Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. Twelve ⚔


Kalen finally managed to cook us dinner and it was like an orgasm in my mouth it tasted better than my mothers cooking and let me tell you my mum is a good cook, but Kalen was amazing. After dinner, we went for a run in wolf form with Titan we took it slow and steady due to the fact I came out of hospital, I had an urge to shift and even tho Kalen protested first he did agree in the end. Right now we were heading back towards to the house as we neared the front door Kalen shifted back and slipped his sweats back on, I shifted after he turned around and slipped on my clothes. Walking back into the house I could feel myself getting warm again how the hell am I supposed to sleep in the same house as him when ever he is near me my mind goes blank and my skin feels like its on fire, I can't think of anything other than him.

We talked after dinner and I learned a lot about him and the struggle he faced as a young alpha and that he fought hard for his position, even though wolves challenge him he still fights with everything he has in him. I respect him for that he doesn't abuse his power and status like some wolves do, and trust me I've met a few. Inside the house a small yawn slipped out my mouth Kalen noticed and made his way up the stairs to the first the floor with Titan and I trialing behind him, he turns right and opens the door,

" This is your room " he states as we walk in the room I gape around at the luxury of the room this is rather grand. The crushed velvet looks amazing and the decor yet simple was elegant. I felt a slight pang that I was sleeping alone but then again I wasn't ready to share a room with him even if I did assault his mouth not too long ago.

" I'm down the hall if you need anything, try to get some rest you have a big day tomorrow " he whispers he places a kiss on my forehead and then slips out of the room leaving me alone with my thoughts. Titan makes his way over to the fire place and lays down on the floor, I run my fingers across the fabric of the covers on the bed and feel how soft they are. I sit down on the bed and realize this was like heaven, so bouncy and fluffy getting out of this every morning will be hard work. Sighing I walk over to the closet and find a t-shirt and shorts they smell like Kalen, smiling to myself I get changed and slip on the clothes and crawl under the covers.

Even though I'm exhausted I can't relax images of a shirtless Kalen invade my mind, my skin heats up and the burning in my core that died out not long ago is back, no matter how much I try to push the rude images of him out my mind I can't, and its not like I can even blame my wolf as her and I are one, maybe that's it what I'm feeling now is animal instinct. To be near my mate and to want him touching me pleasing me, yup that's what it Is I'm blaming my unholy thoughts on that. Groaning to myself I sit up in bed and rub my eyes nope I can't sleep, doesn't matter how hard I try, giving up I get out of bed and walk over to the door,

You alright Nix

Ah I thought you were sleeping,

I was but your groaning woke me up.

Nothing I just can't seem to sleep. You go back to sleep though sorry for waking you.

Where are you going to go.

I'll stay in the house I promise.

Leave the door open incase you need me.

Love you T.

I love you too.

Walking out of the bedroom I leave the door open for Titan, I pad down the hallway and head to the kitchen I'm not sure what I want but I know I need something, heading over to the sink I grab a glass and fill it up with water I gulp it down and wipe my mouth with the back of my hand. Placing the now empty glass on the side I turn around and look out of the windows at the fields around the house, it's so quite and peaceful out there. Running my hands through my hair I walk round the house admiring the interior of it, roaming around the floors I come across lots of doors but I respect his privacy, so I don't open any of them.

The scent of my mate floods my nose, I look up to realize I must be outside his bedroom door, how did I end up here. His breathing is smooth and steady, so I assume he is sleeping, I turn around and get ready to walk away, suddenly an arm is wrapped around my waist and I'm hurled back and pressed up against a very chiseled chest sparks ignite my skin as deep husky voice whispers in my ear,

" what are you doing up" I can't hold back the shiver that runs down my spine from his voice with all my enhanced senses how did I not hear him move and open the door. I turn round to face him but all I can see is a naked muscular set of pecks right in my line of sight. A small purr comes from deep within me at the sight of my half naked mate shit did not mean for that to slip out. I gulp as I peek up through my lashes all he is wearing is boxer briefs and I have on panties and his shirt.

