Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. Nine ⚔


Kalen pov..

What the hell just happened, one minute I was attempting to fight with Phoenix. I say attempting because dam that she wolf was fast, I didn't even see her move and the next thing I knew I was on my back, and she was pinning me down. I'm not going to lie having her in that position was hot as fuck. My duck was throbbing from her like that. I learned that I had indeed lost that bet, but before we could do anything I heard her hiss in pain and slide off me clutching her side. I looked down to see a sliver dagger embedded in her ribs, the smell of burning flesh floored my senses along with the formidable scent of wolfs bane. What the hell.

A deadly growl was heard ringing through the air but the source had me stunned, it wasn't me but the wolf pet. What was his name again, aha Titan. He was staring down angrily at the one who threw the dagger, Nova. What the fuck was she doing I rushed to Phoenix's side and tried to tell her she needed to go to the pack doctor, but she called for the wolf instead what happened then stunned me and left me very confused.

She pulled the dagger out of her ribs, her wolf dropped to the floor in front of her and nodded his head, he actually nodded his head there is something about that wolf. He flipped over his paw, and she dragged the knife over his paw the wolf didn't make a sound he just lay there, when the blood starting dripping out of his paw she laid down, and he stood over her. He pushed his paw onto her open wound and pressed on it. A stream of cusses came out of her mouth, I went to pull him off, but he growled at me and it made my wolf whimper and bow down he has never done that before.

The wound had closed up but I knew she still had the wolfs bane in her system and it needed flushing, I scooped her up in my arms and made our way to the pack doctor, but again she protested and begged me to make sure Titan stayed by her side. I did try to tell her he wouldn't be able to be in the hospital room, but she begged again and I couldn't say no. However, I know I had some explaining to do, but so does she. I kissed her forehead and felt her go limp I my arms she passed out fuck.

I ran the rest of way to the pack hospital and straight in to a room to place her on bed, Zain was right behind me with her wolf,

" where is she " I ask coldly wanting to know where that crazy she wolf went that hurt my mate.

" The gamma has her locked in the pack house till your ready to talk, she's your mate isn't she" he asks looking form me to my beautiful mate laid unconscious on the hospital bed. Her wolf walks around the bed and sits the other side facing me but with his head rested on Phoenix's hand.

" She is no one knew but us, I only found out last night and the first thing I did was run" I confess.

Just as Zain was about to reply our pack doctor, Doctor Lacie Malone rushed through the door with a nurse trailing behind her,

" alpha what happened and why is there is a wolf in my hospital " she demands as she is just about to tend to Phoenix.

" The wolf stays and that's an order he is special to her, Nova threw a sliver dagger laced with wolfs bane at her it pierced the skin just below her left breast" I explain and take a small step back so doc can do her job tho its killing me to do it I know the doctor needs to look at her.

" How is it healed already" she gasps as she inspects her.

" That I don't understand myself, she has wolfs bane in her system still which made her pass out"

" Right I'll run tests and get some IV lines in her to flush it out and get some fluids in her, from the burn mark around where the wound was I'd say it was a very strong form of it even small dose is enough to do serious damage to a werewolf but I'll run test to confirm" explains the doc, and she gets to work on Phoenix.

" Alpha I'll need you to step out I will allow the wolf as you ordered it, but I need space to work, as soon as we are done I'll let you know." She states.

The last thing I want to do is leave her I've done that already and it killed me to do it, but I was confused and my emotions were everywhere, Halo was furious with me but understand that I needed to think.

" She is my mate and your Luna make sure you look after her" I state firmly and walk out the room to the waiting room where Zain and I sit to await news.

" So you found your mate " he asks after a few moments silence,

I simply nod my head ashamed of how I acted when I found her and that ignored her earlier, but I got mind link form Zain saying that he and Nova were arguing she was trying to announce to the pack warriors that she was the Luna and a huge row broke out. I turned up to defuse it, but she had thrown her arms round me and was crying in to my neck her breast were pushed up against me making me uncomfortable. I had reached up to pull her off me and marched her back to the pack house. It seems no matter what I do she won't get it through her head.

That when I noticed there were RSVP on the table she had sent the invites out to the Luna ceremony this weekend despite me telling her not too I lost it and stormed out.

Then I heard Phoenix and Zain talking her voice was like music to my ears but when she spoke of me it was with venom I could understand her pain and me running from her but I couldn't think what else I'd done. But right now my fury was set on the female who had impaled her with the knife, this bitch is getting out of control, an idea pops into my head.

" What if we plan the Luna ceremony for Phoenix, Nova will be there so will the elders maybe then she will get into her head let her do what ever she does I want you to personally change the names on the header just have it say the alpha invites you to meet your Luna.

To whom it may concern
We humbly invite you to the black hills to witness the Luna ceremony of our new Luna meals and dancing will take place that night,
Yours alpha Kalen and his Luna or something like maybe then she will finally get the message and the elders will back off " I ramble,

" do you think you could take the Luna's thing to my house I don't want her anywhere near Nova and I want you as her personal guard " I continue.

" Will do " replies Zain. " What about Nova "

" I deal with her when Phoenix wakes up " I get up and walk out of the waiting in search of doc, I find her sat at her desk in a small office, " how is she" I ask as I approach her.

" She's fine the wolfs bane is flushing out of her system we found that it was blue rocket wolfs bane and a very neat dose who ever handled it knew how much was needed to cause serious damage if it was not for the rapid healing she would be in serious danger " states doc, though I don't fully understand how the wolf healed her I'm glad he did.

" Is she awake "

" she should be waking up now yes "

" Thank you " I get up and practically run to the room where Phoenix is I reach the door and swing it open there on the bed awake laid Phoenix.

" I think I have some explaining to do " she sighs.


So that's chapter 9 folks sorry if its not my best but this was written from the top of my head.

Next few chapters are pre written

Phoenix is about to tell the alpha her secret

How will react to the news

Till next time

Leah x 😘
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