Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. eight ⚔


Next morning

Phoenix pov

My paws hit the ground hard as I run through the woods, after my so called mate ran off last night Titan and I went back to our room to sleep I slept well at first then woke up feeling like shit, so we came out as soon as my alarm went off for a run. Thankfully Titan hasn't said anything about what happened last night and for that I was grateful, to be honest I wouldn't know what to say on the matter.

When I was younger all the girls would talk about finding their mates, saying how wonder it would be and the feeling of finding and being with the one destined for you. However, that was the last thing I was thinking about, all I cared about was training and fighting oh and Titan too. Most women say that there is hollow feeling inside of them that they felt when they didn't find there mate but I never had that feeling I was happy.

Today however I felt like utter shit, I never gave my mate a second thought before, now he was all I could think about, but the first thing he does when he finds me is run off. What was wrong with me, shut up Nix there is nothing wrong you. I shake my head of those negative thoughts and spot my clothes. Titan covers me while I shift back and put on my sports bra and sports leggings and my zip hoodie, slipping on my pumps I stand up and start walking in the direction of what I believe is the training grounds.

There were warriors spaced out all over the field in little sand pits some were fighting in wolf form while others spared with weapons and others did some hand-to-hand combat, in front of them stood the beta, I assume he was ment to supervise but instead he was stood arguing with a tall blonde woman instead.

From where I was I couldn't hear what they arguing about and to be honest it was none of my business, but I could see her face she had so much make up on it was un-real I couldn't see her natural beauty underneath that crap this was ment to be a training session not a beauty pageant. Her brown eyes shone with fury, she was wearing three- quarter length sports leggings and sports bra that looked like it was three sizes to small I mean she was popping right out the top of it.

I shook my head at her and carried on walking with Titan by my side, I walked around the edge of the sand pits observing as warriors faced each other. The blonde and beta were still going at each other,

What do you think that's about.? Titan asks tilting his head towards the blonde and beta.

No idea not my business, I reckon me and you should go hunting later.

Sounds good to me, look at these two here. He motions with his head towards two females sparing.

I smile and stand watching them leaning against a tree for support, after 10 minutes of watching the smaller being thrown on her back constantly I decide to step in,

" hey hold on" I shout as I walk over to them,

" your the red viper " gasps the raven headed small warrior as she spots me,

" I am " I smile " Phoenix Red I'm the elder trainer " I continue as I reach out my hand to shake theirs,

" wow it's an honor to meet you I've watched all your fights online" gushes the other warrior, she is slightly taller and has the most beautiful shade of copper hair I've ever seen her bright blue eyes shining with joy,

" it's an honor to meet you both, I stopped you as you " I motioned towards the smaller female

" oh I'm Macy " she smiles " this is Niccii" she points of the shoulder to the copper haired female,

" Macy your stance is off and your not throwing your weight behind your punches even a small warrior can throw a man 5 times their size if they know how to move, here watch me" I explain

" Niccii is it do you mind" I motion towards the pit

Niccii steps into the pit and I pull off my zip hoodie and throw it to the side

" Titan sit with Macy" I call out to him.

I position myself ready for the defense, keeping my feet shoulder width apart and my knees slightly bent Niccii launches forward and swings her right fist towards me I duck and side step to the right beyond her reach, she spins round and I drop to the floor and take out her legs. She hits the floor with a thud. She jumps up and launches for me again I duck and throw a punch into her left side, I notice she weaker on her left side she gasps for air and hunches forward I take this opportunity and leap on to her back wrapping my legs round her waist I lock my arms round her neck, and she drops to the floor again, I hold there still in a full body lock till she taps out.

I get up and reach down to pull Niccii up, she jumps up and coughs a little before standing upright,

" you alright" I smile,

" I'm good just caught me by surprise I've never seen someone move so fast " she laughs,

" if you ready to go again Macy you try" I look towards Macy, who is looking up at me with awe.

I swap places with Macy, and she steps into the sand pit to face Niccii again, after 5 minutes Macy finally has Niccii pinned to the floor and tapping out,

" oh my goddess, I've never been able to pin her before " she smiles as she and Niccii get back on their feet again,

" keep practicing and eventually you'll take down men too, when you're circling your opponent watch out for small movements in the legs and arms any twitches or slight limps can be used in a fight. I notice Niccii favors her right more than her left, use that in a fight. A weakness can be used to win but you can train your body so that you hide you own weakness and pick out theirs " I explain.

