Beloved Runt: Part I

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13- Edmon Huntington

At my words the Alpha and I rushed back down to the basement. Once we returned, we arrived to see that Artemis’ condition has worsened. Dalton looked an absolute mess as he rewet and placed cold wash cloths on her forehead. Upon seeing me his wolf growled threatening me not to come near. It was better to let Langston explain.

“Dalton, Lord Edmon thinks he can help.” The boy’s wolf quieted down. The beast wasn’t too proud to accept help for the girl.

“What can he do?” Dalton cried in hope.

“I’m going to force her shift.” Dalton instantly tensed at my words.

“You can’t!” He yelled at me in a panic. “You’ll kill her.”

“If I don’t,” I called back my voice steady. “You will lose her.” Dalton looked at Artemis. Anguish, despair and love passed over his face. If this girl died the boy wouldn’t survive it. It took a few moments before I saw his shoulder sag in defeat.

“What do you want to do?”

Alpha Langston and I pulled some of the blankets and pillows from Artemis’s den outside onto the snow. Neither one of us were sure how big her wolf would be so thought it best to have her shift outside just in case. When there was a suitable size pile made Dalton placed Artemis carefully on the pile and stepped back only a few feet still able to be in reach if need be.

I sat on the pile next to her preparing myself to force the shift. It was a delicate thing I was attempting. I needed to take great care in it. I pushed my wolf to reach out to hers. Searching through her mind. At first, I panicked because I couldn’t find her wolf anywhere. Maybe the poor beast had died entirely. Those fears were dashed when I finally found the beast locked deep inside her.

I wrapped my wolf’s energy around her’s, filling every void of the space the beast held itself in. I poured a small part of my dominance into my call before giving the command. Shift.

I felt the wolf vibrate as the call rolled over the beast but after a moment. The vibration stopped and the wolf stilled once again. I didn’t expect her wolf to be this strong.

Pouring more strength in to the command I called again. Shift! This time I felt as the command pushed forward before pulling the wolf from her inner cave. I felt as the walls of her mind shook and bang edand still the wolf did not move. I could see Artemis’ brown furl as her wolf struggled to stay dormant within her.

“Why isn’t it working?” Dalton called out.

“It seems that her wolf is stronger than we thought. She is being stubborn in coming out.” I brushed the hair off of Artemis’ face. Despite how cold it was outside her hair was still damp with sweat.

I decided to just give it all I got. If the wolf would not heed my command I would make it. This time I let the command become sharp, burrowing around the wolf and pulling it forward with all my power. The wolf responded with digging itself in to Artemis ripping at her consciousness. No matter how I pulled the wolf pulled back determined to stay where it was. As I struggled, I felt the sweat form on my brow and my body shook with the effort. Artemis began to groan and whimper at the onslaught of power radiating through her.

“Stop you’re hurting her!” I saw Dalton run forward to stop me but was pulled back by his father. If I stopped this now her wolf would be lost. I pulled and clawed at the beast thrashing within their shared mind. Nothing would pull the beast forward. Finally, when all my energy was spent I released the wolf who tunneled deeper into Artemis’ conscious.

I was done. Not even my strength could call the beast. My lungs struggled to catch their breath. Unable to speak I looked at the Alpha and shook my head. He hung his low in response. It was no use. Her wolf was lost. Looking at the girl, I can’t imagine the loss she must bear. One last time I reached toward the wolf inside her. It was still there but now it was beyond my reach. As I pulled away, I gave it one last plea. Please. She is lost without you.

Giving up hope I stood up to allow Dalton to carry her back in. The best we could do for her now is make her comfortable for as long of a life as she had left. I began to walk away not wanting to see the embodiment of my failure. Before I could get too far though I heard a crack! I stopped dead in my tracks. After another moment, another crack. I spun myself around to face Artemis. Her face was in a scowl. She was in pain, but what kind of pain?

I studied carefully looking for any sort of movement. Everyone around us stood silent not wanting to make a sound. It was another moment before it happened again.

Crack! Her body jolted with the sound. That was all the confirmation I needed. I knew what was happening. now. Artemis groan as her body continue to crackle and pop. the bones in her body broke and began to reform.

I saw her leg twist with another crack! That is when I allowed myself to hope. Soon more cracks could her hear as Artemis’ legs and arms began to twist and turn. She was now whimpering as her body morphed and moved. Fur began to sprout and her teeth began to grow. It was slow but she was slowing shifting her wolf deciding to finally show itself. After few minutes her body finally gave over to the change and her wolf ripped forward.

Instead of a sick girl now stood a full-grown wolf snarling and spitting at everyone. She snapped at anyone. As I took in the wolf’s coat realization and shock hit me. The girl’s coat was completely white. Most ancients had pale coats. Some said it is because we are a reflection of the moon goddess, but we still had some form of gray or brown in our coat. Artemis on the other hand was pure white. I only knew of one other person with a fully white coat. Having a white coat only meant one thing. Artemis was a true Luna and most likely my nephew’s mate.

That realization would have to be dealt with at another time as Artemis’ wolf began to go on a rampage. Supplies and piles of wood that was left outside toppled as the beast tried to find something, anything to fight. Even Dalton and his father couldn’t get close to the girl without being swatted away. The wolf was feral. It needed to be contained.

I immediately shifted into my light gray wolf shredding my clothes before pouncing on the wolf talking her to the ground. Artemis was much smaller than me but had great strength in her feral rage. I struggled to keep her pinned as I tried to use my power to force her wolf in submission, but just like it did earlier, the beast would not let it be tamed by me. That gave me an idea.

Instead of trying to force the wolf to obey me I tried another way. I climbed off allowing Artemis’ wolf to get up and back away from me crouching and snarling ready to pounce. Instead of trying to assert my dominance I tried a different approach. Pulling my wolf back I shifted into my human form. Since my clothes had shredded my body was bare for all to see but I did not have to time to remedy that.

Cautiously I walked towards Artemis’. The wolf responded with more growl and snarls. A threat that she would rip me to shreds if threatened. Before she could follow through on that promise, I fell on one knee lowering my head. A sign of respect for the wolf and an admission of my submission. In the corner of my eye I saw Dalton do the same followed by his father. Soon all those who had gathered from the commotion, followed the same action.

The wolf looked around at everyone who bowed to her, and slowly the wolf began to settle. The snarling ceased; the growls were low. After everyone refused to rise, the wolf finally sat down. It was only than I dared to lookup to meet her gaze and stare in awe. She was beautiful. Her countenance exuded grace and strength. Her wolf’s lavender eyes glowed with power as she stared into mine. A true Luna in every sense.

Suddenly I felt something pull within my chest jerking my forward. My wolf in returned pulled on the imaginary string back not wanting to be jerked around like a dog on a leash. There was one more pull, and the string sung to life. I was brought to my knees once more as whatever had connected with me flowed throughout my body. My wolf was too weak to fight it. It was then I heard a voice with power.

Rise Beta.

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