Beloved Runt: Part I

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8- Edmon Huntington

I could hear the discouragement in my nephew’s voice. He said he had not given up, but I knew better. Even after all this time he still thinks he can slip one past me. But that wasn’t what annoyed me the most. As I walked among and talked with the women, I found that they were strong indeed. This pack would be stable for the near future at least. There was still one she-wolf I had not met yet. Artie was noticeably missing from the group.

Seeing that both the Alpha and his eldest son was married I decided to make my move.

“Excuse miss, “ I called out to an older woman with graying brown hair. “Can you help me find someone.”

“Of-Of course my lord,” she answered unsteadily. “I know just about anyone in the pack.

“I’ looking for a young lady who helped me yesterday. I was hoping to thank her. Do you know a Jessica Reynolds?”

“Jessica? Of course.” The woman’s slightly wrinkled face lit up at the name. “I saw her just a minute ago.” The woman frantically looked around the great hall before she recognized her target. “There she is my lord. I will bring you too her.” The women lead me through the crowd weaving through the various groups until we came to a young woman with light brown hair. She was about the same age as Artie. Maybe a little older.

“Jessica?” My guide was hesitant in calling the girl’s attention.

“What do you want Shiela?” the woman snapped back. She obviously was annoyed with the older woman’s request.

“The Lord her would like to talk to you.” Upon hearing of me Jessica’s whole demeanor changed from annoyance to delight.

“Good evening my lord,” She said with a sickly sweet voice. It turned my stomach.

“Are you Jessica Reynolds?” I asked.

The girl was confidant in her response. “Yes, sir. That’s me.” Truth. “To what do I owe this pleasure.” Her eyes wondered over me taking in my form. I had met girl like her before. There was no low they wouldn’t stoop to in order to get closer to power. She reminded me of some of the noble ladies back in the capitol. Hmmm. I had little tolerance of them.

“Is there another Jessica? Maybe I got the name wrong.”

“No sir. I’m the only Jessica there is.” Truth. “Is there something I can do for you?” They was no mistake in what the meaning of her tone was. Looking around for an excuse to escape I saw Dalton frantically running towards me. He knew he was caught.

“It’s was nice to meet you Jessica,” I spat out and walked away before the girl could make a bigger fool of herself. I didn’t get far before Dalton caught up with me.

“My lord? My lord?” I turned around to face the idiot slamming my power into him causing him to stop instantly.

“What…” I growled. I had lost my patience.

“Is there a problem sir? You seem upset.”

“And why would that be?” I took a step towards him using my height to tower over him. The boy didn’t cower. He was more dominant than I thought.

“If we have done something wrong my lord, I assure you we will remedy it.” Lie. I was done with this. It wasn’t the lying that bothered me. I was used to people lying to me all the time. It was that fact that they thought they could outwit me. That they could pull the wool over my eyes and I wouldn’t notice. They either completely overestimated their own intellect, or they severely underestimated mine. Neither was acceptable. There was nothing I found more intolerable than a player who was over-confident in a game he didn’t even know the rules for.

I walked away from the boy and left him standing hopefully feeling like the idiot he was.

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