They nod there heads and carry on sparing while I decide to have a word with the beta, I begin walking toward him when the scent of freshly cut grass and spiced apple floods my nostrils, now that I have found my mate I can sense his presence and smell him. I look up to find him stood with the beta and the blonde, however she is no longer arguing with the beta but crying and throwing herself at my mate. She has her arms wrapped around his neck and her breasts pressed right up against him, I could feel the rage and jealousy radiating off me. I clenched my fists and turned away form them. Is this why he ran off from me because he had another. Did he give up on finding his mate and Luna, was she his chosen mate.

Titan pressed himself against me to help me calm down I looked at the warriors half of them were being lazy and not even bothering to fight, if rouges attacked now half of these would die. I'm here for job concentrate on that then go home, maybe ill get over the mate bond in time, I thought to myself.

" Warriors gather before me" I shouted, the females stopped and gathered in front of me the males however didn't move now, fine then.

" I said all warriors gather before me now" I commanded, my dominance was poured into the command not too much to be detected but enough to make them obey. Immediately the males gathered in front of me with their heads down. Good.

" Good I'm a Phoenix Red, the elder trainer. I'm also a UWA elite and I'm sure you've heard of my reputation and my championship wins in the warrior battles. I'm here to help strengthen this pack so that you will no longer suffer from attacks and be better prepared for the future. However, from what I've seen you have gotten lazy and sloppy especially the men. From now on you will start training every day at 5am you will begin with a lap of the outer border of the territory. Then will you spar in human form only any wolf can take down another in wolf form but it takes skill to take a wolf down while still in human form that you will learn how to do. When I'm satisfied with your improvement you will face each other in wolf form and then you will face a shifted wolf while the other stays in human form. Training will finish 10am, right now you will run a lap of the territory" I shout.

One male burst out laughing " look here some dumb female thinks she is in charge " he snickers.

Titan growls in a warning, " oh look she has a pet that has to stick up for her" he continues, that's it.

I walk over and stand right in front of him with Titan by my side " what makes you think I need protecting pup" I snarl.

" Watch your mouth or ill fill it with my-" I cut him but swiping my leg under his and dropping him on the floor I climb on top of him and wrap my hand round his throat, I allow my eyes to shift, he has the look of fear in his eyes,

" I think your the one who needs protecting, insult me again and I'll make sure Titan here makes mince meat of your balls " I growl.

I get off and stand up and shift my eyes back " for that the women will run one lap round the border , while the men you will run twice and anyone caught slacking will have Titan on your arse" I yell.

" Now go" I command.

Follow them anyone caught slacking bite their arse. Don't worry what the alpha may say.

Ohh this should be fun.

He crouches down and as soon as the warriors disappear into the woods he sets off after them, his grey fur blows in the wind and his paws hit the ground hard, he will make sure no one slacks off I expect a few to come back with bite marks, I laugh internally and turn around. The alpha however has disappeared along with the blonde, the beta stands looking at me with look of surprise on his face but his eyes show just how pissed he is right now.

" Everything OK " I ask as I sit down on the bench to the side of the field,

" not really " he mummers.

" Well I was hoping to have a word with who ever has been leading the training lately, I feel who ever has been doing it has been sloppy" I sigh

" oh that would be Luke and Nova, but she hasn't been taking it seriously for while now her head is else where," he replies running his hands down his face,

" so where is the alpha during training, isn't he supposed to be training with his pack alongside the trainers" I ask, in our pack the alpha is present during training he works with his warriors to help form a better bond so if and when it comes to an attack they are stronger as a unit.

" He is er busy, he normally trains by himself or one-to-one with the elder trainer" is his response.

" What, so he doesn't train with his pack warriors they work better together when they see their alpha among them. You can't expect men and women to fight for you if you aren't prepared to fight with them" I gasp, I can't believe this I've never heard of an alpha not training with his pack, is this why the warriors have no respect.

" Beta forgive me for saying this, but I think that is the problem. Your warriors have no respect for their leaders or those of authority they are left to behave how they see fit. Look at it like a car, the car only works when all the parts are together. The alpha is the battery without it the car won't work" I explain.