His eyes darken as he takes in my appearance a smile creeps on his face as he looks at me, he still has one arm wrapped around my waist. I raise my hand and place it on his bare chest, it excites me to feel him shiver at my touch.

" I couldn't sleep " I mummer as my heart beats wildly in my chest, I swear if it wasn't contained by my ribs it would have beaten right out of me. Heat rises within me, and Kalen's heart rate picks up I can feel it beating beneath my hand,

" my wolf is driven me crazy, asking to be near our mate " he replies after a moment, his eyes flick to Amber and know his wolf is pushing to take over, I never understood the battle others have with their wolves, as it doesn't happen to me it does have its advantages but I wish I could hear her thoughts, speak to her but I'm not like others. I learned to accept that over the years.

Kalen seems to be in struggle with him self, so I reach up and place my hand on his cheek, I heard a mates touch can calm and soothe a wolf, so I'm hoping this works. I allow my eyes to shift gold and look in to my mates eyes, his Amber eyes stare right back at me. I lean forward and kiss him gently on the lips, just as I pull away I hear a small growl come from him and the next thing I feel is something poking my hip gasping I look down, oh god that's going to break me its huge. Touch was supposed to calm him not excite him.

He walks forward and my back hits the wall his free hand glides down my body from my neck to my hip, he leans forward and buries his head in my neck and inhales my scent.

" Do you wanna sleep next to me" he whispers " we'll sleep better that way", there is lump in my throat but I swallow it down and nod my head. He steps back and takes my hand and leads me in to his bedroom. A large queen size bed sits in the middle on the main wall, opposite are two large sofas that sit facing each other the wall in front of the bed is made of glass and opens up on to a large terrace. His own private hideaway.

The light from the bed side tables emits a small yet simple glow over the room, the moon is high in the sky and white light shines on the grounds outside the glass wall. I link Titan so the poor wolf knows where I am,

I'm in Kalen's room Titan.

Coming, I want something soft to sleep on though.

" Titan is coming he can sleep outside the door if you don't want him in here" I sigh its unusual for us to sleep apart.

" He can sleep near the walls and tomorrow you can explain this bond thing you have I don't fully understand everything " confusion is written all over his face, so I simply nod my head a few seconds later Titan walks in the room and jumps up on to the sofas at the end of the bed and within seconds he is sleeping. Typical.

Kalen shuts the door and climbs into bed I follow suit and slip in beside him, why am I so nervous about sharing a bed with him. I know I have a lot to learn about him, and we hardly know each other, but the mate bond pulls us together so it's hard to ignore and since we have made skin to skin contact its only fueling the pull.

" Just relax Nix " Kalen mummers from beside me I take a deep breath and snuggle down burying my face in the duvet inhaling his scent and soon enough I drift off into the best night sleep I've ever had.


( the following morning Wednesday )

I stretched out my limbs and felt my bones pop and crack, I looked over to the other side of the bed and felt a pang in my heart that my mate wasn't there. Our first night sleeping in the same bed and I wake up without him here I roll over and almost gasp at the time,

12:30pm. No wonder I woke up alone.

I never sleep in this late what the hell, no wonder Kalen wasn't by my side he must have got up hours ago to tend to his pack. I sat up in bed and found that Titan was still sleeping on the sofa glad that at least my protector stayed with me. As if sensing I was awake he woke up and looked over to me,

That's the longest you've ever slept for.

I must have needed it, when did the Kalen leave.

Around 6am, said he had pack duties to attend to, he asked if i would keep an eye on you. Tried telling him I've been doing it all my life but of course he cant hear me. He'll be back by 3. He sighs.

Blunt as ever Titan, shall we get up then its the Luna challenge today.

