Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. Ten ⚔


Phoenix pov.

Goddess I feel like shit, I try so hard to open my eyes, but they feel like they are made from lead. There is a small burning sensation running down my left side, there is nothing worse than being stabbed with a knife made of silver and coated in wolfs bane. I knew it was wolfs bane as soon as the dagger pierced my side. My blood felt like it was on fire burning my insides. From the smell I knew it was blue rocket that stuff is dangerous and can cause serious damage. I knew I had to act fast or I could have ended up in a coma for several days.

Something warm and wet touched my hand and I tired again to open my eyes though I was awake I couldn't open my eyes.

How do you feel Nix. Links Titan.

Hey boy, honestly I feel like shit I can't open my eyes.

We have some explaining to do to the Alpha

I know we do, he's my mate I owe him that much only after he tells me why he ran thank you for helping me.

You would do it for it me in fact you did a few days ago.

Slowly I try again to open my eyes, and they finally begin to lift only to rapidly close shit I am almost blinded by bright white lights beaming down on me. I blink a few times to adjust to the light before my eyes finally open properly. There were white walls surrounding me and variety of machines to my left which I was connected to, Titan also sat on the floor to my left with his head rested on the bed. To my right is an iv stand with fluids in that were running down to my hand where a needle was inserted.

I look back at Titan and give his head a scratch just then door burst opens and in walks the alpha with a look of relief his face,

" I think I have some explaining to do as do you " I mummer as I look at him.

" I think I should go first " he states as he walks in and closes the door behind him. He pulls out the chair that was sat in the corner of the room and sits down beside my bed.

" I'm sorry for last night I should never of ran off, but I was overwhelmed and a little confused"

" why " I ask a little dumbfounded, why would he be confused,

" I thought I'd found my mate years ago she was due to turn 17 two days after my 18th birthday. The night of my birthday we were attacked by rouges, when I got back to the pack house I saw a rouge standing over her body he had ripped her to pieces. I killed him but it was too late to save her, when I first met you I could smell something but couldn't work out what it was. Then when I saw you in the woods and my wolf told me you were our mate I froze, I thought maybe the goddess gave me a second chance mate but my wolf told me you were our one true mate. All these years I thought my mate was dead. The last elder meeting they told me if I didn't find my mate I'd have to take a chosen mate. So when I found you my head was a mess and I just didn't know how to react, so I ran I'm sorry" the regret in his eyes was clear, and he felt bad for what he did. But there was still a nagging thought in the back of my mind.

" A chosen mate so did you accept their suggestion, is that another reason why you ran and ignored me today "

" No" he rushes out " I never accepted a chosen mate and I'm sorry I didn't talk to you this morning but, I had to deal with something that's been getting out of hand for a while now" he replies

" Who's the blonde that threw at knife at me I know you mean something to her from they way she looked at me" I ask.

" When the elders had their meeting I took my beta and head warrior along with me, the elders' suggestion of a chosen mate came in the form of my head warrior. She is crazy obsessed with me and pulls all sorts of stunts to get me but I push her away all the time, it doesn't matter what I say she won't listen. She once put a female in the hospital just because she was talking to me, she is the one who threw a knife at you " shame is all I can in his eyes now.

" So hang on a minute the blonde is the head warrior and wants to be Luna but you don't want her did you guys have a thing before " I pray to the goddess above he says-

"NO " he growls his eyes flash black for a split-second before returning to his normal colour, " I've never been with a woman I made a promise to wait for my mate" he whispers,

" wait your a virgin" I gasp his cheeks flush a bright crimson shade, and he looks down no longer giving me eye contact, and nods his head.

" Kalen don't be embarrassed I'm just shocked I mean look at you your fucking hot " he looks up at me a small smile on his lips great now I'm blushing. What the hell is happening to me this mate bond shit is messing with my emotions, not to mention my brain. I'm glad there is nothing going on between him and the she wolf, it put my mind a little to rest.

" You think I'm hot" he smirks, god dam it I want to wipe that smirk off his face,

" I want to beat the crap out of that crazy she wolf," I mumble trying to change the subject,

" I'll deal with her " he states

" forgive me alpha but your ways don't seem to have worked so far" I smirk,

" Well seeing as you are my Luna I guess we will handle her together "

Shit I'm mated to an alpha which means I'm now the Luna of this pack, if he thinks for one minute I'm going sit back and be all motherly, like cook dinners and raise pups for him he can think again I wasn't born to sit and play house but to fight and defend the weak and fight battles other wolves can't, which means I have to tell him that I'm a descendant of Artemis's warriors.

