the name is registered thank you madam Vida."

They both looked happy about their names. Well now that everyone is happy I decided to fake complaint to my father "But father it's not fair..." I said while fake pouting.

"What is not fair princess?" He asked worriedly while placing his hand on my shoulder.

Then I pointed at Jean and Jenny like a child while they looked at me confused "I mean look at them they are good looking and I look like a potato in front of them."

At my statement My father, Jean and Jenny all started laughing and then I started laughing along. Though really I looked like a potato in front of them. After that all four of us chatted for almost 2 hours. If it is a dream I don't want it to end.

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