Beloved Runt: Part I

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18- Edmon Huntington

The conversation with Artemis was going very well. She was taking everything better than I thought. Still I hadn’t told her everything yet. I didn’t mention she would be the next Luna. Nor did I tell her that her wolf formed a whole new pack with me as the Beta and Dalton as the Gamma. I thought that would be too much for her. I would have to talk to the boy to make sure he didn’t spill the beans before she was ready.

I was about to discuss with her the next steps for leaving for the capital when her eyes glowed that lavender color of her wolf. That’s weird. Maybe our conversation was more traumatic for her than I thought. Better to let her rest.

“Artemis...Are you ok?” Artemis closed her eyes and shook her head. When her eyes opened that were back to their calm gray color.

“I’m sorry Lord Edmon, I’m not sure what came over me.” I decided to let her rest before her wolf took completely over. I didn’t need to be on her bad side right away.

“How about you rest and we’ll come back to this later.” Artemis nodded her head at my suggestion.

“Thank you Lord Edmon. Seems I am in your debt again.” She smiled as she turned which caused my wolf to preen. He liked pleasing her. Settle down boy.

Artemis had made it a few steps towards the basement when her wolf snarled and looked towards the door that Dalton left through. I barely had time to respond before Artemis instantly shifted into her wolf and charged out the kitchen.

Following her, I too shifted into my wolf and ran after her. She made it down the hallway before I could catch up and pin her. Her wolf fought to kick me off but I held on with all my might making sure I didn’t harm her in return. I was still struggling with her when I heard Dalton through the pack link.


Dalton what’s happened?!? Artemis’ wolf just went bizzerk.

Well then you aren’t going to like a bunch of royal guards sniffing around right now. No I certainly did not like that. By plowing into the Ever Green territory they set off Artemis’ protective instinct.

What do they want? I was still fighting to keep Artemis inside. I couldn’t have the guards seeing her and realizing who she was. Not yet.

They think you’re dead. They’ve been sent to find out what we did to you.

Well I’m a bit busy right now. Unless you want a giant white wolf to start tearing through everything, they are going to have to wait.

I don’t think that’s going to happen. Dalton played the conversation he had back to me through the link. I recognized Nathaniel immediately. Normally I trust him completely, but he had a tendency to be overly emotional with those he was close with and my supposed death would most definitely cause such a reaction. I needed to convince Artemis’ wolf to let me handle this.

Quickly I climbed off Artemis and lowered my body to the ground. I put my head on my paws looking up at the white wolf. I was submitting myself to her, admitting to her status as my Luna and leader. Artemis growled at me lowly but watched me as I submitted myself.

Please... I tried to pour all my sincerity into the bond. Please let me go talk to them. Artemis’ wolf growled at the request. Through the bond I could feel her anger at the intruders.

I know they disrespected you by coming on to your territory, but they didn’t know. Let me talk to them... I watched not daring to move as I stared up at the white wolf. The wolf glared back at me but in her eyes I saw the wolf thinking of my request. Slowly the growl rolled to a stop and the wolf sat on her back haunches while staring down at me.

You have five minutes. If they do not stand down before then...I will make them. Not wanting to give her a chance to change her mind I sprung up to rush out side. The wolf caught my attention one more time. Oh and Edmon... I turned to look at her. I will be watching.. the power laced in those words sent the message clear. If at any point the wolf felt the soldiers were any more of a threat, she would eliminate it and no amount of begging on my part would stop it.

At those words I rushed out to the front of the pack house and not a second too soon. I arrived to see two wolves wrestling each other while the party members of both sides watched. I could see the obvious coat of Dalton’s steel gray wolf. The other blond coat was most likely that of Nathaniel, the captain of the guard and my second in command of the royal guard.

The boy was holding his own but he was still no match for a seasoned captain. Before it could get out of hand I put a stop to it. Using my Ancient Alpha power, I sent an order to both wolves.

ENOUGH! The order had so much force, that both wolves cowered and whimpered before me. I caught a flash on anger in Dalton’s eyed as he recovered. Nathaniel on the other hand looked shocked. He couldn’t believe his eyes at what he saw. I tried to maintain my power of authority. I wanted Nathaniel to believe that nothing had changed as much at it had.

If you are done rolling with the riffraff Nathaniel I would invite you in and you can tell me what made you come barging up here like a pack of baboons. Nathaniel lowered his head in respect to me.

Yes, Alpha. I wasn’t his Alpha right now. I don’t even know if I could still be his Alpha after everything that has happened. Either way I would need an explanation. I hoped he believed whatever I cam up with.

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