" I shifted on my 7th birthday" I started " we were having a party for me and halfway through the afternoon I started to over heat and felt a burn in my limbs my parents recognized it and told every one to leave. They took in me into the back yard, normally a first shift takes place till your between 10th and 13th birthday and can take hours I shifted at 7 and in less than an hour" I look up to make sure he is still following the conversation.

" Once I shifted mum took me in the house that night it was a full moon, seems funny when I think back to it now that I shifted on a full moon for the first time," I laugh,

" when the night came we were gathered in the back yard roasting Marshmallows when a woman came out of the woods, she wore sliver Armour and had a silver circlet on her head with a crescent moon in the center of her forehead, she nodded her head at my mother and then came and crouched in front of me I should have been scared but I wasn't, she introduced herself as Artemis " I look at him to see shock on his face.

" You saw the goddess herself " he gasps,

" I did, I didn't know why she came till she spoke. She told me I was special and that my wolf was different from others. She told me I wouldn't be able to mind link my wolf or see her in my mind. Years ago there was a pack of female warrior wolfs and one night it was wiped out leaving only one or two survivors. One of the was my mother. Artemis told me that I was born to do something special to fight battles no other wolf could because of who I was. "

" Your a warrior of Artemis aren't you" he asks flabbergasted.

" I am and every warrior is given a protector to guide them and protect them, they are given to us when we first shift by Artemis herself they arrive as puppy's and stop aging at 3. They are given abilities one is they can talk to us through a mind link and live for as long as we do naturally, they can be killed, and we live on but if we die so do they. They are given fast healing like that of us werewolves. In Greece, I learned more about the bond that we share and what it can do, I learned that I can see through his eyes and with our blood we can heal each other. That's why I called for him when your crazy she wolf threw a knife at me "

" She's not my she wolf" he growls at me.

" Why did I not know you were my mate when I first met you. Why did you have the aura of an alpha " he asks after a few moments.

" Well our wolves are different more enhanced, so we are faster, stronger and more dominant. I can hide it and bring it forward when I need to that's what I did earlier today when the male warriors showed me no respect. Because our wolves aren't separate we can only find our mate when we are both wolf form afterwards you can sense each other and recognize their scent " I explain.

" So your wolf pet he is your protector " he asks.

Titan growls and wakes up and walks round the bed towards the alpha, once he is in a few feet in front of him he sits down and stares the alpha down,

Tell this puppy I'm not a pet. Titan growls through the link, I stifle a giggle and look back to the alpha,

" he doesn't like being called a pet he growled at me last night when I called him that in front of your beta" I laugh.

" symperiférete Titána " I coo.

" What does that mean" alpha asks as Titan still stares at him.

" Its Greek for behave Titan, in Greece at the UWA they don't just teach you how to fight but also how to handle interrogation and languages. Titan already knew Greek as he came from Artemis, and she is Greek, so I learned it and then use it when I communicate with him while we at other packs "

" ohh" he replies.

Just then the door opens and in walks a woman with her brown hair tied up in a bun wearing a white lab coat carrying a clip board in her hand, she sees I'm awake and then looks down at Titan I motion my hand towards him and Titan goes to lay down by my side. Once he is settled the doc walks over to me and starts pushing buttons on the machine,

" hello Luna I'm doctor Malone your results have come back and the wolfs bane seems to be flushing out nicely though your rapid healing might have helped we are happy to discharge you but no training for a few days. You should be OK to get back to it on Friday " she states she starts unclipped me and then removes the needle from my hand and then bows her head at us and leaves. Dam I'm a Luna now that's going to takes some getting used to.

" So alpha I should relax back at the pack house and do nothing now" I exclaim.

" Oh you won't be at the pack house little mate your be living with me at my house and call me Kalen your my mate after all and your my equal" he states as he gets up and makes his way over to me with a huge smile on his face, dam with a smile like that, this man is going to be the death of me.


So my fellow readers thats chapter 10.

Phoenix has told the alpha what she is thoughts?

How will she feel when it comes to the ceremony.?

What will crazy nova do when she finds out ..

Find out in the next update

Till then enjoy ..

Leah x 😘
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