I laughed it won't be a hard challenge I mean this is me I'm undefeated for crying out loud. I swing my legs out of the bed and walk back towards my room in search of my clothes, but I don't find them in there, sighing to myself I walk back to Kalen's room and its then I spot a note on the side,

Phoenix I have brought your things in to my room
Your clothes are unpacked and in my closet
id like it if you would share my room in future
I have alpha duties to tend too ill be back by 3


Awe so that's sweet, however staying in here permanently. Don't get me wrong I had the best night sleep ever, but I hope he is doing this for the right reasons. Shaking my head of thoughts I head in to the bathroom. Its stunningly beautiful the marble really does go well with the glass walls and mirrors of the house. The bath is big enough for at least four people and to the left is two sinks and a large mirror on the opposite wall is a door. Padding over to it I pull open the door to see a huge walk in shower room the faucet is huge and hangs from the ceiling there are numerous dials on the wall.

So this is where the shower is I like it, I decide to have a shower rather than a bath. I walk back in to the bedroom and collect my clothes for the day seeing as I have a challenge later I decide on simply leggings a tank top and a pull over seeing as I'll have to change in to my training gear later. I walk back into the shower room and take a quick shower and get ready for the day, well afternoon any way.

Half an hour later I'm all done with my hair in two braids down my back, together Titan and I head down the stairs to the kitchen for something light to eat before I start warming up and train ready for the evening, I know I'm not ment to but I feel fine today and I won't back out of a challenge. I select a nice shiny green apple and a bottle of water and head out the back of the house to grass behind.

You ready to kick her arse then Nix?

Absolutely, you need to eat now though you haven't eaten since we left home.

I'm not leaving you alone here.

I'll run with you.

Alright let's go then.

I finish my apple and gulp some water down I strip out my clothes and leave them on the chair of the back terrace and shift in my wolf form, once all four paws hit the ground Titan and I take off in the woods around the house, so he can hunt. An hour later and Titan was full, I was ready to go sparing with someone we reached the terrace and I shifted back and pulled on my clothes. I walked over to my truck that was parked at the front of house my bag was still in there from last night, I reached in and pulled out my phone scrolling through my contacts I decided I needed to phone my mum after 3 rings she picks up,

'Nix honey how are you '

" I'm fine mum how are you "

' we are fine Freya is doing well and the alpha dealt with Thomas '

" oh good hey mum I have something to tell you "

' oh honey is everything OK

" I found my mate mum"

It was silent for few moments before my mothers voice rang through the phone.

' oh my dear that's wonderful I just mind linked your father to tell him, who is it '

" it's the alpha mum, Kalen"

' oh wow that's wonderful news, have you told him what you are '

" yeah he knows, but he doesn't fully understand but I have a Luna challenge this evening, so I call you after and explain everything, plus I want to talk to you about the mate bond and me, I love you mum"

' what, who on earth challenged you '

" some crazy she wolf who is obsessed with him and wants the title and him"

' oo what a sly dog, hasn't she got a mate of her own '

" ill explain later mum gotta go "

I cut the call with my mum and turn to Titan,

" I only have 2 hours till Kalen is back so what do you wanna do" I asked him.

I'm thinking we test out his heated pool. He snickers.

I'm not sure how he'll feel finding wolf hair in his pool.

Spoil sport.

We decided that instead we would walk around the house grounds and explore the new territory, that would be my new home. I know I have a fight coming up soon but I'm not letting bother me, my side doesn't hurt as much as yesterday, so I don't have that to worry about. I was in the middle of throwing sticks when the sound of a car engine caused me to snap my head in that direction of the noise. Stepping out of the R8 stood my handsome mate. And he didn't look happy.


And that's chapter 12 people ..

Next chapter its the luna challenge

The mate bond pulls mates together, the animal in them wants to be with other. For the wolves it's love at first sight it takes the human side more time to adjust.

However for Phoenix is more intense as she is both human and animal so if readers find her too full on or holding back thats why. it will be explained later.

All rights to my story belong to me

Till next time

Leah x😘
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