" He has been like this for years, ever since he was 18 after that night" he whispers.

Just thenTitan returns from chasing the warriors and pads over to us and seats himself beside me, looking rather happy with himself if I do say so myself.

Any problems.

Only few but they got the message after I bit one.


Turning my action back the beta I smile as an idea forms in my mind.

" Well I wish to see just how well the alpha fights and then I want to make a deal with him " I state standing up.

" And what deal would that be" his oh so sexy and deep voice rumbles through me, dam I hate how much that effects me. Stupid mate bond. I turn around to face him and then speak,

" I want you to fight me, if I win you will fight and train with the pack for the duration of my stay. If you win you can pick what you want"

" anything I want " he asks with a mischievous smirk on his stupid handsome face,

" you make you sound like you think you can beat me" I laugh in response,

" and why wouldn't I, I am an alpha after all, and I was trained by an elder trainer " his eyes glint with mischief, does this dope think he will actually beat me,

" come alpha lets see what you got, don't hold back now" I smirk back, oh I'm going to wipe that look right of his stupid face after last night, I've been dying to hit him.

" If you insist " he hums, mate bond or not his wolf won't allow him to back down he wants to prove himself a worthy alpha,

He stalks towards me as I back step into a sand pit, Titan shakes his head at my antics and sits down near the beta to watch our little performance. We stand facing each other in the pit I know what I'm doing, so I unzip my hoodie and throw it to the side near the beta and Titan, leaving myself in my sports bra and leggings my tattoos are on show as the UWA elite marks on my shoulder. A small growl escapes the alpha lips barley audible but I heard it. Knew this would work before he has chance to do anything I run forward and slip between his parted legs grab his ankles and pull them back making him fall flat on his face.

He lands with an 'oomph ' on the ground and gets a mouth full of sand he jumps up and spins round to face me " let me guess you weren't ready " I smile and get into my stance again, he lunges forwards and swings his right fist towards my face I duck and swerve to the right and elbow him hard on the ribs, he clutches his ribs and hunches forward. I kick off his bent knee and launch myself on his back wrapping my legs round his neck I fall back and pull him back with me, just as we go to land I flip forward so that I'm now straddling his chest with my hand round his throat and hold my fingers on his pressure point and the base of his collar bone. I apply a small amount of pressure to it which cause him to go limp and then I lean forwards so my lips grazes ear he shivers beneath me and I whisper" I win " .

Just as I was about to get up I felt a hard hit to my side followed by a burning sensation ripping threw me, I feel to the side and rolled off the alpha I look down and stuck out my rib cage is large silver blade and from the smell I know its coated in wolfs bane. Titan growls and runs towards me sniffing the wound he snaps his head round to the one who threw it to see the blonde that was arguing with the beta earlier, staring down at me with pure disgust and hatred. The alpha leaps up and grabs her and throws her to the beta, the beta grabs her and holds her firm. The alpha then looks back at me and kneels down at my side " we need to get you to the pack doctor" he states voice laced with concern.

" No I need Titan please trust me" I gasp I ripped sliver blade out my side and Titan flips his paw over I grab the knife and draw it over his paw, he doesn't whimper, he knows what needs to be done I nod my head and lay down. Titan stands up and places the blooded paw over the wound on my side and pushes down. A stream of cusses comes out my mouth the alpha reach forwards to grab Titan off me, but he receives a deadly warning from Titan himself. Titan looks down at me and sees the wound closing, afterwards he drops the floor. His paw is already healed the alpha loos confused, shocked, happy and relieved all the same time. He scoops me and tells me I'm going to the pack hospital " beta please bring Titan with you and follow us he must be by my side always " I rush out ,

" Phoenix he can't come in the room with you " states the alpha as we begin walking,

" alpha I know you don't understand, but he must please I'll explain everything please " I beg, he nods his head towards the beta and the alpha continues walking.

" Then you will tell me why you ran from me last nights and who the hell evil blonde is " I laugh and then hiss the wolfs bane is still my system.

" I promise he will be by your side and I will explain everything mate " he whispers, and he plants a kiss on my forehead before I slip and fall asleep.


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