Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. Eleven ⚔


Kalen leads me out the pack hospital, and we walk towards the pack house car park towards his black Audi r8, my orange Nissan sat parked beside it. It was late in the evening so the moon was high in the sky I felt a shiver run through me so Kalen wrapped his arm around my shoulders and brought me closer to him. The sparks from where his skin touched the back of my neck danced through me igniting a fire in me that made me blush, Kalen chuckled when he saw my blush and Titan to shake his head. I rested my head against his side and breathed in his scent, all of a sudden I'm pushed forward and land on my face on the ground.

" Get your hands off my mate " a feminine voice growls out from behind me. I roll over on to my back and look up Titan is already standing over me growling at the idiot who pushed and Kalen is by side in an instant hauling me to my feet.

" Nova back off your not my mate, Phoenix is" Kalen snarls as he helps me onto my feet. First this bitch throws a knife at me now shoves me face first in the dirt I have had it with her. Learn respect bitch.

" What witchcraft has she used to make you believe that shit, your mate is dead, you said it yourself" she yells,

" I haven't used anything I am his mate which is more than you'll ever be" I growl,

" oh please like I believe that you're trying to steal my man and my position " she huffs,

" no I was destined for him unlike you, you threw a knife at me coated in wolfs bane I should snap your neck where you stand for that, but I promised my Mate here that I wouldn't " I purr towards the end and run my hand down his chest, he shivers beneath my touch. Let me tell you its hot as hell seeing how my touch effects him. Nova sees me touching him, and her eyes flick to black.

" Get your hands off him or I'll do worse next time" she demands stepping closer to me, both Kalen and Titan growl warning at her,

Let me bite this bitches tits off. Titan growls through the link

" proeidopoíise tin" I call out to him, he stalks forward and bares his teeth snapping the air with his hackles raised, she takes a step back fear flashes through her eyes, but she blinks it away. Kalen just stands not understanding what I'm saying.

" You think this pet thing you have scares me" she chuckles,

Lunge for her but don't bite her just scare her

With pleasure

Titan, lunges forward, and she takes a few steps back, Titan still has his teeth bared, Kalen goes to say something but I shake my head at him giving him ' let me handle this look 'before turning back to the crazy she wolf. She stares down at me and then smirks at me. What's this bitch panning.

" Fine then I Nova Sinclair head warrior to the Black Hills Pack challenge you Phoenix Red so called elder trainer for the Luna's position, and your mate" she states with a smirk on her face.

" Nova how dare you challenge her for something that is already hers" shouts Kalen,

" oh Kalen my love, you know that by the laws of our pack anyone can challenge for a position and your know our laws, if they refuse they forfeit their position " she states firmly still smiling,

" yes I know how challenges work but you can't challenge her to be my-"

" I accept" I cut him off,

" Phoenix " he starts but I hold my hand up to silence him,

" I'm an elder trainer, a UWA elite, I have won 22 pack fights, hold 3 World championships in the warrior battles, in the mens and women's division as well as being the undefeated world champion. If she thinks she can beat me, she is sourly mistaken " I step up to Titans side and stare at her I allow my eyes to shift gold and continue " and I'm a warrior of Artemis the ancient warrior blood runs through my veins I accept your challenge but believe me you won't win and when I do I will banish you from our pack " I growl.

Fear is evident in her eyes good I'm glad she is, she smirks again, " this isn't your pack it's mine"

" the challenge will take place tomorrow at sunset and when I win I'll enjoy taking my mate to bed " she continues,

" fine like I said you won't win against me" I snap

She turns to look at Kalen " you'll be mine soon my love, you'll see I was right from the start " she blows him a kiss and that's it,I punch her in the face, and she staggers backwards.

" Go now and stay away from my mate till sunset tomorrow " I command I pour all my dominance into and allow it to radiate all over me Nova bows he head and scurries away. I turn back to Kalen to see him looking shocked.

" Phoenix you aren't ment to do any training till Friday, yet you've just accepted a challenge that will take place tomorrow its Wednesday" his voice is laced with concern I walk over to him and wrap my arms around his neck, he buries his head in the crook of my neck and inhales my scent, he snakes his arms around my waist, and we stand there for a few moments just basking in each other presence. I take a step back and cup his face in my hands and look him dead in the eye,

" I've been through worse and still fought, you forget I've been training since I was 8, I'm elite not to mention a warrior of Artemis I'll be fine. You and Titan will be there to support me" I coo trying to calm him down.

