Beloved Runt: Part I

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17-Dalton West

The bastard was a Beta for a few hours and he was already issuing orders and what’s worse was I was following them. I tried to fight it, I really did, but my damn wolf was so eager to comply, I eventually had to give in. And for what? All so he could have a conversation with Artemis that I already knew the information for!

I was still in a huff when I entered the laundry room. I turned over piles of neatly folded clothing lookin gift something for Artemis to change in to. I was making quite the mess out of her organized piles but I didn’t care at the time. I wanted to complete the task so I could return as soon as possible. I had just found a light blue dress that would work when Teddy rushed in.

“Dalton! Where the hell have you been? We’ve been trying to call you! A bunch of wolves just passed into our territory.” That’s weird. Artemis should have known... but Artemis has been out for a few hours maybe she was too tired.

“Gather the others we’ll..”
“Everyone is already outside. They are practically here already. Let’s go!”

I rushed outside to join everyone but when I arrived the pack warriors were already faced off against a small group of five wolves. They were slightly larger than my warriors, but we had numbers of our side.

I tried to send an order to stand back but the order echoed in my mind. Damn it. I forgot I lost the pack bond. I didn’t bother to shift as I needed to speak to the invaders but I rushed out to the front of the conflict to address them. As I walked forward, a pale blonde wolf, most likely the leader, also walked forward to meet me.

“Who are you and what the hell are you doing here?” I called. In my head I heard a deep voice answer.

“I am Captain Nathaniel Hawke of the Royal Guard.

Fuck! Another asshole ancient.

“Alright, Captain... what are you doing here?” The captain growled at me. He was probably mad the the disrespectful tone I had with him. I didn’t care. He was on my turf.

I have been sent by the King to investigate the death of Lord Edmon, Alpha of the Royal Guard and the beloved uncle of the king.

“Death? Lord Edmon isn’t dead.” The captain snarled at me!

Don’t insult me! He was here when he was lost. You are the responsible party. You will tell me of his fate.

It seems no matter what I say this guy wasn’t going to believe me. But I still don’t understand why they thought Lord Edmon was dead. And then it hit me. I had lost my bond with my pack when Artemis made me her Gamma, which probably meant that the same thing happened to Lord Edmon. This captain probably felt the bond break and assumed him dead, and there was no way I could convince him otherwise.

Beta! The words were like poison as I addressed the good Lord by his title through our pack link but my wolf demanded we give him respect.

Dalton what’s happened?!? Artemis’s wolf just went bizzerk.

Well then you aren’t going to like a bunch of royal guards sniffing around right now.

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