Beloved Runt: Part I

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19- Edmon Huntington

After breaking up that disaster, I led Nathaniel to my guest room where we could talk in private. I sat at the desk table while he stood. We were both wearing borrowed ill fitting clothes. If I kept shifting the way I had been I was going to quickly run out of clothes all together. It took me a moment before I could gather my thoughts enough to face the questions I knew Nathaniel would have.

“So tell me about my supposed death,” I started. If I made it seem like it wasn’t a big deal maybe he would let it go easier.

“I don’t understand it sir. We were going about our duties and we felt the bond break. One moment you were there and the next it tore. The king reached out to me confirming the same had happened to him. We assumed that it meant you were dead. We had no reason to think otherwise.”

“When did you feel the bond break?” I asked.

“Last night, sir.” I should have realized this sooner. Last night was was when Artemis’ wolf created the new pack. I that when she formed the new pack bond it would break my old one with the Royal pack. My nephew have felt the bond break assumed that it meant my death. Yet here I am still alive and I couldn’t truly explain to him why. I needed to give him something.

“Captain you will be surprised to hear that the pack here ran into a group of Ralacks yesterday.” The captain’s eyebrow furrowed in concern.

“Ralacks? Here?” His voice told of the shock he must have felt.

“Yes. It surprised me too. I left with the warriors to help in the defense. It was a much larger group than I anticipated and during the attack I was gravely wounded. That must of been when you and my nephew felt the pack bond break.”

“Are you alright sir?” I was obviously alright as I was sitting in front of him but Nathaniel wouldn’t relax until he heard it from me.

“I am fine Nathaniel. The pack here was able to patch me up enough to where I could recover on my own. I am quite gratefull for them.” Nathaniel nodded.

“I am glad you survived and are well. When we’re done I’ll be sure to let the King know. Hopefully he can connect you back with the pack upon his return.”

“Very well then,” I responded. “I would like to return back to the capital as soon as possible then. The King and council should be aware of the Ralacks' attack.”

“I’ll inform the others.” Nathaniel gave me a short bow before turning to leave.

“Oh Nathaniel.” He turned at my call. “We will be bring two others with us as well.”

“Others my lord?”

“Yes, the Alpha’s son has shown great promise in his fighting skills. I wish to add him to the Royal Guard until it is time for him to return to take over as Alpha. His pack will benefit from his experience in the capital.”

“As you say, sir. But.. you said others.. who else is coming with us?” Caught that did he?

“Yes. A young woman. She’s the runt of the pack and an orphan. I plan on having her serve in the Royal Household.” Nathaniel narrowed his eyes at me. He obviously didn’t understand why I would want to bring a random girl to the capitol. He didn’t need to understand. He just needs to listen.

“Very well sir. I will tell the other men and we’ll be able to leave tomorrow morning.” Nathaniel bowed to me one more time and left.

I was still bot sure if this was the best decision but I couldn’t see any other way. Artemis needed training, desperately, and she needed protection. I could do neither if she was here and I was not. I rubbed my eyes trying to push back the stress. There were worse enemies than lost rogue packs.

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