" Baby the whole pack will be there, I don't want you getting hurt she is crazy and will pull some sort of stunt just please be careful " he whispers as he pulls me closer to him.

Tell this wolf I'll keep you safe, I've been doing it my whole life. Titan says through the link.

" Titan says don't worry he'll watch my back he always has" I mummer.

" You have me too now" he hums back.

He releases me from his embrace reluctantly I might add and holds my hand, we make our way towards his car he opens the passenger side door for me and I just stand there looking at him,

" Titan won't fit in there" I giggle,

" oh right erm maybe he can run beside the car"

Titan huffs and sits down, I can't help but laugh at his behavior he's been rather comical lately I let go of Kalen's hand I crouch down in front of Titan and rest my forehead against his,

How about you drive and he runs along side the car. He snickers.

I can't help but laugh at him I get up and look to Kalen then back at Titan, I can see these two bagging heads with each other. I look over to my car " how about you drive up in your car and I'll drive mine with Titan if I'm living with you from now on maybe my truck should be there too" I say with a smile. He looks a little hurt but Titan is being stubborn and I don't want to piss either one of them off. Kalen nods his head and gets into his car, I make my way over to my car and slip in the drivers side once I've let Titan in. I start up the truck and follow him towards his house, the road goes on for a good ten minutes till we pull up some the grand house away from the rest of the pack when I parked up next to his car I stared up at the house in awe. So many windows and walls of glass it really looked like it was a show home. It had a kind of cottage look to it.

My goddess it was beautiful, I've never seen house this stunning before. Titan sat up and looked at the house and growled in approval.

I could get used to living in a house like this. He gasps.

" Its magnificent " I whisper in awe. And it really was, I was too busy staring at the house that I didn't even notice Kalen had got out of his car and made his way over to mine. I turned off the engine and climbed out of the truck, Titan had let him self out and ran to the water feature that sat in the middle of the courtyard and dunked his head over and started lapping up the water.

" I think he's just found his new favorite thing " I giggle as I close the doors and lock the truck,

" well I'm glad he is happy shall we go inside you must be hungry " Kalen asks, just then my stomach decides to answer for me and growls loudly startling even me. Kalen chuckles before offering me his hand, which I take, and we walk to the front door. He slips his hand into his Jean pocket and pulls out some keys and unlocks the door. Kalen walks I and I follow, Titan comes running up behind us and skids across the foyer.

Everything was marble the stairs the walls' everything, there was a small glass panel on the floor at the base of the stairs that looked down to the floors below. It was so quite you could hear a pin drop in here, I slipped off my shoes didn't want to mess up the floor with muddy boots. Kalen turned around to lock the door then ushered me towards the rooms to left,

" This is the living room " he states,

Holy fucking shit, I was speechless I looked around and my mouth was hanging open like I was trying to catch flies, the floors were a soft grey and had 3 large sofas in the room all facing a fire place the sofas were a soft cream with tons of scatter cushions.

" Wow," is all I could find in my brain to say, I mean what else could I say it looked like a dream home. We walked into other room, which was bound to be my new favorite place the kitchen, all open-plan along with a small dinning table sat near a glass wall every thing was white and black.

I really wanted to run and slide in my socks across the floor and see how far I could slide, call me childish but I couldn't help it, it looked like it belonged in store. I couldn't imagine Kalen cleaning this though I could imagine him shirtless padding around barefoot with a towel- stop right there Nix I thought my self I could feel the heat run through my body and by the way Kalen inhaled I'm sure he could smell I was a little aroused right now, how embarrassing. Shaking my head if those thoughts i eventually calmed down. We walked out of the kitchen and down a flight of stairs, he opened the door on the left to reveal a gym one side and an indoor pool on the other.

Ask Mr Big shot if I can go swimming in there.

You'll swim in the pool but not in the lakes with me. I'm almost offered.

The pool is heated the lakes aren't. He replies in 'duh' tone.

And you call yourself a wolf. I giggle.

He must huffs and walks off, I shake my head at him and follow Kalen out of the room and down a flight of spiral stairs that leads to what looks like a home bar, there are large round chairs spread across the floor surrounding a glass table that is in the center, the bar and alcohol was on the left.

