Kindred Souls

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Emily is the daughter of an Alpha. Bane was chosen as her partner when she turned sixteen, but what if he isn't her soulmate? When her parents are murdered the truth of her heritage comes out. The demons begin to crawl out of the woodworks and they only want one thing: the stone around Emily's neck.

Fantasy / Romance
Emma Bermond
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Chapter 1

Sunlight peeked through the half closed blinds. A groan escaped my lips as I rolled over onto my other side. Downstairs the doorbell rang and there was a clamor of feet to get to the door. The waffle maker beeped and my stomach growled.

A sigh passed through my lips as I tossed my legs over the side of the bed and got up. I stood up on my tiptoes and reached for the white cracked ceiling, several joints popped in the process. My head turned slightly and out of the corner of my eye I saw a box sitting on my wooden desk that was tucked into a corner.

I walked over to it. The box was wrapped in purple wrapping paper that had golden stars. There was a small midnight blue bow in the middle of the present. Off to the side there was a note that said: Happy Birthday Emily. I carefully picked it up and turned it over in my hands. Where did it come from? Should I open it? I bit my lip unsure of what to do.

A knock came at my door and I turned so that my back blocked the present. The door opened just enough that Bane’s head poked through. “Good morning Angel, Layla and Cody are here.”

“Okay, I’ll be out in a second.” I waited until the door had been shut before I turned back to look at the present. I stared at the box as if it could tell me all of its dirty little secrets. Well...if it blows up at least I don’t have to go to the Ceremony later, I thought. I ripped off the wrapping paper and opened the box. Inside there was a heart shaped pendant that was a pale green, blue, and had gold specks. It was strung on a black chain. I didn’t hesitate to fasten the necklace around my neck.

“Emily! I will drag your butt out here if I have to!” There was no doubt that Layla would make good on her threat so I made my way out of the room. I would have to unravel the mystery of the necklace later.

I left my room to find Layla and Cody talking to my mom in the kitchen. Layla saw me first and a second later her arms were around me in a tight embrace. My mom started singing happy birthday while Cody did his best to hold in a laugh. After Layla let go of me I pulled him into a hug. “I’ve missed you guys so much.”

“Come on now these waffles are not going to eat themselves,” my mom said. The three of us took a plate and a waffle and sat down at the marble square table.

“So where is your lovely boyfriend?” Layla asked. I ignored the sarcasm in her question. Layla and Bane hadn’t liked each other since my sixteenth birthday when Bane and I had been paired together. It was no surprise considering they were both strong headed people.

“Do you know where he went, mom?”

“Your dad took him to handle some business with the wolves.” Of course he did. I pretended that it didn’t bother me that he took only Bane, instead of both of us.

“How are you guys doing? How’s the alchemy business?” I asked.

“We’re doing great and we have more clients than ever thanks to Layla.” Layla blushed and Cody had the biggest smile on his face. I wish I was as happy as they were.

“So how’s your guy’s relationship…” Before the words had even completely left my lips, Layla had kicked me under the table. I grimaced. Layla was red in the face and Cody stared at his empty plate. My job of making breakfast as awkward as possible was now complete. I finished my waffle and then another one before I put my plate up.

“I have to go to a wolf ceremony. By the time I get back you better have your shit figured out. You both like each other now do something about it.” They had liked each other ever since I brought her to a family reunion on my mom’s side and introduced her to him. That was when I was fifteen and they haven’t done anything about it since. I raised an eyebrow at both of them before I turned to leave.

“Em!” I looked back at Layla and I knew she had read between the lines.

“What ceremony?” She asked.

“The one where our pack is united.” The one that changes my life forever. For an entire heartbeat silence filled the room. Then I walked out of the house.

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