Beloved Runt: Part I

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14- Oberon Whiteclaw

Pain. White hot pain pierce me causing me to fold over onto the table in front of me. The officials and governors in the room jumped to attention bewildered by my sudden change in behavior. I felt as the pack bond to my uncle snapped. The bond went silent as fear gripped me. I had felt this before when I felt my mate die. Now it has happened to my uncle.

As the pain began to fade, I looked up to the other men in the room. Some were genuinely concerned other were annoyed and even more were down right upset at my show of weakness. I didn’t care. Something happened to my uncle and I was not going to wait to find out.

Without saying a word, I barged out of the meeting room. I heard various voices cry out to me
but I would not stop to explain myself now. As I walked out the room I called to the royal guard’s Beta, Nathaniel, through the pack mind link.

Nathaniel! I could feel the warrior wince as my power called out to him.

Yes, your majesty?

Something has happened to my uncle. Take our best company of warriors and find what happened to him and report to me immediately.

At once sir.

What I wanted most is to go after whoever hurt him myself, but I couldn’t leave the capital without fear of the politicians trying to man a coup. I would have to rely on the men my uncle trained to find out what happened on my behalf.

Now came the hard part. Telling my mother that her brother is gone.

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