" I rarely come down here, Zain and I used to hang out here sometimes but, things have been a little crazy here, and we haven't had chance" states Kalen as I gape at the area. Dam I could imagine myself hanging out here a lot, it takes a lot to get werewolf drunk because of our metabolism but it doesn't mean we don't enjoy trying very hard to get drunk. We left that room and head up stairs to the main floor where the kitchen and front room is located we go back into the foyer and pass the stairs and go down another flight of stairs, what is with all the stairs in the house really.

When he opens the door I'm slightly stunned by what I see, we never had anything like is our pack house or the alphas house for that matter, it was a home cinema room. In our pack we used to get the projector out and set it up against the pack house wall and throw blankets down. If I had friends this is where we would be, binge eating junk food and watching movies most nights. Or in the bar dancing and drinking.

" We can do movies nights down here if want I'll even bet a blanket out so Titan can sit on one of the chairs" Kalen says while reaching up to scratch the back of his neck I notice he does this when his nervous of what I might say, a small smile creeps up on to my face, he seems to have read my mind, I notice he is blushing, well dam kill me now because he has to be the cutest man I've ever seen. What why the hell would I use that word to describe him.

" That's great" I decide to say and give him a big grin, his face lights up like a kid on Christmas day.

He takes hold of my hand and leads me back to the kitchen, where he starts cooking something to eat I decide to sit at the table and watch him work, I've no idea where Titan is he wondered off when we left the gym and indoor pool. Instead, my eyes flick back to Kalen working in the kitchen and I can't keep my eyes off him. The way his back muscle flex as he moves has me clamping my thighs together. Kalen stiffened for a few minutes. Dam these werewolf senses.

" I can smell you Nix " he states. Well shit now I'm blushing like a fool and i can feel the heat in my core light up with all the lustful thoughts in my head in a second Kalen is in front of me,

" you see something you like " he smirks he reaches up to tuck a strand of my bright red hair behind my ear his fingers graze the tip of my ears which send sparks through me. I look up at him and bite my lip in anticipation. Kalen's eyes darken and dart to look at my lips, I can't think of anything but him, my mind has shut down of any rational thoughts and all I can think of is that I want jump his bones right here right now. As if sensing my thoughts he rushes forward and slams his mouth against mine.

Holy heaven above. I'm, lost.

A rush of heat and energy flow through me at an alarming rate tingles and sparks erupt from where our skin is touching, I throw my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me as if he can get any closer to me, he bites my bottom lip causing me to moan he growls in response and shivers under my touch. One hand is buried in my hair holding the back of my head and the other is gripping my waist, he pinches my waist causing me to gasp he takes that as an opportunity to drive his tongue in my mouth, my tongue collides with his. Goddess he tastes divine like honey and all things sweet it's like a drug. We fight for dominance of the kiss and its like a battle field inside each others mouths.

Deciding to take it one step further I jump up and wrap my legs around his waist, it takes him by surprise, and he stumbles back at little I grab the hair at the back of his head and pull his head back and deepen the kiss even more if that's possible. Suddenly a gasp from the other side of the room startles us both and I jump off Kalen, across the room stands an old woman dressed in a pencil skirt and white shirt. Instantly my cheeks turn the same colour as my hair, lowering my head hide the embarrassment of being caught in a very compromising position he just coughs however his eyes show how absolutely furious at having been interrupted.

" Alpha forgive me I'm so sorry I had no idea you had company " the elderly women says bowing her head in submission, Kalen seems to shake himself of thoughts and clears his throat,

" Mary this is my mate Phoenix Red, Phoenix this is my housemaid Mary " he states though he is trying to show that he has recovered I can still see the pink tinge on his ears and his lips are swollen from my assault I smile to myself at that thought. Mary looks up offers me a smile and small bow, " pleasure to meet you, oh alpha she is beautiful " she gushes.

" You can have the night off Mary, ill cook tonight " Kalen states with a bow of her head Mary turns and leaves the house I release a breathe I didn't know I'd been holding and looked around the room suddenly feeling very hot.

We were alone again .. Goddess save me.


And that is chapter 11 my friends

So what's you think is going to happen tomorrow with nova and

Are we happy that our couple seem to be getting on..

Untill next time

Leah x😘
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