The Hybrids Creatures

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⚠️🚨18+ sexual situations, vulgar language, violence. (Re-written) Hybrids Creatures follows the chaotic hybrid Rosemary, when she tried to adjust to what she is and returning to Crimson Creek, having just left a life she lived entirely with demons.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

They’re at it again, the whispers, the egging voices in my head. They never seemed to shut up, not even when I slept. It made me restless. An endurance I faced with having borderline control over my Mental stability, and the weakness that made my whole body tremble with each breath was a true annoyance to my nature. I was expected to have control over all things laid before me, I was a superior being they always told me... But I'm getting ahead of myself.
For three days, my keeper hadn't allowed me out of the manor, but if there was anything I needed no one hesitated to bring it to me. She saw to it that I was imprisoned in luxury. Her name was Sama'el, in a sum of words she was my boss, and guardian. A very protective one, even had henchmen watching my door, ensuring I did not harm myself or others for that matter. But I think her main concern was for her own people, I mean that would be mine if I had something like me around.
Our home was a home for all dwellers of the night. The night creatures shunned into the shadows, into the corners no one cared to look after anymore. Being one of them I was oddly comfortable here. I was something of a discarded shadow myself. A Hybrid. Not As glamorous as most would think. I was the product of two creatures that thrived beneath the moon and in their shadows. My mother was The Goddess of Death, and my father a werewolf, a child of Fenrir, the great black wolf, and Mother Henbane, mother of Wolves. One big happy family. What I was, caused more of an inconvenience than anything.
I fell into the care of my guardian Sama'el, Royal Arch demoness. Oddly out of the kindness of her charitable heart. And fortunately for her I was also an advantage for the demons, and -well okay I was her favorite, and my brother and his wife were dear friends to her. Sama'el, my unearthly beautiful demon, she taught me everything I knew, and protected my brothers family and I from any kind of harm. I was left here by my brother and his wife when I became too much to handle as a child. It wasn't the most pleasant memory, but it was kind of the best thing that could've been done for me. Sama'el was my favorite creature, alongside my "aunt Maze" PackMaster of Crimson Creek and Howls Ash. I had only met her a hand full of times when I was younger but she had much respect from me. Every other encounter was through phone calls. Or relayed through Sama'el and my brother.
Tonight had been one of those nights I itched to escape. If I had to stay another night locked in my bedroom I was going to lose it. It was only too easy to slip past everyone. Neither henchmen had the brains to check in every exit or entrance to my room. I practically danced through my connecting bathroom out into a separate hallway and out the front door.
It was nearing witching hour, and without realisation my feet carried me into the crisp Berkshire air, stopping before a church . A small, rotting cottage, with glimmering candles leading from the front worn stone steps into the small chapel. I stood before it debating, and nearly turned away, but instead jogged up the steps into the chapel. Immediately feeling the calm blanket me.
The place was empty as expected. I sat in one of the pews, and just stared at the red carpet below my feet. I didn't come to repent, my sins were far from forgiving at this point , and I didn't come to feel guilty for what I am. I came for silence, the calm that hit me at the entrance. Holy ground was the only time the voices in my head were silent. Here was the only place I felt the full exhaust hit me.
I was so close to having a peaceful few minutes of sleep, but the presence of a putrid being vibrated the air. One with so many names I've lost count over time. But this snake of time did favor one name.
"What do you want Thana? No one has called on you."

Her perky self sat gracefully beside me, " No one has ever called on me, and yet here I always am. Ready to whisk the pain of life away. Poor souls, such a troublesome occupation when you're a death keeper." She grinned " speaking of poor souls . I can hear them screaming at the entrance by the way. That's why I came . Just being nosey. I mean you are practically my best friend Rosie. I came to check on you! Plus your mother wants to make sure you're well, and if you've thought about her offer. "

"I'm fine, and my answer is still no. It isn't much of an offer when your mother practically threatens you into a job."
"She just wants to make sure you know your true place." Thana sighed, knowing I wouldn't budge with this conversation, and looked around with a scrunched up nose "Here, really? "

"It keeps them quiet for awhile."

"Well maybe you shouldn't overfeed. "

I glared at her "I need to or I'll kill someone, you idiot."
"Well if you did that you and I could spend more time together!" She jeered clapping
What some probably will never fathom is that a death keeper was very beautiful. Not in the manner of snuffing the life without warning beautiful, but her guiding souls to their afterlife, not wanting them to take that journey alone to my mother, or releasing a pleading soul that sings to her from their pain and or suffering. And ofcourse a being such as her did come with a warming figure. Thana dressed unlike what some would imagine. With bright red lips, and a loose black sundress. The death keeper stood tall, with waist length pitch hair, shrouded with crimson baby's breath tangled in perfect curls. To me she looked like a gothic Woodstock hippie, barefeet and all. She was like my mother, a keeper of the dead, but Thana was in simplicity a worker bee.

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